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Characters by naruto121

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Story notes: my main characters i'll add them as i think of them
Jutsu:Shadow clone, Replacement jutsu, shadow possesion, shadow barrier, shadow strangle, fire ball
Weapons:Shurikens, needles, kunai, zabuzas sword, lightning blades
Fav. sport:Football
Fav. food: Ramen
Fav. drink:Pepsi
Girlfriend: Hinata
best Friend: Naruto
D.O.B.: 10/16/94
Background: Narutos unkown twin brother, has spirit of fire inside of him, this gives him ability to control fire without wasting chakra, when almostdead he turns into a giant dragon. when in dragon form, he cannot control his chakra. He has had a crush on hinata since they met, he asked her to the graduation party at sakuras house, that is where they shared there first kiss. He is part of team 15, along with Hexen the demon jutsu master, and fogio the second biggest goofball ninja of the hidden leaf village
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