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the forbidden love by naruto121

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Chapter notes: this is the chapter were naruto and hinata fall in love when they go on a mission to gether to find saskue
yes lady hokage said naruto and hinata. naruto and hinata. you two and neji are going on a mission to find saskue we just found a lead on were he may be said th hokage. you will be going into the land hidden in the stone neji will be leading this mission.
Our lead told us that there base is somewere in the forest of the stone.
We will leave tommorow lady hokage said naruto.
the next day naruto was walking walking to the gates and was not paying attenion and ran into hinata and her clothes and supplies fell out of her bag and naruto helped her pic them up there heads nocked together and they kissed. Then naruto started to understand why hinata was shy around him. So they met up together with neji. when they made camp and hinata ask naruto to help get fire wood he said yes a half hour later neji went to look for them he found them kissing behind a bush he yells at them and says hinata go back to camp and naruto get the fire wood and get bac kto camp and then i want to have talk with bothe of you!

when naruto got back neji told them if he finds them together again he would kill them both.
The next week naruto and hinata had to keep there love a secret when they got back they came they never found the base. That night naruto and hinata met up with sakura and told here that they were dating and nt to tell neji. But when they went to get ramen neji was there and he saw them holding hands.
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