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Say No to the World by doodlelover

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No one approved of it. And no one liked it. but they said no to everyone who apposed it. Naruto and Sasuke had showed that they loved each other and told them they wouldn't live life without one another. A few said it wouldn't last and many tried to pull them away.

Many had seen them together. Kissing and holding hands. Laughing and crying. But never apart. They had their arguments but they were always friendly.

A lot of them were shocked to see the Uchiha actually smiling on a daily basis. The friends of the two had come to acknowledge and accept it. But the others still didn't believe it. They sent glares and scowls at the two every day. The council even tried to break them apart. But they stayed together always. Never away from each other.

Years past and the two had become ninja to both fear and respect. Uchiha had become ANBU captain and the blond his subordinate. They stayed together on missions and fought together risking their lives for the other. And yet some still denied it would last.

Uzumaki had been poisoned one month due to the village for them being together. He had almost died that day. But even at the risk of his life they stayed together. Never apart.

Even when the dark haired one was told to revive his clan. He said he would rather give up his clan than to leave the other. And they did stay together.

Even more years passed and they still were together. Some still had their doubts and those doubts were almost confirmed when they seen the Uzumaki boy moving out. But to many peoples dismay they had only moved to a larger house. The villagers that didn't accept it were furious. They didn't want the pride of the Uchiha and the scourge of the village to be together. It would only cause havoc.

But as more years passed and they seen they were still together many had come to realize that they were there to stay. They no longer distrusted they Kyuubi vessel and he became Hokage. And the other his body guard.

Even now as they lay together underneath the trees of their old training grounds, growing old together and their gray hairs beginning to show, people still watch then and admire them. They admire them for never giving up their love no matter what obstacles come their way. For saying no to the world and the people that are in it.

For never giving up on what means the most to them.

Their love.


Hope you liked it! Just a fic to help lift yours and my spirits! I think i have writers block right now....because everything I write comes out to lift my spirits? if so review please!

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