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The Wallet by RyuShoten

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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, okay? That being said, I’m going to leave you to your nonsense. Plays Pokémon Pearl Just leave me alone!

Chapter 6: The Wallet

Kakuzu: Of wow look at this I found a wallet what’s better than finding a wallet…huh…huh??...huh??...finding a wallet with money in it!

Kakuzu: Maybe there’s money ah wa…wa…wa…wa.

Kakuzu: There’s like six hundred dollars in here woohoo haha.

Kakuzu: I’m a rich ninja…I'm a freaking rich ninja, man!

Kakuzu: Woooooo…rich ninja.

Kakuzu: Ok now let’s see what do I do? Do I return it? Do I return it? Keep the wallet…return…keep return…keep keep keep…maybe if there’s no ID. I can keep it.

Kakuzu: Huh…hah…err…lets see nothing so far…ah…ah…ah ha driver’s license.

Kakuzu: Er hmm do I look at it? Should I look at it.

Kakuzu: Ahh its an old lady, oh man… the address is clear as day err should I send it back?

Kakuzu: Errrr nnnnnnnnnnner.

Kakuzu: Let me weigh the options, Let me weigh the options …she’s a old lady she may need the money we all know about that social security problem there having.

Kakuzu: I could return it and she would have her six hundred dollars.

Kakuzu: But…what if she’s already dead?...a dead body does not need money ya know.

Kakuzu: So you can see my logic.

Kakuzu: But if I don’t return it and she does need the money she could die…but if she dies, then she’d be dead and she won’t need the money.

Kakuzu: Hmmm let me consult with the powers that be.

Kakuzu: Do I keep the wallet or shall I return it.

Kakuzu: Ohhhh powers that be…please answer my question… NOW!!!

Thunder and Lightning


Kakuzu: Can’t argue with that I’ll go return the wallet and I hope the powers that be will smile upon me well in the future.

Kakuzu: And I hope the lady that gets this back appreciates it and at least writes me and “thank you” note.

Kakuzu: Freaking old lady…

Booming Voice: KEEP THE WALLET

Zetsu: You’re bad, Leader-sama.

Leader: Yeah, now let’s make Kisame eat shark fin soup again.

Zetsu: Yay!

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