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Naruto Raiu by KurayamiLeader

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: This is fiction (obviously) based on characters (some linked to Naruto and not) 20-30+ into the Narutoverse (after Shippuden.) Plz do not flame me, harrass me, or downplay me for my ideas. None of this is speculative it is all just made up naruto-related fan stuff for fun.
Chapter notes: Mikko Makato, Maki Fuhina, Tita Ametsuba, Hishegami Otokusa (mentioned only), Doro Moyogaki, Yajuu Yamikiri, Kijo Suna, Jinroku (Mentioned only).
{Scene: Kumogakure academy training grounds}
A group of twenty chunin are going through various rigorous training exercises. Training instructor Maki Fuhina, with her purple ochre hair tied up and wearing a bandanna bearing Kumo's insignia barks out orders to the many various chunin.

From a nearby window of a classroom, seventeen-year old Mikko Makato watches as the students who had surpassed her as peers trained for future missions without her. Mikko's blue eyes didn't well up with tears, nor did she get depressed, she got a little angrier and angrier each time she thought about becoming a "chunin."

What does it take to become a chunin? Her parents were reknown legends throughout Kumogakure, and Mikko herself was nothing special, a big disappointment to those who had advised and served under her parents. Her academy sensei, Tite Amatsuba was a nice woman. She was kind and caring, and even though Mikko could not become a chunin, at the moment, Tite never lost faith nor interest in her.

Mikko pounded the desk with her fist. It had been almost a year since Hishegami, once her best friend now bitter rival had excelled to chunin though it was a stunning display of genjutsu and medical jutsu she showed during the exams. Out of two-hundred students, only forty became chunin. The massive graduating class was split up into Faction "A" - Blue, and Faction "B" - Red. Hishegami was a part of Blue Faction, being instructed by Maki outside along with nineteen others. Hishegami would not notice Mikko watching, nor would she ever notice her again. The two were in parallel worlds now destined to be apart.

"Makato Mikko!" Tita shouted. Mikko snapped out of her daze and returned her focus to "Tita's boring lecture." "Now as I was saying, in order to get past enemy shinobi in plot B, one must consider the elements around him." Mikko mentally drifted off again as Tita yammered on. Mikko dreamt about being perfect, being grand, about being the best shinobi the village hidden in the clouds had ever seen. She was glorious, like, no better than her parents were. She was glowing and magnificent and could summon gigantic monstrous toads if she wanted to, or she could see all of her enemy's moves before they happened, or she could even turn into a giant monster and devistate an entire village if she could. Things were looking great, she was happy. A term that she had not used for what seemed like forever.

Ah a dream...a dream, Mikko quickly sat up, her head ached from sleeping for so long on the hardwood desk. The classroom was desserted and she had a sticky note stuck to her forehead. It was written by Tita Sesei. "Mikko, I understand how you feel. Please come see me at the noodle parlor." Mikko got up and adjusted her red kumogakure headband on her forehead and proceeded out the classroom, when the door swung open. She jumped back and reached for a kunai. Standing in the doorway was Doro Moyogaki and his chromies, Yajuu and Kijo.

"Well, well, if it isn't the 'manuke'," Doro said with a vile grin. "Outta my way, I've got places to go!" Mikko replied, attempting to march through the threesome. "Not so fast baka! You're the failure here, not us!" Doro barked back. "Yeah, we're your superiors so you should listen to us!" Yajuu followed. Mikko gritted her teeth, "If you two bastards don't get out of my way I'm going to..." "What, cry us a river?" Doro interrupted. "Or maybe fail a jutsu?" Yajuu added. "Jutsu, so you wanna talk jutsu eh? I'll show you what i've got right here right now!" Mikko said with a confident grin. Doro and his henchmen stared her down in wonder and speculation.

"Alright then, get on with it!" Doro barked. "Okay, better get ready 'cause this is gonna blow your mind!" Mikko said forming a series of signs with her hands, "Iroppoi-Kemono no Jutsu!" she shouted. Mikko's form was covered entirely by a thick cloud of smoke, when it was lifted a humanoid tigress stood almost 6'feet tall, with voluptuous curves and long luscious blonde hair and baby blue eyes. She played with her tail while licking her paw. Doro and his companions froze with looks of astonishment/terror carved into their faces. They were white as ghosts with their jaws literally dropped. "Aw what's the matter guy, cat got your tongue?" Tiger-Mikko purred with a wink. She quickly changed back and was able to casually stroll by the frozen trio.

Mikko had exited the Kumogakure academy and walked along a piebald path of the courtyard. She was headed for the Yoko-Yoko Noodle parlor, where she would meet Tite Sensei.

Mikko approached the bar and entered through the sheer veil in the entranceway. The parlor was filled tonight with people, many who had graduated from the academy as 'Genin.' Mikko looked around, nearly ran into a giant fake octopus then she noticed Tita-Sensei sitting at the bar reading a book while drinking some tea.

Mikko walked up to the bar and sat beside her. "You're late." Tita said. "Yeah..." Mikko muttered. "You don't need to explain." Tita said. Mikko looked at her confused, "What do you mean Tita-Sensei?" Tita placed a pink bookmark in her book and closed it, placing it on the bar. "What I mean is I know how you feel." Mikko looked away, and felt embarrassed. "No way..." She said. "Yes, when I was younger than you I wanted to become a genin, but could not pass the final examination. I had wasted too much time with failed jutsus to pass and so I was forced to retry the following year." Mikko looked up and faced her, "Did you pass the second time?" Tita shook her head, "Nope." "You didn't? Then what about the third go?" Mikko asked. "Not then either." Tita added. "You didn't pass, then what's this whole story about?" Mikko groaned. "I DID eventually pass, but the point is that failing IS a form of success." Mikko stared her over in disbelief. "What do you mean 'success'?" Tita fixed her spectacles in place and tightened the red ribbon that supported her long wavy blue hair. "I mean that each time you fail is a chance to train harder and learn more than ever. With failure you are able to evaluate yourself and learn from your mistakes, it's what I did and it took my four tries to do it." Mikko sunk in her seat, "Four tries, that's killer, you had to sit through three different classes what a pain!" Mikko said. Tita laughed, "Yes it was a 'pain,' but I learned a little trick that helped me with my jutsu disability and was finally able to graduate at the last minute." Mikko's eyes lit up, "Really, a trick?" Tita nodded, "Yes a jutsu performed by the Risu-Senpi himself, master "Jinroku." Mikko's eye gleemed with self-confidence and she stood up out of her chair.

"Tita-Sensei, If I may, I would like to know of this jutsu!" Mikko asked more pumped than ever. "Oh no it isn't any specific jutsu, it is a technique used and mastered by the great Jinroku to help one master any which jutsu quickly." Mikko suddenly slumped back down to the floor. Tita looked down to her, "...But if you really want pass anytime soon the deadline IS next week, have exactly one week to choose a jutsu, master it, and display it before the proctors. If they think you are worthy then you will be a chunin." Tita said. "And if not?" Mikko asked. "Then more bookwork and D-Class missions to come!" Tita answered. Mikko got up and dusted herself off, "Sorry I can't talk anymore, I hafta go!" Mikko announced. "Where are you going?" Tita asked. "I hafta go find this 'technique' you're talking about!" Mikko replied. "But wait I can help!" Tita shouted after, but it was too late Mikko had vanished. Tita sat back and thought to herself, "It wouldn't have done any good anyway. Mikko is a 'self-starter,' she never accepts help from anyone and would only use a technique if she could master and learn it herself."
Chapter end notes: Exposition Arc...
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