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I'm Alone In This World by BloomOfYOUTH

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Alright, I dunno why I made this. >.
I’m Alone In This World

You couldn't fix it. Her body may be cold, but I know she's in a happier place. Her heart just couldn't take the pain. And me? I'm looking at her grave with a sad expression on my face. You left us by choice. She left me by force. I'm alone in this world. You still walk the earth somewhere with Orochimaru. She no longer walks this earth, but she watches over you and I with a worried expression on her face.

“Even if I am taken from the earth, you are the one I truly love.”

Those were her last words. I suppose you were just a simple crush that wouldn’t go away until she died. I have no one. The world is quiet here. I see no one. This small, dark room is my punishment for letting you two go. I don’t regret not finding you. She seemed slightly more cheerful when I came back.

“Promise me you wont look for him. He deserves that kind of punishment.”

She hates you now. If only you could see, Sasuke.

If only you could have seen her snow white face. Her eyes were dark. Even though it was bad for her, she looked beautiful. I love her. It isn’t a crush, either. My heart is dark. The Kyuubi has stopped speaking. I feel no need to fight. This room is cold. I’ve been in here for a while.

If only you could have seen her, Sasuke.

If only you could have seen…..

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