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My OCs... by milliexchan

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Chapter notes: Please don't use these, as they will be used in my next story. Again: don't read this if you're reading/are going to read my fanfictions!

However, if you're not too bothered about finding out who eneds up with who, then go ahead and let me know what you think!

Also, if anyone can draw, let me know if you'd be interested in illustrating any of the characters for me, as I suck at art!

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.
Names & Descriptions (OCs for next fanfic in Of Love and Life)

Kiba and Hinata: Inuzuka

Haru (m): born in the spring. Their first child, Haru is quiet like his mother. He has inherited the Byakugan, but does not enjoy using it. Tall with messy, black hair, he has inherited his father’s roguish good looks, and his mother’s soft voice. His nin-dog, Kibou (hope) is his best friend, and most loyal one too.
Aiko (f): beloved one, little one. Born less than a year after Haru (horny Kiba!!!), Aiko catches up to her brother fast, managing to use the Byakugan effectively at a young age, and being given her nin-dog, Honou (flame/fire), earlier than her brother. She is quite short, with long, straight brown hair. She also has the famous Inuzuka short fuse!
Akane (f): brilliant red. Aiko’s twin looks almost identical to her, apart from her black hair, almost exactly like her mother’s. She can have a fiery temper, like her sister, but is closer to her brother than anyone else. Her nin-dog, Akako (red), is the runt of it’s litter, and very small, although Akane is hoping she will grow!

Naruto and Sakura: Uzumaki

Dai (m): great. Dai was born only a month after Haru, his best friend when they were at the academy. He is quite hyper, prone to bonking his friend on the head while screaming “Baka!” and eternally hates his mother for giving him pink hair! Dai wants to be a medic ninja like his mother, but also wants to be Hokage, just like his dad!
Etsu (f): delight. Etsu has mid-length blonde hair, and hates being a ninja. She would rather follow Haru around all day than go on missions, or fight. She might break a nail! Etsu’s main goals in life are to annoy her elder brother, and to marry Haru.

Shikamaru and Temari: Nara

Yukio (m): gets what he wants. Was the best strategist in his year at the academy, and with his parents would you expect any less? He has blonde hair, worn in the same style as his father. Wind user, like his mother. Often visits Suna to see his uncles, as he feels he learns more from them and not his ‘lazy-ass dad’ and ‘troublesome mother’.
Shinju (f): pearl. Enjoys the quiet life, and lying with her father in the garden, watching the clouds go by. Often gets very angry with her baka brother, and enjoys tormenting him with her shadow-bind skill. She has blonde hair in a plait, worn to the side

Neji and Tenten: Hyuuga

Hoshi (f): a star. Hoshi has the Byakugan and an incredible talent with weapons. Trained by both her parents from an early age, she is already an excellent ninja, and cannot wait till she can become a jounin. She has short brown hair, and pale skin.

Shino and Ino: Aburame

Taro (m): first born. Taro is a quiet, thoughtful person. He prefers to watch from the sidelines instead of get involved in anything, be it a game of football or a fight between friends. Taro is very close to his father, so much so, he mimics his dressing style. He hates how his mother fusses over everything, but loves her all the same.
Kiku (f): colourful flower. Kiku very much takes after her mother, and follows her around all the time. She often wonders why her parents are together, as they are so different, but when she sees how happy Ino is every time Shino gets home from a mission, she understands. Kiku likes to help her mother with the flower shop, and loves nothing more than to tease Etsu about how Haru likes her more.

Choji and Kichi: Akimichi

Ryo (m): excellent. Ryo is exactly like his father in almost every way. His mother (a second cousin of Choji’s) actively encourages his appetite, and his father has taught him from an early age all the teachings of the Akimichi clan. His best friend is Yukio; they have grown up together, as their fathers are best friends.
Takai (m): unknown meaning. Very quiet, and very small for an Akimichi, Takai does not like being a ninja, just as Etsu does not. However, when he needs to, he will fight with all his might. Especially when it comes to impressing a certain ‘flower’ he has his eye on…

Sasuke and Sumi: Uchiha

Ichiru (m): first son. Ichiru moves to the village with his parents and brother, as his father decides he wishes to be close to home again. Having had no formal teachings in the way of the ninja, Ichiru’s and his brother’s powers are unknown. He takes after his father in looks alone. Unlike Sasuke’s brooding bad moods and lack of words, Ichiru is bouncy and full of life, rather like his mother. He does not yet feel the weight of the Uchiha clan on his shoulders, but it could all change once he’s in Konoha.
Kin (m): golden. Kin is also very similar to his father, but this time in both looks and temperament. He has done a lot of research into the ninja arts, and secretly trained when he was younger. Neither he or his brother yet have the Sharingan, but only time will tell whether they have it at all. Kin spends a lot of time with his mother, as she is getting frailer by the day, and must have around the clock care.

Here are the pictures KibaxHinaluvr found for me.
They're not exact, but aren't they loooovely for doing that?!?:













I know not all of them are there, but these are my favourites, thankyou KibaxHinaluvr! You are the best!
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