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Re-Awakening Saga by Spacepilot3000

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Only some characters in this story are my own the majority are property of the Naruto coorporation.

The main character of the series Haku and the second main character Lee both appear in the first chapter.

Brackets reffer to the thought of Haku
Haku opened his eyes to see a never ending beach stretch beyond the horizon. He had no idea where he was or what happened the last thing he remembered was ZABUZA. He struggled around on the ground looking for the man who he lived for, his mentor, Zabuza. How could this be possible, he thought to himself feeling around his chest. Kakashi… he…he… he killed me, the memory of the pain returned to him, the lightning bolt that was the Raikiri jutsu. I need to find Zabuza, where could he be? Nothing but beach either side of me and no site of master Zabuza.

“Young Lady,” came the cry from a boy dressed completely in green with extraordinarily large eye brows. “What are you doing so far up the beach, I am the only one who comes this far and that is only to train.” Haku shrugged thinking that maybe the boy was talking to someone else but he realised that there was no one else around. “Yes you, why are you here?”

Haku laughed to herself as the boy looked puzzled. “I am no girl, young master, I am boy who is very much lost.” The boy jumped back as most people did when they discovered that Haku was not actually a girl. “Please may you tell me where we are?”

The boy shook his head and nodded still baffled by the fact that the figure in front of him was not a women. “This the Konoha beach and I am Rock Lee, what is your name?”

“I am Haku, now can you please point me in the direction of the Land of Waves,” he answered in his voice that is very easily mistaken for a girls.

“What,” said the confused Lee. “I am sorry but you are miles away from the Land of the Waves, it would take you days to get there.”

A shiver was sent up Haku’s spine, he was so far from Zabuza’s last known location; he hadn’t been that far apart from him since the two of them met on the bridge in the land of Water. What am I going to do? wondered Haku to himself. Then it hit him using his simple logic he worked out that Kakashi the person who so call killed him was from the Village hidden in the Leaves which was in Konoha. “Where is the Jounin known as Kakashi, please tell me this is important.”

“What do you mean Guy-Sensei’s rival and the Sensei of Naruto and the love of my life Sakura.” Lee’s eyes lit up with pink arts as he imagined the very sight of Sakura with him.

Haku wasn’t paying attention though, he was to busy remembering the name Naruto. The boy who possessed such an enormous amount of power that was Naruto. I must find him he may be the link to finding Zabuza. Haku looked up at Lee who was still in a trance over the girl Sakura. “Yes Naruto, you must show me to him now!”

Lee nodded. “well I better cut my training short for today Guy-Sensei, for someone is in need of my help,” said Lee waving his hand around in the air talking to no one. “Follow me master Haku.”

The two of them ran down the beach for ten minutes before having to leap from rock to rock to get on to a small level bath which lead to small village. The two of them continued to run down the path, though Haku was weak and out of energy while Rock Lee sped ahead nearly out of sight when he came to an abrupt stop.

“This is Naruto’s house,” said Lee, bowing and moving a hand out in front of him in the direction of the door. “I am glad to be of hel…”

Lee was interrupted by the scream of Naruto as he flew from a window flailing his arms around in different directions as his head quickly headed for the stone road…
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