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My Loyal Pet by Usagi

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Chapter notes: Blah in the character section of the making a story Kimimaro isnt shown!!! But then again none of the "Sound 4" are. Whatever! Other characters in this are of course Kimimaro! and my OC Kaname!! (I'm proud of him...I had a vision for him and of course my fingers ruined it! hehe. He wanted to make his own personality) : D
Warnings: OOC on Kimimaro's part. Later chapters will contain sex. and if you dont know cause some people dont know how to read...(and thats odd being this is a fanfiction site...) This is boy on boy=yaoi! Ok...please review and I'll review one of your stories!! Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. Kimimaro wouldn't have died if I did. He'd be marrying me! and Itachi! Three sum!! XD
To See Him Smile

“Kaname-kun? Will you come here for a moment?” A sweetly sinister voice asked from down the long dark corridor.

“Yes Orochimaru-sama.” An extremely tall boy said. He fiddled with his thick black collar around his neck as he walked down the hall. He came to a room with a large elegant bed in the middle. The bed was covered with fine Egyptian cotton and an extremely pale man with long, silky raven hair rested lazily in the middle of the bed.

“Sasuke-kun has learned a new technique. Why don’t you to go play and see each other’s progress?” The boy looked up at his owner…yes owner. He was given to Orochimaru as a gift from his family to spare their lives. He spared them all right. He now uses them as specimens for his experiments but they are living.

“Yes Orochimaru-sama,” the tall boy said as he bowed.

“Are you forgetting something Kaname-kun?” the snake sannin asked. The boy hesitated for a moment. And just in that moment of hesitation Orochimaru’s snake tongue jutted out and pulled the boy to him by the collar. “It’s a good thing we decided to get you this collar. How would I punish you if I didn’t have it?” He purred. The snake sannin dug his nails into the boy's back, enjoying the feeling of blood seeping out of the teen, and licked from his cheek to his mouth. “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll start obeying me like the good pet you are,” Orochimaru warned. "While yes I know you are suffering because of the loss of your friend you still need to behave." The brown haired boy gave in and kissed his master obediently. The kiss was not full of love, or even lust. It was a dominance thing. Orochimaru had to prove that he owned this boy. “That’s a good boy. Now run along and play with Sasuke-kun.” The snake dismissed Kaname and the seventeen-year-old didn’t hesitate to leave the elaborate room. He walked down the passageways hoping not to get lost.

“Kaname!” Called a fake, friendly voice. The chocolate-eyed boy turned to see a silver haired boy with glasses.

“Hmph,” Kaname grunted.

“Now is that anyway to act towards me? If Orochimaru-sama finds out you disrespect me you know what he’ll do to you.”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t listening. What were you saying?” Kaname said lazily as he picked at his fingernails.

“You’re going to be sorry, you know that right?”

“Orochimaru-sama loves me. He’d only go so far as to use his fingernails on me. He’s completely all talk and no show when it comes to me.” Kaname spat.

“You say that now. He’s just being nice. When you finally piss him off enough you will be sorry.” Kabuto hissed.

“Wonderful. Maybe he’d accidentally kill me and I could get out of this prison.” Kabuto stormed off leaving the Tatsu to walk alone. As the youth was about to visit Sasuke in his room he decided to make a left turn at the intersection and go into a room he is supposedly said to “stay out” of. He walked into the room and stood above a man in a hospital bed with many tubes and wires hooked up to him.

“Kimimaro,” Kaname said sadly. “I miss you.” The silver-haired man didn’t respond. Kaname watched a neon green liquid drip into the man’s mouth. “Orochimaru-sama decided to get me a collar. He wants to seem more dominant over me. I wouldn’t mind so much if he didn’t make it into such a big deal. I like the man already. I always have. Even after he tricked my entire family…I still like him.” Kimimaro made no signal that he even heard the boy, but he did. He wanted to move, to speak to the suffering boy. He wanted to be able to comfort him. For the past two years the two had developed some form of relationship. They’ve kissed each other, but never called it a “romantic” relationship. Kaname belonged to Orochimaru, and if Kimimaro and Kaname were ever found out about…Kimimaro would already be dead. He also didn’t want Orochimaru to think poorly of him. He wanted Orochimaru to always remember him as his once perfect container, to be able to understand him even when he was gone. He wanted Orochimaru to never forget him. Kimimaro gathered up enough strength to move his hand. Kaname saw the slight movement and gently took Kimimaro’s fair hand in his own. He caressed the older man’s near freezing hand with his thumb, never taking his eyes off the cloth that covered Kimimaro’s beautiful face.

“I’m going to miss you so much,” Kaname continued talking to the dying man. “Why did you have to get sick?” Tears stung the boy’s eyes as he remembered the sweet memories of when Kimimaro wasn’t ill, when they could spend time together.


“Am I doing this right Orochimaru-sama?” Kaname asked as he held one kunai in his right hand and the other hand out in a protective manner.

“Mm, almost. If you ever plan on landing a hit on Kimimaro you may want to not look so obvious. Try this.” Orochimaru placed two kunai in each of the boy’s hands. “There now you may have a chance of at least startling him.”

“I’ll hit him.” The boy said determinedly. He moved at a speed that was unable to see with the naked eye. Orochimaru was watching in excitement, as he was able to cut Kimimaro's arm a bit. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry did I hurt you?” Kimimaro smiled and pushed the boy to the ground playfully. “Hey! What was that for?”

“You hit me. I hit you!” Kimimaro smiled cutely at the boy. He helped him up and they turned their attention to Orochimaru.

“That was amazing. How were you able to get to such a speed?” The snake asked.

“My dragon blood helped me. I used some of the dragon’s power and was able to move quicker than a regular human.”

“Excellent.” Orochimaru stated. He had thought of using the boy’s body instead of Kimimaro, because of this speed but he felt that power was more useful than just being able to move quickly…even though it too has its good sides. “I have some business to attend to. Why don’t you to go play hm?” The two boys nodded and Orochimaru parted from them.

“You’ve gotten stronger. If I didn’t use my bones as a shield you may have actually cut into my arm’s muscles.” Kimimaro said as he looked at his cut.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t want to attack you but Orochimaru-sama made me.” The teen said.

“It’s fine. I know you wouldn’t ever kill me.”

“Let’s go to the river!” Kaname shouted happily. He took off at a sprint down to the river. He didn’t hesitate on taking off his shirt, but he left his pants on. He was never comfortable getting naked in front of anyone. “The water’s warm! Come on Kimi!” Kimimaro smiled at the name Kaname used for him as took off his long robe-like shirt and got into the crystal clear water with his friend.

“Mm…it is nice.” Kimimaro said as he allowed the water to come up to his shoulders. “Kaname? Kaname where are-” Kimimaro was suddenly taken under the water by his feet. He kicked to get his attacker off and when he came up to the surface he saw Kaname holding his eye. “Oh…Kaname! You startled me! Is your eye ok?” Kaname removed his hand from his eye. It was bruised. “Oh Kaname, I’m sorry!”

“It’s fine. Payback from me getting you earlier yeah?” Kaname smiled.

“I guess. But Orochimaru-sama won’t like it. He’ll be upset with me…” The silver-haired man trailed off.

“No he won’t. I did it to myself! We’ll just say that we were playing tag and I smacked into a tree!”

“Aren’t we a little old to be playing tag?”

“Ok…we were having a race to the river first and I looked back to see where you were and I smacked into a tree branch!” Kimimaro laughed lightly at the boy. His innocence was something the older man prayed would never be ruined like his was.

“Ok, but if he doesn’t believe you, we’re both in trouble.”

“Oh he’ll believe me. I’m good at lying.”

“As I can see.” Kimimaro said playfully. Kaname giggled and splashed his friend. They began to wrestle lightly when Kaname found himself in Kimimaro’s arms. He looked into Kimimaro’s striking green eyes and noticed their faces were becoming closer and closer until…Kaname’s eyes widened in shock. He felt Kimimaro’s tongue exploring his own mouth and his own tongue gently caressing Kimimaro’s…what was more shocking was that he enjoyed it. They were friends…only friends. That’s as far as Kaname wanted it to go. But you could still be a friend and kiss right? The teen closed his eyes and deepened their kiss as he wrapped his arms around Kimimaro. They finally broke the kiss and Kimimaro rested his forehead against Kaname’s.


“Don’t say anything. Right now this feels perfect.”


“Kimi…I don’t know how I’m going to be able to live here without you. You’re the only one I’ve truly opened up to. I haven’t even told Orochimaru half of the things I’ve told you. Please fight your sickness and get better. I need you.” Kaname gave the dying man’s hand a gentle squeeze before leaving the room. Even though the teen couldn’t see it, Kimimaro lay there…crying. He didn’t want to leave the boy or Orochimaru…but he had no choice. He was dying. But he didn’t want to die like this. He wanted to do one last thing that would be remembered by Kaname forever…even if it was something as small as a final smile. He couldn’t let himself die like this; alone.


“Kaname!” A boy’s voice called. Kaname looked up at the raven-haired boy known to be Uchiha Sasuke.

“Hey Sasuke,” he said solemnly.

“What’s wrong? Want to spar with me?” Sasuke asked. The brunette shook his head and kept his eyes focused on the floor. “Please tell me Kaname.”

“I’m going to miss Kimimaro. That’s all.”

“Oh. I thought Orochimaru told you not to go in there anymore. Cause it only would upset you…as is proven," Sasuke said being a smartass.

“I can’t help it! He’s dying in there…dying alone. Do you know how sad and lonely he must feel? To-” Kaname’s voice cracked as tears started to roll down his perfect face. “Today he couldn’t even move! All he could do was twitch his hand. He was so cold. I’ll bet he hates me for leaving him like this!”

“Hey come here,” Sasuke said pulling his friend closer to him. They collapsed onto the floor in a tight embrace and Sasuke let the older boy cry into his shoulder.

“I wish he didn’t have to die!” The brunette cried. Sasuke stroked the boy’s soft, brown hair lovingly as he tried to calm his friend down. Since coming here Kaname has been the only person Sasuke wanted to associate himself with…other than Orochimaru, but he was basically forced to do that. And he wanted the power Orochimaru had to offer. He needed it if he were ever going to kill Itachi.

“Well, if he doesn’t die, he’ll always be in that room. Wouldn’t you rather have his soul free and happy?” Sasuke asked trying to cheer the boy up. He was never really good with this kind of thing.

“I’d rather him get better so we can go play at the river like we used to.”

“Then help him get better.”

“How?” Kaname asked blinking away tears.

“Just help him fight it. Let him know he isn’t alone. Don’t say that you’re going to miss him…tell him you’ll see him tomorrow. Don’t let him think he’s going to die. That could help him recover. Or get Orochimaru to send him to a really good hospital…or capture the people that make the hospital really good and have them work with him to make him better!”

“I’m going to try it! Thanks Sasuke!” Kaname hugged Sasuke tightly and kissed him on the cheek before skipping off to see no other than his own master, Orochimaru to see if he could get someone to make Kimimaro better. Meanwhile Kimimaro lay there on his bed alone…wishing that Kaname would just come in and speak to him even if it were about nothing. He lived to hear that voice, and now that it was gone…he felt his life fading away too. But he had to hold on. He had to for Kaname and Orochimaru. For both of them…he’d fight as much as he could. He wanted Kaname to see him smile at least one more time.

(a/n Yeah this was short but it's midnight and I'm falling asleep at the computer. If I get any reviews on it while I'm sleeping I'll post another of this tomorrow that's longer. Right now I just wanted to set up some kind of plot-line.)
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