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My Original characters by Usagi

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Chapter notes: Please tell me if this character is in a copywritten anime...cause like I said before; I only watch Naruto and Loveless cause I'm deprived.

Name: Bomani (Warrior) Jabari (Brave) Origin: Egyptian
Gender: male
Age: 19
Village: Amegakure (Village Hidden in the Rainforest) or Land of Rain
Ninja Rank: Jounin
Loyality to: Amegakure, has no friends.
Date of Birth: 5/4/1988
Height: 182.88 cm (6”0’)
Weight: 54.43 kg (120lbs)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: gray
Appearance: Skinny. His most stunning features are his eyes. They are often described as the stormy clouds over the rainforest. He wears an upside down cross on his necklace, which people then mistake him for someone of ill-being, he wears it simply because he feels lonely and he thinks the sinful life is a lonely one. His shirt is white and is always left open to show his lean muscles, but it has black straps holding it somewhat together. He wears a long think string on is right upper arm and a thin, long string around his left wrist. He wears average blue pants and a think black buckle. He has a white bandage on his upper left leg from an old injury that won’t completely heal.
Attitude: He is often sad because he is so used to roaming the earth on special missions for his village. He wishes he’d have someone to befriend. He is extremely shy and can get embarrassed easily because he isn’t used to confronting anyone. He is clumsy and often bumps into people and he can be over apologetic.
Weapon: He uses a bow and arrow. The arrow is infused with his chakra so it never misses his target. His weapon reflects him. He is afraid of human contact so far-ranged fighting is fine with him. His name translates to Brave Warrior, which is a slight misconception of him. He’d rather not fight, but because his arrows have never missed…he is a strong opponent.
Kekkei Genkei: none
Jutsus: Water-type
Quotes: “I’m terribly sorry!” “It was an accident I meant no harm.” “It was my fault.”
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