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My Original characters by Usagi

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Chapter notes: I do not own this picture. I do not watch much anime other than Naruto and Loveless (I'm deprived I know) so if a character I use is an actual character oops! Tell me if that happens...which I hope it doesn't.

Name: Tatsu Kaname
Gender: Male
Theme song: Voices by Saosin
Age: 17
Village: Village Hidden in the Sound (Otogakure)
Ninja Rank: Unknown
Loyalty to: Orochimaru, Kabuto, Sasuke. Village Hidden in the Sound
Date of Birth: Unknown
Height: 193.04 (6’4”)
Weight: 63.50 (140lbs)
Hair color: Deep brown
Eye color: Chocolate brown
Appearance: His most striking physical feature is his height and beauty. He wears a long red coat with a black t-shirt and tight black pants. He has a leather color around his neck that signifies that he is Orochimaru’s “pet”. He has an unknown curse seal that becomes a dragon when is called upon. Orochimaru has called this seal the Seal of Hell (more details in attitude) He wears old traditional Chuck Taylor’s unlike most ninja who wear sandals. He has black fingerless gloves on both hands and a silver ring on his left ring finger to more signify his “belonging” to Orochimaru.
Attitude: Calm and mostly apathetic to most things. Slightly expressionless unless in the presence of Orochimaru or Sasuke. Can be a bit of a jackass to Kabuto or others who just “downright annoy” him. Aims for nothing short of perfection. His seal is called Seal of Hell by Orochimaru because when the seal is activated Kaname sprouts black bleeding wings from his back and loses all allegiances to anyone but himself. He’d kill Orochimaru if the Sannin were ever stupid enough to try to get in his way.
Weapon: He keeps his fingernails sharp and uses them as knives. His favorite fighting style is close-ranged but if in the event it becomes far-ranged he has a poison dart flute that first lulls his enemy, then shoots poison directly into their jugular vein.
Kekkei Genkei: He can only use his kekkei genkei once during a battle because it consumes up all but two percent of his chakra. He has the ability to transform into a red dragon for the duration of a battle.
Jutsus: mainly fire based because of dragon blood.
Quotes: “Wonderful, want a cookie?” “I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening to you.” And lastly, “Imperfect fool.”
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