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Strength In Love by Usagi

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Yes this is a Itachi x Deidara fiction. I've become obsessed with them. So thus they are my favorite pairing! Don't like it...don't read. Or read and find that you may like it..? Please review and tell me if you like it/ don't like it. Just no flames. Cause those make me cry. A good song to listen to while reading is "Your Guardian Angel" by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Just throwing out some ideas. Man I talk a lot.
Oh and I'm not extremely educated on Naruto and every single detail on the series. So I may be right or wrong in this little area but in a flashback Orochimaru is in Akatsuki when Deidara and Itachi first meet. I may have made it up...I may have not. I'm not sure. Why don't you tell me! : D And yes I know Sasori died while fighting Sakura and that old lady (her name escapes me) but I like him too much so I brought him back from the dead!!
Flashbacks are in italics and so are first person thoughts.
AND! (I swear I'm almost finished) There are some OOC's. I'm not sure on Zetsu's personality so I kind of created one. And Sasori...I made him somewhat "innocent"? If that means anything. I'll shut up now.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. If I did...every single character would be gay. : )

‘It’s been a long time since I last saw him. Those empty black eyes, that meaningless effort to try to kill me, those same facial features, and that uncertain aura about why he still lives. Yes, it’s been a long time since I last saw my little brother, Sasuke. If we ever meet again I’ll be ashamed to say that I was wrong. Hate…is nothing. There is no strength in hate. Having no one makes you weak. Having nothing but hate makes you nothing. But love…love has more power than even God. To have someone look out of a window and just think when you will be back gives anyone the strength to keep going. Knowing that someone is waiting up late just to kiss you goodnight is worth every step you take. Yes, love is more powerful than hatred will ever be. Thank God I found you. If I never did…I’d still be out there wandering around, dying. Thank God for you Deidara. I never would have known how beautiful this world is if you hadn’t been there to care for me, to love me.’

Chapter 1

“Itachi! If you don’t get down here, Master Sasori is going to eat everything! I didn’t even know he could eat so much!” A blonde boy said smiling. The dark haired man smirked almost a nonexistent smirk…but smirked nonetheless. The blonde giggled and smiled brightly. “I’ll save you a plate.” He turned around and skipped down the stairs. Itachi sighed and returned to the book he was reading. A book about a warrior falling in love, and having that love be what saves him in the end.

“It’s amazing how much I’ve changed because of you,” he spoke to no one, but the thoughts of a certain blonde with a few extra mouths on his hands was clearly evident in his mind. He combed his fingers through his long, dark hair before sighing and standing up. ‘Oh how wrong I was Sasuke. You will never become strong if you never find love.’ The young man walked slowly down the dark hall. He honestly hated having to live in such a damp, dark place but if Deidara was happy, so was he. He blushed thinking of how much he had changed since he first met Deidara. And then the memories came flooding.

“I’m Deidara!” The blonde said holding out a hand to Itachi. Itachi hesitantly shook his hand but yelped as he felt something moist and soft tickle his palm.

“What the hell?” He jerked back staring at the boy. The blonde giggled before holding up his hands to Itachi.

“So I have a few extra mouths…I like them.”

“That is disgusting.” Itachi bluntly said.

“Well I think your red eyes are creepy but I’m not saying anything! Well…I did just now but I wasn’t going to until you commented on my mouths! And sadly I already know your name Itachi, so don’t even bother introducing yourself like anyone who holds even the littlest of respect for themselves. Hm.” Itachi stared at the blonde analyzing his features. Young, no doubt pretty, only one eye. The other could be a mechanical telescope of some sort? Tall, thin. He watched the boy storm away and go over to a tall pale man.

“Nn.” Itachi grunted before walking away and into the cave that they would all now call home.

“If I were you…I’d give him a little credit. He can do many things with those extra mouths.” An extremely pale man with long black hair said before going inside the cave. Itachi stood there blinking for a moment, and then the perverted thoughts soon poisoned his mind. Maybe he could see some use for this boy.

“It’s about time you got your ass down here! Sasori has eaten basically everything,” a shark-looking man said.

“I thought you were a puppet,” a plant-like looking man said.

“I can still eat!” Sasori bluntly stated shoving another piece of bread in his mouth.

“Damn.” The shark man said again. Itachi shook his head and inwardly sighed at the sight before him. It amazed him that these people were skilled murderers.

“Kisame, pass me the water.” Sasori said. Kisame laughed loudly before handing the man a jug of water. Sasori didn’t bother pouring himself a glass; he simply drank from the jug.

“Note to self…don’t drink the water.” The plant-like man said.

“Zetsu…I’m going to poison all the water if you make one more comment on my eating habits,” Sasori said coldly. The air turned from a warm, play feeling to cold and evil.

“Actually, I think I’ll have some coffee.” Zetsu said. A moment of silence and then a fit of laughter broke from the group and everything returned to a neutral feeling.

“I’m not all that hungry after watching Sasori devour everything except my own fingers. I’m just going to bed.” Itachi said getting up from the table. Deidara’s eyes followed his lover up the stairs until he was out of reach.

“Did you two get into a fight or something?” Kisame asked.

“I don’t think we did.”

“Itachi has always preferred to be alone. Maybe you’re imposing yourself too much onto him. Art takes time to perfect, and rushing will only lead to disaster,” Sasori said.

“Yes but if one takes too much time the inspiration will go away and then there will be an unfinished piece.” Kisame, and Zetsu gawked at the metaphor.

“What we mean is that if Deidara forces himself onto Itachi…he may screw things up, but if he doesn’t force himself on Itachi a little…Itachi will end their relationship and there will be nothing left for them.” Kisame and Zetsu nodded and then returned to eating.

“Maybe you should talk to him. He didn’t seem mad.” Kisame said. “Believe me I’ve seen him mad, and that was no where near close!”

“Maybe…but I don’t want to get him mad. I’d most likely only end up dead.”

“Experimentation never hurt.” Sasori said. Deidara nodded and left the table. He walked down the cave’s damp passageways until he was standing in front of Itachi’s room. They had been together in this room only twice. And both times there was not even a single hug. ‘We’ve been dating for almost four months and he still hasn’t shown any affection to me other than that invisible smirk of his. He hasn’t even kissed me.’ Deidara pouted to himself before knocking on the door. Just as he was about to knock the door opened. Itachi stared down at his lover and raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Can we talk?”

“Do you want to break up with me?” Itachi asked. Deidara’s eyes widened as he violently shook his head.

“No! No no! That isn’t what I want to talk about. I just want to talk to you. Like…just be near each other you know?” Itachi shrugged.

“I’m not really good at this. I like being around you. And you have changed me for the better. I’m able to express my feelings...kind of, but at the same time I’m so scared that I’ll mess up. In my mind I’ve created this story of you and me. I’d be out on a mission and it would run a little late and when I’d come home…I’d see dinner on the table and you asleep on the couch. And then I’d pick you up and take you to our bedroom and make love to you but it’s only there in my head.” Deidara blushed at the picture perfect life Itachi wanted to have with him. It was things like this that he had fallen so much in love with. Itachi was never good with being able to make his dreams realities but he wasn’t afraid to share them with Deidara. He also wasn't afraid of telling Deidara of the stories he reads in books. Stories about lovers.

“But if the prince and the princess parted ways unsure that they would ever see each other again, then why is their love only stronger?” Deidara asked as he sat cross-legged in front of Itachi.

“Because the farther away from the one you love the stronger the feeling. If you eat a chocolate cake every day, you eventually grow tired of it yes?”

“Yes…but I’m not getting how they love each other more when they don’t see each other.”

“Hush and let me finish,” Itachi said placing a finger over Deidara’s soft lips. Deidara looked into Itachi’s onyx eyes waiting to be told the entire explanation.

“If you only get a chocolate cake once a year…it makes it special yes?”


“So the longer the prince and the princess are away from each other…the stronger their love will be when they are together.”

“Oh…OH!” Deidara screamed when everything clicked in his mind. “But you aren’t a chocolate cake, you are a rare gem I love looking at every second of my life.”

Itachi blushed inching his face closer to Deidara’s. “And you’re a one of a kind sculpture that I don’t ever want to lose sight of.” Deidara leaned in to kiss Itachi but just as they were going to finally share their first kiss, Kisame and Sasori came up to them making everything awkward.

“It doesn’t have to be in your head baby. We can make it real!” Deidara said grabbing Itachi’s hands and lacing their fingers together. Itachi blushed and averted his eyes away from the blonde’s. The two realized they were still standing in the doorway and decided to further venture into Itachi’s room. Deidara didn’t like how boring the room was. A bed…a few candles…and a bunch of books scattered all over the place. But he did love one thing about it. A picture. A simple picture that was taken three months ago. In the picture there was a smiling blonde and a smirking dark brown-haired man. They were holding each other. That was the first day Itachi had ever touched Deidara…and sadly it was the last. Originally Itachi had planned that he’d just use the blonde for sexual pleasures, but when he found himself actually caring for the boy…that thought flew out the window and crashed into a million pieces. Today would be the first day they two have actually touched each other since that picture. Today, Deidara and Itachi are actually holding hands…and Itachi isn’t trying to let go.

“Deidara, you’re like a one of a kind piece of artwork. I’m afraid that if I touch you even with the lightest touch, you’ll break into a million pieces and be ruined forever. I’m so scared of losing you.”

“I’m a marble sculpture. You can touch and I won’t break.” Deidara caressed Itachi’s face slowly before moving his body closer to the older man’s. Itachi gasped and stepped back.

“I can’t break you. All I’m good at is breaking people. I broke my brother, my friends, and my family. I’ve broken other people’s families, and their friends. I’ve taken away people’s dogs and loved ones. I’ll break you too.” Itachi’s eyes held defeat. Deidara sighed before pulling Itachi into a strong hug. Itachi relaxed into his lover’s arms inhaling the scent he has become so comfortable with. Deidara pulled Itachi down onto the floor and managed to find a way into Itachi’s lap and wrapped the dark haired man’s arms around him.

“Are you breaking me?” He asked softly.

“…No,” Itachi said quietly. Deidara sighed and closed his eyes resting his head on his lover’s shoulder. Itachi smirked before closing his eyes too. Finally…maybe he could get his picture perfect life.


“Naruto!” Sakura yelled. Her manner was unbecoming of a girl as she yelled at the blonde boy shaking her fist at him.

“Sakura-chan! I didn’t mean to peak in on you taking a bath! I was trying to see if Ero-Sennin was there peaking at the bathhouse! I promise!”

“Naruto! You moron! I’m going to beat you into a bloody pulp!” Just as the pink haired girl turned the corner she smacked right into her sensei.

“Kakashi-sensei! I’m so sorry! I was chasing after Naruto and-”

“It’s quite all right Sakura. Now if you wouldn’t mind getting Naruto and meeting me at Hokage Tower. Tsunade-sama has a request for Team Kakashi. The green eyed girl nodded and smiled at her sensei as she went off to find out where Naruto went into hiding.


“Akatsuki has somehow accidentally leaked out information as to where their base is. I do not want any of you getting too close but I do want Kakashi and a few other Jounin to spy on their activities and get faces. I want Sai to draw the faces of the Akatsuki members and their body type. Sakura you will be looking after Naruto and making sure he doesn’t run into trouble all the while helping Sai see if they do any sorts of training and get a feel for how much chakra they have. No fighting, no letting them know you are there. After we know a little about them we can figure out some form of infiltration. But for now…this is your mission and you will leave tomorrow morning and come back in three days. Monday through Wednesday. Understand?” Everyone in the room nodded and left when dismissed.

“Uh Kakashi-sensei, isn’t this a little dangerous?”

“We’ll just have to find out won’t we.”


“Wake up Sakura-chan! Up! Up!” Naruto screamed from under her window. She sighed and screamed as she looked at the clock. She slept in! No way!

“What’s taking her so long?” Naruto pouted pacing back and forth in front of the house. Kakashi stood there reading his book for about the billionth time waiting patiently for Sakura to come out ready for the mission. The other Jounin have all gone ahead making sure it would be ok for Naruto to travel without getting captured.

“Hi! Sorry I took so long! I accidentally slept in!” Sakura blushed. Naruto and Kakashi sighed before beginning their journey.


“Deidara! If you don’t get down here in five minutes I’ll blow you up!” Sasori yelled. “I don’t like to be kept waiting and you sure are overdoing it. Making me wait for three hours.” Sasori kept grumbling incoherent sentences before the blonde even realized he had slept in far too long. Deidara yawned and opened his eyes to be greeted with the best moment of his life. Itachi still sleeping with his arms curled around Deidara. The blonde blushed and hated the fact that he had to separate from his love. ‘Last night was amazing. And not much actually happened.’ Deidara stood up and began to comb through his hair remembering the previous night.

“It’s getting uncomfortable on the floor.” Deidara said shifting his weight more on Itachi.

“We…we could lay on the bed. Or…you can have the bed and I’ll stay here-”

“I think we both can fit just fine.” Deidara hopped on the queen-sized bed and patted the spot next to him gently. He smiled cutely at his awestruck lover before getting impatient and pulling Itachi next to him. “Am I breaking?”

“No.” The two moved their faces closer to one another’s on the pillow. Itachi wrapped his arms around Deidara and lightly nudged his nose across Deidara’s cheek. The blonde giggled before lightly licking Itachi’s face. Itachi was taken aback as his usually calm, hateful eyes opened in surprise and curiosity.

“Come here silly!” Deidara said as he guided Itachi’s face once again just inches from his own. Both men had wanted this so badly, but both were too afraid to ruin what they had, more so Itachi than Deidara. Deidara wanted to become closer to Itachi, to explore every nook and cranny on the mysterious character. But Itachi wanted to marvel at Deidara from afar, to look and never touch. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to. He himself couldn’t even understand why he was so afraid of getting too close to Deidara. Maybe it was because he was scared of falling in love? Maybe…but now Itachi wanted this distance to decrease into just the few inches that they now had. No…he wanted to be closer. He wanted to feel Deidara, to love him. Itachi gently caressed Deidara’s lips with his own. Deidara let out a light, soft moan before moving his lips even closer to Itachi’s. They filled the distance with a light kiss. Itachi gently ran his tongue along Deidara’s bottom lip asking for entrance. Deidara granted his lover’s wishes by opening his mouth more. Their tongues danced in sync with each other for only a few seconds. But in those seconds both men came to realize one thing. They never wanted to be apart from each other. To lose the other would be like to lose all meaning and all feeling. Itachi even let the thought of Deidara dying cross into his mind but felt tears running down his face. Deidara pulled away and looked into Itachi’s glossy eyes.

“What’s wrong baby?” He asked.

“Don’t you ever die.” Itachi said softly. Deidara smiled down at his love and kissed the man’s nose.

“Same goes for you mister broody pants.”

“I love you,” Itachi said calmly. Deidara froze. They had known how each other felt, but not once had the other said those three words. And for them to come out of Itachi before Deidara was a surprise all its own. Deidara giggled once again and kissed Itachi passionately on the lips.

“I love you more than anything that could possibly be on this earth ever.” With that, the two men held each other tightly. Kissing each other occasionally throughout the night until they fell asleep soundly in the other’s arms.

“Deidara! Come on! I hate being kept waiting!”

“Coming Master Sasori! Hm.” Deidara placed the brush back on the wooden nightstand and kissed Itachi on the cheek before leaving the room. Itachi was startled to feel soft lips press against his cheek. He heard the door shut and sighed as he thought back to last night. How he wished Deidara didn’t have a mission today. They could spend all day together just in one another’s embrace. Spending time laughing, talking and just being with each other. ‘Ok…I’ve past little thirteen year old girl with a crush and went all the way to little thirteen year old girl with an obsession.’ Itachi thought to himself. He slowly sat up before stretching. Just as he was about to go downstairs for breakfast he saw a note on the nightstand. He picked it up and began reading.


Just wanted to tell you that I’m going to miss you today. Think of me often k? With love, your sculpture."

Itachi smirked. His heart jumped and he felt like he was going to become weak in the knees. He thought back as far as he could but never had he once felt like this before. He can remember hating everything. But never truly loving anything. He did love Sasuke, but now if he just walked up to his younger brother he’d find himself missing a few body parts…that is if he didn’t fight back. The feeling of brotherly love for the little Uchiha has long been extinguished and all that is left has been apathy for the child. Itachi sighed as he thought of Sasuke. ‘He’s going to try to kill me. What if one day he…no. I won’t let it happen. I won’t let Deidara down. I’ll die by his side and only then will I ever die. I won’t let my little brother or anyone for that matter kill me. Not without Deidara. Maybe we should just kill each other? Ok…enough thinking. I’m going to drive myself to insanity.'

“Well you look happy today!” Kisame chuckled. Itachi shot him a death glare that even though didn’t affect the bigger man, still made him quiet. Itachi spent the morning pacing up and down everywhere possible and Kisame just followed him with his eyes. Itachi didn’t know what to do with himself. He was fidgeting with his fingers, playing with his hair; he was even straightening up a bit. “You don’t know what to do with yourself do you?”

“Nope not a clue.” Itachi said turning to his partner.

“You could go out and train?” Kisame offered.

“I’d hit myself. I’m not really up to training when the only thing on my mind is Deidara.”

“Itachi, this may be an insult but…since when do you fall in love?”

“I’m not really sure. Originally I was just going to use Deidara cause he was girlish enough for me. Then I start actually feeling…these…feelings? For him? A guy. Does this make me gay?”

“I personally think you’ve always been gay. And four months into a relationship and now you realize he’s a boy?”

“No! I knew he was a boy from the second I heard his voice!” Kisame smiled rather largely. He enjoyed seeing Itachi stressing. It was something not many got to see.

“But when you looked at him you thought he was a girl?”

“I heard his voice before I looked at him thank you.”

“So even after you knew he was a boy you still wanted to fuck him?” Kisame stated.

“I guess?”

“Yeah Itachi, you’re gay.”

“Ugh! Whatever. I don’t really care. Women annoy me anyways.” Itachi huffed as he sat on the couch.

“Gay.” Kisame chimed.

“Fuck you.”

“At least you aren’t going around cleaning everyone’s rooms in a pink dress.”

“Can we stop talking about the gay thing now?”

“Does it bother you that Deidara is a boy?”

“No. I just didn’t put two and two together. I saw a pretty face and ended up falling in love.”

“Then it shouldn’t matter if Deidara is a man or a woman. The point is you love him and that’s all there is to it. And I think this is the most I’ve ever heard you say before in my entire life.”

“Don’t get used to it.”

“Wasn’t planning on it.” Itachi left the living space and went back to his own room. He read the letter over a few times before trying to read a book. Nothing could take his mind off the blonde though. He stormed out of the lair and outside where he’d try throwing some kunai around.


“Is that Uchiha Itachi?” Naruto gasped as he peered out to the figure now throwing the kunai knives at the rocks.

“Yep.” Kakashi stated not looking up from his book.

“Wow! Look at how fast he is!”

“Naruto, it probably isn’t a good thing to marvel at someone who is out to kill you.” Kakashi lazily stated.

“But…yeah.” Naruto looked over at Sai and Sakura. Sai was busy drawing Sakura as she peered over at Itachi. Naruto raised an eyebrow in question at the two. As he was about to walk over to them Kakashi grabbed the back of Naruto’s collar and held him like that as he spoke.

“I would stay here for the time being yeah?”

“Why?” Naruto whined.

“Because Sai is drawing Sakura. And if you can’t process anything romantic in that head of yours…don’t try it. You may hurt yourself.”

“Romantic? Sakura loves Sasuke though!”

“Sai doesn’t love Sasuke though.”

“I’m confused.”

“Go figure. Naruto why don’t you just marvel at how fast Itachi is.” Kakashi said lazily as he shook his head shamefully.


Itachi sat on the ground and looked up at the blue sky. He wished he’d see a giant clay bird and see his blonde lover soaring in the sky. Itachi sighed deeply and laid back. He folded his arms under his head as he continued to think of Deidara. Was he really this hopeless now? He shook his head and stood up. He wasn’t going to let Deidara take his entire mind over. He still did have his own missions to carry out. If he was always thinking of Deidara he could mess up and die! Then they would never see each other again. The thought saddened Itachi almost to the point of tears. Had he really become hopeless? ‘Yup.’ Itachi picked up a kunai and threw it as far as he could a little angry with himself.


“Naruto watch out!” Kakashi said as he grabbed the blonde’s collar once again and pulled Naruto into himself. Naruto looked at the kunai that hit right where he was sitting.

“Do you think he knows we’re here?”

“He can’t know! We’re too far away!”

“Look! He’s going inside!” Sakura said.

“He really doesn’t know we’re here.” Kakashi said.

“I wonder why he threw that kunai?” Sakura awed.


“Shouldn’t Sasori and Deidara be back now? It’s almost midnight!” Itachi complained.

“Relax. Have some of this!” Zetsu said holding out a platter of rather nasty looking meats.

“I think I’ll pass. I’d rather not eat my own kind.”

“But you don’t mind killing them.” Zetsu antagonized. Itachi glared at Zetsu.

“I also don’t mind killing ugly looking trees.” He warned.

“Itachi! That’s not very nice!” A cheerful voice said cutting through the tension that was building up. Itachi turned to see his love smiling at him.

“Deidara.” Itachi said happily. He smirked. And that was all they would do. No hugging and kissing, just simply acknowledgements that they were together now.

“I have something for you! Come outside I want you to see it!” Deidara said motioning for Itachi to follow.

When Itachi showed no efforts to move Kisame said, “God damn it Itachi! You’ve been doing nothing but freaking out from being away from him all day! Go have some fun with your boyfriend!” He made a teasing effort to put emphasis on the word “boy.” Itachi shook his head and walked out of the caves.

“Yes?” He asked as he looked down at his love.

“I made this for you.” Deidara placed a marble statue of an eagle in Itachi’s hands. “Now when we’re apart you can have that to think of me with. And that way I’ll always be with you. And…you won’t go crazy without me!” Deidara teased. Itachi shook his head and gently pushed his lover away.


“Kakashi-sensei! Wake up and look at this!” Sakura said. She and Naruto were already awake and watching the scene before them.

“What of Sai?”

“We tried, but he said he’d kill Naruto if he woke him up again.”

“Not a morning person eh? What do you want me to see?”

“That!” Naruto pointed at the display of Itachi and the blonde he and Kakashi fought awhile back.


“I feel bad.” Itachi spoke.

“Of what?”

“You made something for me, but I’m not artistic and I have nothing for you.” Deidara giggled and kissed Itachi on the cheek. Itachi gently touched the place where Deidara kissed him staring at the boy. He could be so childish, but yet so dangerous. It amazed Itachi.

“You don’t have to get me anything. I already have this.” Deidara pulled out a clay figure of Itachi. “I made it when we were flying to our mission. I was bored and thought of you. I know it’s stupid and kind of embarrassing but I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t get my mind off you the entire way there! But I had to when our mission came up.”

“It’s not embarrassing. It’s cute.”

“Did you, the Uchiha Itachi just describe something with the term cute?” Deidara teased.

“Yes I did.” Itachi pulled Deidara into his arms and kissed his lips softly. “I used that word to describe you.” Deidara pulled Itachi closer and sighed.

“I love you baby.”

“I love you too.”


“Itachi…gay?” Naruto gawked. Sakura slammed her fist over his head. “Ow! Sakura-chan! What was that for?”

“Who cares if he’s gay! It’s almost cute. You know…if they weren’t trying to kill us and all.”

“Well, this could be used to our advantage.” Kakashi said. Both Sakura and Naruto turned their attention to Kakashi. “If we capture one…the other is surely to come looking. Then if we kill one the other is surely to fall.”

“Do we want to kill them?” Sakura asked. “I mean…they look almost innocent with each other like that.”

“Sakura, just because they have been confirmed as human doesn’t mean I’m going to lighten up on them. Itachi did kill his entire clan and destroyed Sasuke. And that blonde almost killed Gaara. Do you see a pattern? They aren’t good people.” Kakashi simply stated.

“I guess that’s my weakness. Love.”

“Go get some rest Sakura. I’ll keep watch.”

“No it’s ok. I’m fine and you, sensei look like you’re about to drop.”

“Hm, ok.” Kakashi said as he slumped back down into slumber.

“You actually think that just because they uh…are doing that…that they shouldn’t die?” Naruto asked.

“I don’t know. Love makes people do crazy things sometimes.” Sakura smiled as she watched the two Akatsuki members rest in each other’s embrace. She watched as they kissed each other, loved each other. And she felt a tear as she thought that maybe being in the embrace of the one she loves…would remain just as it is…a hopeless dream.

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