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Ache by marionette

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: the first chapter is the worst~ choppy and blahhh
but i promise it gets better! :) give it a chance?
I know you're here.




My heartbeat is quick, that familiar adrenaline pumping through my veins as I wait.



I'm not stupid, Sasuke.

Not anymore at least.

I know that you're near.

And I know that you're waiting.

So we'll wait together.

And I'll show you what real pain is.

I can imagine it all so clearly.

I'll beat sense into your thick-skulled head.

And I'll show you that I'm different.

I'm stronger.

I'm better then you, Sasuke.

And I'm bringing you home.


And you'll be sorry for everything you've done, for everyone you've hurt...

For everyone you've let down.

Do you know what you were to this village?

You were the villagers' everything.

Our pride and our joy, our beauty, our strength.

Our last Uchiha.

You were an idol.

Everybody wanted to be you.

Everyone loved you.

And I...

I wanted to be you.

I loved you.

And God, how I hated you.

You were so perfect, Sasuke.

So much better then me.

It was infuriating painful.

But now...

Now things are different.

And I'll show you how stupid you really are.

And I'll bring you back home.

I'll fucking die before I give up on this.

And even if you're a bastard and even if you caused so much pain...

I won't let you go.

Not again.

Not ever again, damn you.

I feel my hands curl into fists at my sides, that familiar anger burning at my heart.

You were my worst enemy, Sasuke.

My rival.

But then...

In a strange and completely sad way...

You were my best friend.

My inspiration.

My everything.

And without you...

I am totally and wholey...


So I just wait.

Your presence so clear and achingly familiar to my senses.

I know you'll come out soon.

And I'll show you how much you hurt all of the people who cared so much about you, how much you hurt all of the people I love...

And how much you hurt me.

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