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Funny Funny by Yumi

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Don't sue me. That's all I have to say. I know I'll probably offend someone in here, but please. . . just leave me alone.
It’s funny that. . .

- It doesn’t matter how well you write. If you want a lot of reviews, you need to post your story/ chapter on the right day at the right time.

- I have personally experimented with posting, and it does work. Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings work best. . . I’ve just now forgotten the times. . .

- It’s hard to break into the TONFA world. If your name isn’t recognized, there are people who won’t read your stuff, no matter how good your ideas and/or writing are.

- So many people find a good idea and then try to write their own rendition of it

- SasuNaru will never die. Why? Because people like reviews, and readers will leave reviews for SasuNaru unashamed. I honestly believe more people read crack pairings but don’t want to leave reviews.

- If your title sucks, few will read your writing.

- If your summary AND your title suck, NO ONE will read your writing.

- Authors ask for criticism on their work from other authors and expect good reviews (Yes, I am STILL mad about this)

- People make friends with other people on this site and never actually meet them in person. . . and that everyone always tells you never to talk to strangers, especially over the internet.

- Authors are review hounds and won’t leave reviews for others (I admit to having done this myself a few times. I apologize. My new years resolution is to not do that anymore.)

- The reason yaoi will continue to dominate the site while yuri struggles to survive is because straight girls usually don’t like watching girls make-out and have sex, just as straight guys don’t usually like watching other guys do the same. If we had either more lesbians or straight guys who like yuri and would write on this site, I think there would be more yuri.

- My evidence for the previous statement are the “girls gone wild” videos they sell late at night, the porn someone found lying in the band room at my school (which mysteriously disappeared after I tried to throw it out), and Chippendale (sp?) strippers.

- There’s a story I posted just because I wanted to (it has to do with only my OC), only Akira-san has reviewed for it, and I have one mysterious person added it into their favorites. . . Not that I'm complaining that he/she did, but that means he/she read the story. The content of the story I'm not completely proud of, but I needed it out of my system. . . If it were me, I would NEVER have put that in my favs @__@ He/She is very odd. . .

- That I’m writing all this down even though several people had already pointed out things about this site. . .

- I don’t think anyone has answered the question about MUCK. . . I only have a vague understanding of what it is, but I don’t really know.

- That we have categories of pairings that have never been touched (ex. Orochimaru & Tsunade [and I KNOW there are fics out there with that pairing], Zabuza and other males [everyone likes him and Haku], and Ino & Temari [I think it’d work. . .])

- Many people use Japanese words and hardly know the meaning of it. . . those who DO understand won’t say much.

- Mary-Sues will never die either. Why? They’re too easy to create and the girls who create said Mary-Sues secretly pattern the character after themselves so that they can fall in love with their favorite character. (And do correct me if I’m wrong. I’m just taking a guess. . .)

- I have yet to see a Stu on this site. (Do they really exist??)

- If an author does not update a story, it will not get reviewed because hardly anyone checks anything but the “Most Recent” section.

- I’ll probably get someone who disagrees with this and I'll get flamed (Whatever. . . I don’t care too much about this.)

- I’ve probably mistyped or misspelled a word, and my Spell Check hasn’t caught it.

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