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Second Generation by Yumi

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Hello everyone!! Well, the Plot Bunnies still aren't cooperating with me, and thus I have ANOTHER fic that's taking shape. . . I had to post, sorry!! I have 15 handwritten pages of "Ghost Writer" I've been working on at school on a yellow legal-pad that's ready to be typed up and posted!! I'll do that soon. . . And I need to write up the rest of "Labrynth's King". . . -__-;; I'll be doing a lot of writing and posting over the winter break. . . Anyway, here's my newest baby.

Oh! I own Ayame, Ryo, and Hichi. . . there wil be several others added to the list as well, but those are the three mentioned here. Don't steal them! T__T Also, there's indications of SasuNaru and Mpreg. . . It's not the main focus, but it does have an impact on Ryo slightly. . . -__-;;;
Second Generation

My name is Haruno Ayame.

Since I’m a girl, and my mom was named after a flower, my parents decided to name me Ayame, which is the Iris flower. My mom’s name is Haruno Sakura, and my dad’s name is Rock Lee. No, I’m not born out of wedlock. My mom simply didn’t think that Rock Sakura sounded nice, nor Rock Ayame. Thus, she kept her maiden name, and I’ve taken her last name.

I hate my mom.

Even though I know she loves my dad, I still think she wants to be with that other guy she used to like. What was his name? Uchiha something or other. . . He’s Ryo’s dad. Er. . . one of his dads. Ryo has black hair and bright blue eyes that are so pale it looks like he doesn’t even have color in them. It’s kinda scary until you get used to it; kinda like Hichi who’s from the Hyuuga clan. We’re kinda in this little group at the Academy, since somehow we’re all just a little weird. Ryo’s been labeled an outcast because he has two dads, Hichi because she’s a genius, and I for a similar reason my dad was.

I can’t chakra well.

Granted, it’s better than anything my dad ever could do, but I’m not talented with it. Usually I screw up somewhere along the way, and I end up hurting myself or other people. . . I don’t like using chakra. I can if I have no other alternative, but my dad has drilled into my head that I don’t need chakra to become a great shinobi. I believe him, considering he’s had more experience with this and suffered a back surgery. Mom on the other hand. . . Let’s just say we don’t particularly see eye to eye. We hardly ever have. She’s perfect with her chakra use, and I’m just not. If there was anyone suited to be her polar opposite, it’s me. It’s funny that I’d look just like her though. . . Anyway, the point is my dad’s great, and my mom’s not. End of story.

Well, not really. This is just the beginning after all.

I talk to my dad a lot about stuff, since he’s the only one who I really trust, and he always laughs because he finds so many things that were similar to his childhood. . . always goes on and on about the Spirit of Youth or something. . . then he calls us the Second Generation, as if we were exactly like our parents, only one generation younger. Maybe it’s true, maybe not, but I’ve become used to the nick name and it’s what my group has named ourselves.

So, this is the story of the start of the Second Generation: my generation.



A/N: lol, it’s going to be kind of interesting, don’t you agree? ^^ Please review!!
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