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'Tis The Season by Yumi

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Chapter notes: Hi! This is the disclaimer for ALL the chapters/ fics that will be posted for this round robin story. . .


Thanks! ^^
'Tis The Season. . .

Hello to everyone!

So, I got this extra credit assignment for my history class which is about Christmas (my teacher’s an ordained minister. . . yeah). Anyway, though I don’t need the EC, I wanted to write something to show that I’m not just the lazy history-freak in the back of the room (thought that may be what I am...). I thought maybe you’d like to have a little challenge and write something up before Xmas. . . and I didn’t want to post this as an actual challenge because I wanted this to be a collection of Xmas shorts. . . ^^;; Hope that’s okay with you all!!

I’m going to type up the assignment word for word. . . and edit the unnecessary parts. . . okay here we go:

The Christmas season is a very meaningful time in American culture. While there is an enormous religious significance to Christmas, there is also an incredible secular meaning as well. Many activities center around the family and the act of giving. This may be religious or secular.

It may be presented as a poem or short story. It may have for its subject a person, an event (be it wonderful or tragic), a group of people, holidays, summer, travel, or just about anything (nothing over the given rating please!!!). Good, wholesome humor is encouraged as long as it appropriately fits the “story line”.

The theme of this is very simple: “What is meaningful to me (or us) and how it has changed my life (our lives)!!”

[This assignment] came into being with the simple thought that it is often during the Christmas season that people take time to reflect on the real meaning of their lives. In the sharing of this, we may in some way be an encouragement to [everyone around us], ultimately making this world a better place for ourselves and others.

. . . So? Up to the task? Just post the next chapter. Make sure your story has a TITLE and please put in a little note if this really has some meaning to you. . . and do not to go over the rating!! I don’t want to get into trouble. . . -___-;;;

Loves to the world,
Yumi ^__^
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