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My Snow White Queen by Yumi

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: Disclaimer: I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho which I make slight referances to. . . unfortunately there will be no Naruto stuff in this one, so I need no disclaimer there. Oh, and I don't own "Snow White Queen" by Evanescence. (After listening to the CD over and over to memorize the lyrics, I found that the song just works with this fic. Don't like them? Too bad. Deal with it.)
Chapter notes: Disclaimer's in the summary. Look there for furthur explanation of what I don't own. T__T

A/N: Okay, I've been going a bit crazy the last few weeks about this fic and it's finally writing itself out. I had someone (and I can't recall who it was @__@) point out that I might want to write something from Wakaki's POV. . . I tried it once and it was rather frightening. . . his mind is dark, demented, and downright wrong in my opinion. I think I enjoyed delving into the depths of Itachi's mind more than I did Wakaki's. . . >__< yeah. . .

Anyway, I decided to write about Yumi's last encounter with Wakaki before she tried to get out of her betrothal to him. . . involves a somewhat graphic scene later on. . . I'm not sure how that's going to turn out since I don't write sex scenes T__T. . .

If you want to read, go ahead, but I just want to be clear that I am NOT glorifying any of this. I don't want ANY of Wakaki's perverse actions to be looked upon as desireable. This is why I'm switching from Wakaki's POV to Yumi's POV constantly.

First, a bit of info on Wakaki. . . you'll need to know this about him before you can read about him in context. . .

That's Wakaki (points upward toward pic).

Name: Wakaki Tesu Marukawa

Age: 14 (in this fic. He's a year older than Yumi)

Sex: Male

Weight: 145 lbs

Height: 5'6"

DOB: June 15

Hair: Black, though it turns blonde when he's in the human world

Eyes: Black, but dark blue in the human world

Skin: Pale

Orientation: Straight

Blood Type: A

Race: Mokuzai youkai (wood demon)

Rank: high C class (in this fic)

Occupation: servant to the former Makai Lord, Yomi. (this was after being faslely accused of stealing something from Yomi)

Relatives: Father (Minoru, the Thread Merchant) and younger sister (Kimi). Mother is dead.


At the age of 13, he was asked to take a look at Yumi as a possible bride. Unlike the tradition, Yumi was not "bought" as a bride. Rather, she was chosen because she and Wakaki felt an attraction toward one another. After settling a dowry and marriage agreements, Yumi left for the Ningenkai for 6 months. Within that time, Wakaki had slept with several girls, three of which bore children (two girls and a boy). This is one of the biggest shames one can bring to a middle class family. Even in the Makai there are rules to sex. The dominant one would have to mark the other, signifying a unity. For that season (or lifetime as the case may be) those two would be together, and were allowed to "safely" have a child. Wakaki had done no such formalities. When Yumi found out, she had a hard time with it, but eventually forgave him for it. He promised never to be unfaithful again.

During that 6 months, Wakaki was also accused of stealing an artifact from Yomi, which he did not do. However, he could not be proven innocent because he could not reveal that he had been sleeping with another girl at the time that the theft had occured. It would bring shame to his family as well as the other girl whom he had had sex with. Wakaki's sentence was originally to spend 3 years in the Ningenkai with Yumi, not being able to return to the Makai until that time was up. However, Yomi changed his mind after a year and called Wakaki back to be a servant in his castle instead. Wakaki left Yumi with nothing but a note explaining the situation when he returned to the Makai.

. . . I think that's all for now. Anything isn't that necessary.

Next chapter has an actual story in it ^^;;
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