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The Day I Met Myself by Yumi

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer is in the summary. Go there. Oh, and I don't own Borders or Hot Topic.

A/N: I had this strange idea to meet my alter ego in present day life. . . it's kind of strange and ramblly, but I like it!! ^__^ Honestly, Yumi is a lot more hyper, grounded, and self assured than I actually am, but she's pretty close. . .

Whenever there's this "**-**-**" there's a change in POV. I'm sure you can figure out which POV is which, so I'm not going to take the time to label them. . .

Hope you enjoy!!
The Day I Met Myself

One: She Looks Like Me. . .

Though my parents don’t exactly like me to, I work at a Borders bookstore in the middle of the mall. . . mainly because there isn’t a whole bunch on interest in the bookstore in the mall, and there’s a Hot Topic right next to it. . . Nerdies next to Gothies. . . go figure.

Anyway, I spend most of the time reading through miscellaneous manga and catching up on my vampire books. . . maybe getting inspiration for my next fanfic (which hardly anyone knows I write). It’s quite boring, all things considered. I work on Thursday afternoons when the mall itself is dead, so I’m usually occupied with nothingness. My boss is hardly there, and I swear he tries to catch me in a compromising position with the other guy who works there. . . and only leaves me alone when my cleavage is occupying his mind. Needless to say it’s better him staring at me than him spying on me every two seconds and I do try my best to dress up for work. . . *gag*

Anyway, it was on one such work day that I found myself in an odd predicament.

While working the cash register, there was a customer who looked like me.

No, she looked EXACTLY like me.

We stared at one another for a moment, trying to straighten things out in our heads. I’m sure she was thinking the same thing I was “what the fuck’s going on?!? There’s another me!!”

“Erm, will this be all for you today?” I asked automatically, breaking some of the tension. I didn’t even know what I had scanned. . .

“Yeah. . .” she said, taking out a twenty. I handed her the change and bag with the book in it. I saw her take a peek at my name tag and her eyes widen a bit.

“Thanks. Have a nice day.” I said, blushing a little. If this was some kind of trick, it was a really shitty one. The other girl put on a smile and thanked me.

“My name’s Yumi. . . wanna come visit me at my work sometime?” I blinked, blushing a deeper shade.

“Er. . . I don’t know.” I said. ‘omfg, she even sounds like me. . .’

“I’m going into work right now. Hot Topic, if you couldn’t tell.” she said, spreading her arms for me to examine her outfit.

‘Shit, is that what I’d look like in those clothes??’ I thought. “Erm, I guess I’ll try to visit.” She smiled and winked at me. I tried to suppress the urge to let my eyebrow twitch.

“See you, Sophia-chan.” and she left. The other guy who worked there, Andy, whistled.

“So, Sophia-chan,” he began. I glared at him. “Do I get to see your make out session?”

“Shut it, Andy.” I said. “That was. . . too weird. . .”

“She looks kinda like you. . . only WAAAAAY hotter with that corset. . .”

“I really don’t need to hear that from you, idiot.” I said, sighing. “I’m not going.”

“YES YOU ARE!!” the boy said. “I’m SOOOOO going to drag you over there and make sure you have a hot, steaming make out session in the middle of the store!!”

“Take your perverted thoughts elsewhere.” I said, practically melting behind the counter and banging my head against it.


That was the WEIRDEST trip to a bookstore I’ve ever had.

All I wanted was my vampire book!! It came out last month while I was away to Konoha to take care of a few things. . . mainly helping move Kakashi into Iruka’s home. . . But that’s getting WAY off topic. . .

Why was there another ME working in a bookstore?!? And why hadn’t I seen her before working? You’d think that I would have noticed my double walking about and working in the store right next to my work place. . . Maybe it was in the month I was gone that she started. . . Yeah, that had to be it. . . -__-;;;

I kept my composure, barely, and flirted just a little. . . Maybe she’d come over and we could BOTH figure out what was going on. I know she was thinking the same thing I was: “What the fuck’s going on?!? There’s another me!!” I heard her friend as I left, wanting to make sure there was something out of a lesbian porn movie in the middle of the store. I laughed to myself as I thought about that. Would that be making out with yourself? If that progressed any further, would sex with your double be masturbation? My god I loved to mess with languages. . .

“You’re late, Sophie.” my boss said, staring down at my boobs. “Excuse?”

“I was accosted by my evil twin.” I said, shrugging. “At the bookstore next door.”

“You need to stop being sarcastic about your excuses. I might be inclined to believe them.” he said. I rolled my eyes and put my stuff in the back before putting on my name tag and going out to work. It would be a big shocker to my boss when my “Evil Twin” came walking in the door with a Borders tag on. . . *snickers*

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