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An Empty Shell by Nikki_Yaoi

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: I`m just filling in some information about Nikki, since she is probably my main OC.

Remember, Nikki can be very dramatic and she isn`t who you think she is. Get read to learn more about Nikki

I do NOT own Naruto
Farewell my friends, my heart is gone and I`m only an empty shell, I`m not worth keeping around, because every time I held out my hand and pleaded for help I was ignored, I will stay, I`ll give you five more years, use those years to show me you care.

Reaching Out for You

Nikki stared blankly at her teammates as she sat in the cold water of the river.
"Nikki?" a blonde hair girl yelled, "NIKKI SNAP OUT OF IT!"
The golden eyes met the blue ones, and she frowned, "Sorry..." she whispered, standing up.
A short, brown haired boy stared at her, worry in his eyes, "Are you okay Nikki-chan? Ever since we became a team, you`ve been slacking off, we know you are strong, but do you have to show off."
Once again, Nikki was zoning out, she looked at them, then started walking off, it was night after all.
The two other genin started to run after her, but her held back by Chijou, who had hurt in her eyes.
The two glared at her, "Something is wrong!' they both yelled.
"You two, you have no idea...." she whispered.

Nikki fell on the bed of her apartment, hugging a picture close to her chest, crying, "Mother! Father! Sister!" she yelled.
She stared at the picture, crying harder as she studied each of their faces, there was a beautiful brown haired girl who looked exactly like Nikki, then there was another brown haired woman, her hair was wavy and was tied up by her headband, her smile seemed so warm and comforting. Then her father, a thin man, yet muscualar, his skin was tanned and his eyes were a beautiful bright green, his hair a golden blonde.
"Would you be proud of me, would you love me?" she asked through her tears.

She walked out of the apartment the next morning and starting walking towards Sasuke`s house, a bag thrown over her shoulder.
When she reached the house she knocked on the door, which was soon opened by no one, but Sasuke himself.
Nikki looked into his dark eyes and hugged him, "Sasuke, don`t leave me, you`re my only friend, Sasuke! My only thing that is like a family member," she yelled all this hysterically.
Sauske pulled her in the house then hugged her back, not wanting to ruin his image and not wanting Nikki to be killed by his fangirls.
"I won`t leave, I promise," he whispered as she cried, her bag dropping to the floor with a thud.
"Can I please stay with you? Please?" she pleaded, clinging o him more, acting as if she didn`t she`d die.
For once, Sasuke`s eyed showed some emotion, "Why, why do you want to stay here?"
"Because, I don`t want to be alone," she whispered.
She broke the hug, ran over to her bag and pulled out the picture of her family, showing it to Sasuke, who nodded.
"What happened to them?" he asked.
"They were all killed by...." she stopped and looked away.
"By?"Sasuke asked.
"..." she continued looking at the ground.
Sasuke`s eyes narrowed, "Itachi..."
"I`m sorry...." she whispered.
"Why?" he asked.
"I don`t want you to be mad at him, I don`t want you to go after him!" she yelled.
Sasuke nodded, "I`ll show you to where you can sleep and you can unpack.... I have to go train..."
"With Naruto-kun and the it?" she asked, following Sasuke to a room.
She set her things down, noticing the smirk on Sasuke`s face.
"Ya... dobe," he muttered.
"Play nice, Sasuke-love..." she smiled, unpacking her things, noticing the small tint of pink upon Sasuke`s cheeks.
"Ya... I`ll go now," he said, running out of the room.
Nikki smiled warmly as he left, though it was obvious sadness was hidden behind the happy and warm face, she looked at the picture once more, before placing it face down on the windowsill and walking out of the room, glancing back once, before going to train by herself for a little.

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