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Souffles by baldragnarok16

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Chapter notes: Written after I found out my first marking period grades.

I felt that it kind of fit Sasuke, though, so enjoy.

Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto
God’s Perfect Inperfection

So, kid, you think you’re hot shit?

Just because you keep telling yourself your perfect?

That your teachers and peers think you to be a god?

Well let me tell ya somethin’

You’re anything but.

With your shoulders hunched in and

Your eyes cast to the ground

You’ll never amount to more than a shadow

In the real world.

And even though they think you’re God

They’ll never know

That you’re dead inside.

Shattered remnants of yourself

Trying to mimic life.

Broken by the pressure put on you

By your family

Never happy with your achievements

But always expecting more.

Always expecting you to be the best.

But ultimately,

You have only yourself to blame.

For your downfalls and faults

Because you began to believe

Believe that you were God

That you were perfect.

But welcome to the real world,


Where you’re killed without a second thought

And you could be living a life of cold remorse

And lonliness

And no one’ll give a shit.

Welcome to the real world,

Where there’s always someone better than you

No matter how hard you work

Or how perfect you are.

There’s always someone better.

Because you’ll be dead inside.

Killed by the pressure

You put on yourself.

To be God.

To be perfect.

So hold your head high, kiddo,

And stand up straight.

‘Cause nine times outta ten,

You’re the only one you got

To tell yourself

That perfection is impossible,

A figment of the human imagination.

So embrace your achievements,

No matter how small

Acknowledge your strengths,

No matter how diminutive

So boy,

Are you ready


The real world?

Or will

You be swallowed


Your blasphemous thoughts?
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