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Chapter notes: OKAY!!!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

^_______^ too much candy at school ALREADY!!!!!!

Anyway, this is nonsensical stuff. . . kinda funny, though. . . you wouldn't BELIEVE the name-generator outcomes. . . hehehe, I get to torture people *evil, toothy grin* So, this is about 16 typed pages of stupidness. . . hope you can survive it. . .

Enjoy!! AND PLEASE REVIEW!!!!!!!

Narrator: It was (yet another) boring day in and out of school. Yumi had finished her homework in record time and had about seven hours before anyone would start to complain that she was up and blaring her music loudly in her room. Needless to say, the half demon had gone on every internet site she usually visited to try to keep herself occupied. She even went onto AIM and MSN, which she rarely did because she would be flocked with messages from various people with millions of homework questions, but it seemed that no one was on or wanted to talk to her.

That in itself was strange.

It was then that she remembered that Naruto and Sasuke were supposed to stop by for some sort of history homework help. . . more like it was that she told them the answers and they just bickered at one another after that. Still, even after they arrived, she was completely out of things to do. She was a history genius, so the stuff they were doing was easy for her.

Yumi: I’m going to go insane from boredom, soon.

Sasuke: Why don’t you stop complaining and just HELP?

Yumi: It’s so easy. . .

Sasuke: I STILL don’t understand why WWI began. . .

Naruto: Me neither.

Yumi: T__T Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated by Princip because Serbia wanted their independence.

Sasuke: Which means. . .?

Yumi: I GIVE UP!!! *flops on the floor* @__@

Naruto and Sasuke: *looks down* weirdo

Yumi: Just know that they were killed and there was a huge thing going on and WWI started.

Naruto: Huh??

Yumi: What else do you have?

Sasuke: it says “name three things that were first seen in that. . .”

Yumi: Planes, mustard gas, tanks, machine guns, and submarines. I could go on if you’d like.

Naruto: holy shit X__X

Yumi: This is all in your text book, isn’t it?

Naruto: Yeah. . .

Sasuke: We didn’t bring one.

Yumi: T__T You mean you just wanted me to do your homework for you?

Sasuke and Naruto: ^__^;;; heheh

Yumi: Grr, whatever. I’m going on myspace.

Sasuke: You HAVE one of those stalker magnets?

Yumi: HEY! I’ve only ever been talked to by one other guy!!

Sasuke: probably a rapist. . .

Yumi: Sasuke, shut your mouth. I’m the only thing that’s getting you an A in World History.

Sasuke: -___-;;;

Narrator: Yumi continued to ignore the two as they began to cheat off the other’s paper for answers. That’s when she found a very interesting post from her friend Talons. . .

Yumi: Find out your Dead Name? wtf. . .

Narrator: She opened it up to find a list of people before her who had been to the site and posted their Dead Name. It would require that she go to and type in her first and last name. This would then generate a separate name for her to use as her Dead Name.

Yumi: *thinks* sounds interesting. . . watch, something’s gonna pop out at me and I’ll scream like a little girl. . .

Narrator: thankfully, nothing popped out but a name. . .

Yumi: Bloody Angel?! WTF?!?

Sasuke and Naruto: Bloody WHAT?!?!?!?

Yumi: it’s my Dead Name, apparently. . .

Naruto: Bloody Angel. . . that’s so weird. . .

Yumi: Well, that’s under Sophia Yamamoto.

Sasuke: What’s ‘Yumi’?

Yumi: Dunno. Let’s see. . . WTF?!? It’s the same thing!!

Sasuke and Naruto: *rolling in laughter*

Yumi: Well. . . just Yumi is Kittie Corpse. Oo! I like that one!!

Sasuke: It suits you, neko-chan.

Naruto: Not if you keep calling her neko-chan.

Sasuke: Whatever.

Naruto: What’s my name?

Yumi: *types in Naruto Uzumaki* You’re Leather Pleasure

Naruto: O___O omg. . .

Sasuke: *trying really hard to hold back his laughter and turning red*

Yumi: Sasuke, you’re Twisted Whispers.

Sasuke: O_o . . .?

Naruto: No fair! His isn’t so. . . ew!!

Yumi: Hey! It’s what the Dead Name thing generated!

Sasuke: what the fuck is “Twisted Whispers” about?!? I’m not psycho!!

Yumi: You sure? I think you are. I mean, you still live in the Uchiha district, and all those people were killed. . . maybe you DO hear twisted whispers!!!!!!

Sasuke T__T. . .

Yumi: HEY! Let’s call people over and make fun of their Dead Names!! ^___^

Narrator: Thus, Yumi called everyone over to her house to find out what their Dead Names would be. . . chaos ensued. . .

Yumi: Okay, who’s going first?

Everyone: ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yumi: @_______@;;;

Kakashi: I say we do this by rank.

Yumi: You’re just saying that because you want it first.

Kakashi: Possibly. . . *shifty eyes*

Yumi: Let’s see. . . Kakashi Hatake. . . “Withered Waste”. Well, considering how much you used to drink. . .

Kakashi: Let’s not look back on the good old days -____-;;;

Tsunade: Me?

Yumi: You are. . . “Freak”

Jiraiya: HAHAHAHAHAHA!! The freak is a FREAK!!!

Tsunade: *punches Jiraiya*

Jiraiya: *flies through the window*

Yumi: You two are SO paying for my window. . .

Tsunade: Oh well. You know me and debt. . .

Yumi: Jiraiya is “Evil Queen”

Jiraiya: *from the back yard* I’M NOT A WOMAN!!!

Yumi: Blame the name generator!!

Tsunade: *snickers* the old pervert’s a woman. . .

Iruka: What am I?

Yumi: *types* Iruka Umino is. . . aw, you’re Angelic Scars!

Kakashi: *hugs Iruka* Yes, his scars are angelic.

Iruka: *turns bright red*

Yumi: hehehe. . . Who’s next?

Shikamaru: Me.

Yumi: You’re. . . “Velvet Tears”

Shikamaru: Tears??

Chouji: Well, it’s better than being a Queen.

Yumi: Or being called Leather Pleasure

Everyone else: WHO’S LEATHER PLEASURE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Sasuke: *snickers* Naruto

Naruto: @______@

Everyone else: *falls over* X_____X

Yumi: Sasuke was Twisted Whispers

Neji: That somehow seems appropriate for his insanity.

Sasuke: I’m NOT insane!!

Yumi: hehehe, yes you are. ^__^

Sasuke: *grumbling*

Yumi: SO! Now that we have the Jounin and Chunin outta the way. . .

Chouji: Alphabetical!

Neji: Seniority!

Ino: Girls first!

Kankuro: Guests!

Yumi: I’ll do guests, then seniority, but girls are always first within those categories. . .

Kankuro: ^________^

Yumi: Sooooo, Temari is “Fetal Mind”

Temari: Oo, I like that. . .

Kankuro: T__T that’s not a good thing.

Temari: You should call me Fetal Mind from now on!!

Gaara: I’ll call you Absolutely NO Mind soon. . .

Temari: *glares*

Yumi: Now Kankuro is. . . *snort*

Temari: What is he?

Yumi: “Liquid Fantasy”

Kankuro: *falls over* @_____@

Temari: *rolling over in laughter* OMFG!!!!!

Gaara: T___T Of all the names to choose. . .

Yumi: -___-. . . whatever. . .

Gaara: So what am I?

Yumi: Ooo! You’ve got a good one! “Beautiful Nightmare”

Kankuro: He IS a nightmare. . .

Gaara: I’d shut up if I were you, Liquid Fantasy.

Kankuro: >______<

TBC... can't finish this all in one chapter!! T__T
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