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Requiem by baldragnarok16

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Table of Contents

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From the Diary of Hyūga Hanabi

Slow down.

I can’t believe this.

No, you’re wrong

He’s alive.

He can never die.


He’s mine.


I won’t take these lies.

He’s still alive.

I know he is

Fast forward

I can’t stand your voice.

It’s too kind

Too sweet

Do you think that I need your



He still alive.

I know he is.

He told me

That he would never leave.

That he would…

Always be there for me.

He promised that I’d…

Never be alone anymore.


I’d never feel this way again.

You’re lying!

Uzumaki Naruto is not dead!

Because I wouldn’t be here if he was…

I couldn’t survive without him.


I see him.

Why can’t you?

He’s standing right in front of you?

Why can’t you see him?

Let go of me!

I’m not seeing things!

He’s alive…

I know he is…

Slow down a bit

Slow down…

I can’t hear you anymore…

Please just let me….

Just let me go…

Like the bird that I am…

Just let me go…
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