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Crying Out by baldragnarok16

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Crying Out


In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.

-Franklin D. Roosevelt


Requiems of caged animals

Sounding through slanted metal bars

Like the epiphanies of

Little lost children

Crying out

Trying so hard to please

The people important to them

Yet always failing

The slanted metal bars

Taunting them

Provoking them

To go against the stigma

Placed on their kind

And so they hold their heads high

Despite the blind hatred and

Biased prejudices

Branded in their blood

Caged animals

Crying out

Like lost souls

Looking for their

Place in the world

Lusting for

Those who are free

Crying out

To hide the

Mantle of deprivation

That hides beneath their

Vicious snarls and large grins

Crying out

To other like them to embrace

To know that there is someone


Someone other than themselves

That suffers at the hands of fate.

After all,

Crying out is the only way

That caged animals

Communicate themselves.

And so,

Cry out

To rid yourself of the stigma

Of prejudice

Cry out

To prove your worth

But important of all,

Cry out

To open those slanted metal bars

And be free.

Free like the bird.
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