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The Labrynth's King by Yumi

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer is in the summary. . . contains major spoilers for those who haven't seen the movie. . . don't sue me or complain at me. . .

Yumi: WELL! This came to me last night in a weird and disoriented dream. . .

Ryuu: Like you aren't disoriented enough. . .

Yumi: Yeah. . . Ryuu was in it too. . .

Ryuu: That's still giving me shivers. . .

Yumi: ANYWAY!!! I decided to write it down in a straightened out version, since my dreams make no sense. . . I just saw a bunch of ninja running around a labyrinth screaming they were out of time and they turned into goblins. . . Ryuu was laughing at them. . .

Ryuu: I would be if I was seeing random ninja poofing into goblins

Yumi: -____-;;; Anyway, here it is. . . Ryuu and I will come in later, since it was part of my dream and all. . . oh, and I don't own Ryuu either. . .

Ryuu: Yeah, and send reviews. She's been procrastinating writing her other crap, so reivews might make her work. . .

Yumi: TT__TT It's not even a month into school and I'm ready to end it!!! OH! FYI: I know that "labyrinth" is spelled wrong. . . that's the way that the movie is spelled, so I'm spelling it like that. . . ^___^
The Labrynth's King

One: It's Not Icha Icha!!

“Kakashi! Put down that stupid book already!!” Kurenai said, taking his red book away from him. “You’ve had enough porn for one day.”

“It’s not porn this time!” the silver haired Jounin protested. “Look!” The kunoichi looked at the cover, then at the page where Kakashi had stopped at.

“The Labrynth?”

“It’s something of a romance novel.”

“Looks more like a horror book to me.” she said. “One with really cheesy lines: ‘I have fought my way beyond the Goblin City. . . for my will is as strong as yours. . . you have no power over me.’ And here I thought Kakashi’s reading level couldn’t get any lower.” The Jounin snatched the book away and began reading.

“Just because I don’t read ‘War and Peace’ daily doesn’t mean my reading level is low.” She sighed and shook her head.

“Whatever, but I think you should go grab your team. They’ve been waiting for the better part of the day.”

“It’s going to rain.” he said, pointing to the sky. “They’ll give up soon.”

“They seemed pretty determined to stay until you came.” Kakashi sighed and reluctantly stood up from his seat.

“All right, if it makes you happy.” he said, sarcastically. Kurenai glared and hit him over the head with a rock as he walked away.

“Yo.” Kakashi said, waving hello while he finished his novel. As usual, Sakura and Naruto were up in his face about being late and about their sacrifices to get there on time, if not earlier, and, as usual, he ignored them.

“Is that another one of your Icha Icha novels??” Naruto asked, glaring.

“No, it’s a romance.”

“Really?!” Sakura asked. “Which one?”

“The Labrynth.” Sakura’s smile froze and broke.

“You read. . . THAT crap?!?”

“Well, this is my first time reading it. . . and I actually kind of like some things in here. I don’t think it’s crap.”

“But those lines are so cheesy!!” the girl protested. “I mean, those last few lines that the main character says to the Goblin King are just so, so. . . cheesy!!!”

“But you’ve read it.”

“I skipped a bunch of parts.” Sakura said. “And I never finished it because I nearly died of the cheesiness.”

“Very good use of vocabulary, Sakura.” The girl glared. “Anyway, I think we’ll skip training for today. I don’t want to be responsible for your heal, since it’s going to rain.”

“BUT WE WASTED HALF THE DAY!!!!!!” they all shouted. “IT’S YOUR FAULT!!!!!” Kakashi sighed, shut his book, and looked at the three of them.

“I’m giving you the rest of the day off, then. If you want to train on your own, fine by me.” They all grumbled inwardly and left the bridge where they were supposed to meet. Kakashi looked up at the sky again, seeing the dark clouds close in on Konoha. Why the rain made him so grumpy was beyond him. The kids’ normal attitudes toward him were getting on his nerves, along with the fact that he had been - twice - insulted of his reading material within a ten minute span. This was not going well today.

“Out.” Iruka said, finding Kakashi at his door step. The Jounin ignored him and walked into Iruka’s home and took off his shoes. “You’re like a stray dog, you know that?”

“Stray? I’m yours, Iruka.” he joked. The Chunin was not amused. “Koi,”

“Not today, Kakashi. I’m entertaining some relatives tonight.”

“Is that the reason for the suit?” he asked, looking at Iruka’s tuxedo.

“We’re going out to dinner, and then coming back here for dessert and to talk. I haven’t really seen them since the Kyuubi attacked.”

“I see.” Kakashi said, putting his sandal back on. “When can I come back?”

“Tomorrow?” Iruka suggested. Kakashi half glared. “I don’t know when they’ll be leaving, nor if I’ll have to lend them a room. . . My Uncle Kiyoshi always drinks too much.”

“All right.” the silver haired man said, waving good bye.

“Ja-ne.” Iruka said, truly sorry he had to shove his lover out of his home. Kakashi, on the other hand, really didn’t understand what was with everyone today. It was like the whole world was against him in some way. . . even when he went to seek comfort in the person he loved and trusted most, Kakashi was turned away. He just wanted to be left alone, maybe. . . Kakashi smirked, opening his latest Icha Icha. Maybe the goblins from the labrynth could take them all away. . .

Then there was giggling.

Kakashi glanced up, looking around for people. There was no one to be found. Then where had the giggling come from? The man shrugged, figuring that it must have been some children in a near by home.

Then a trash can fell over in front of him.

The man looked hard at the inanimate object.

There had been no trash can in the road before.

Was he going insane??

More giggling ensued.

“You really want them to disappear?” a voice asked seemingly ubiquitous (1). The man took out a kunai and held it close to himself. “Tisk, there’s no need for that, Kakashi. I’m not here to harm you.” the voice said behind him. Kakashi turned around to find a rather all, pale man standing there.

“My friends, then?” The man laughed at Kakashi’s words.

“Neither, unless you wish it.” he said. Kakashi slightly lowered his weapon and inspected the foreigner closely. He had long, blonde hair with blue roots, and intense eyes. The man was clad in a white, billowy shirt, a black vest, a long, high collared cape of the same color, knee-high boots, and leather gloves. Somewhere Kakashi had seen this stranger before. . . but where?

“Who are you?”

“You mean you don’t recognize me?” the man asked. “I’m hurt.”

“Answer.” The man sighed and crossed his arms.

“My name is Jareth, more formally known as the Goblin King.” The Jounin’s eyes widened as he realized this man was telling the truth. Every detail about this man was exactly as described in the book!

“How. . .”

“I’ve learned that most desires are not stated in words.” he said, walking toward Kakashi “Desires, the most truthful and secret desires, are kept within someone’s mind. Words betray us, but our thoughts do not.”

It was then that Kakashi knew why Jareth was there.

The ninja ran back to Iruka’s house and nearly banged down the door. . .

There was no answer.

“He’s gone.” Jareth stated, standing behind Kakashi, lazily.

“What did you do?!” Kakashi swore, holding a blade to the man’s throat. The Goblin King laughed.

“Only what you wanted.”

“I don’t want this.”

“Why did you think it?” Kakashi felt ashamed inwardly about this, but he didn’t allow his face to show it.

“Just musing.”

“Apparently.” Jareth said, smirking. “Too late now.”

“There has to be a way.” the Jounin insisted. “What did you do with them?”

“They work for me, now.” Jareth said. “In the Goblin City.”

“I want them back.”

“Is that *really* what you want?” the man asked, his eyes baring deep into Kakashi’s. “You don’t want your friends, do you? They only cause you pain. . . weakness. . .”

“They are the most precious things I have.” Kakashi said, pressing the tip of the kunai further into Jareth’s neck, threatening to pierce the skin at any moment.

“I’ll make you a deal.” the King said, smiling. “I’m a little low on the Goblin population since Sarah and her friends destroyed the city a few years ago. New goblins could easily be made from your friends. . .”

“Get to the point.”

“Finish my labrynth and collect your friends along the way, and your most precious one in the center of my castle.”

“Collect them?”

“I can’t break the spells on them for several more hours, and they’ve already been put to work. I can’t just go around my labrynth rounding up dozens of ninja, can I?”

“What’s the catch?”

“The catch? Hmm. . .” Jareth said, smirking down at Kakashi. “You must find everyone within thirteen hours. . . Sarah was able to get to the center in that amount of time, and she was not a skilled Jounin like yourself.”

“If I’m not able to find everyone?”

“They will all belong to me.” the King said. “Every. Last. One.” Jareth lowered Kakashi’s kunai as the Jounin let everything sink into his head. “Now, I think you should begin. You only have twelve hours fifty-nine minutes and. . . forty-five seconds left.”

Kakashi turned around, finding an endless sea of walls and mist.

“Remember, Kakashi.” Jareth teased, seeing the horrified look on the ninja’s face. “Every one of them will be mine.”




ubiquitous: the state of being everywhere at once. . . yes, I’ve come back from English having learned something. . . it’s also the first “U” word in the dictionary. . . ^___^

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