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Forgotten by Akumukiyo

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: Me no own Naruto-kun. But I do own Kiba-kun! Or...I wish that I did. *Cough*

Kabuto looked up from his book and smiled. “Yes?” the question was directed towards a teenaged girl of his own age- about 15- with purple-brown eyes and hair pulled back into a spiky bun. She wore a tan trenchcoat over a light cream t-shirt and dark blue pants. Orochimaru’s current student.

“What are you doing?”

“Curious as ever, Anko-chan?” Kabuto said with a small grin that held more malice than mirth.

“There’s nothing else to do,” Anko replied with a glare. She was leaning against the wooden doorframe to Kabuto’s room, her arms crossed.

Kabuto shrugged. “There never is whenever Orochimaru-sama leaves.”

“Why do you like him so much?” Anko asked.

“He’s like a dad,” Kabuto replied with a shrug. He turned his gaze back to his desk. “You were asking what I was doing. You actually want to know, don’t you? You’re not just asking out of boredom.”

“How can you be so sure? You always think there’s some superior motive or whatnot behind everything,” Anko grumbled.

“Because there usually is,” Kabuto replied with a smirk. “Now, what I’m doing. I’m helping Orochimaru-sama with his research. I’m removing animal DNA from various predatory animals and adding them into the test subjects’ bloodstreams. I’ve been doing this for a while, before you even showed up. I’m finally getting close.”

“And what exactly are you trying to accomplish?” Anko demanded.

“What do you think?”

“That you’re disgusting.”

“Which is why you came here out of everywhere else?”

Anko glared at him. “I told you, there’s nothing else to do!”

“Of course there is,” Kabuto replied. “You could read in the library. You could train. But instead you choose to speak with me about my research, which means you’re actually interested in it.”

“Why would I be interested in this sick stuff?”

“Because you know it’s not sick,” Kabuto replied. He rolled up a scroll and walked through the doorway, past Anko, and waved a hand for her to follow. She did, but only after a few moments of glaring.

They passed into a room filled with cages that held animals. Kabuto crouched in front of one containing a tiger.

“Um, Kabuto…” Anko muttered. “How exactly do you get the DNA out…?”

“This should be good training for you,” Kabuto said, standing and looking at Anko with a sideways glance. He walked to a small table and opened a drawer, gathered a handful of pellets from the bag inside, and shut the drawer. He then moved back to the tiger cage and tossed the pellets in, one at a time. The tiger soon prowled over to the pellets and ate them. After a few moments, it shuddered visibly, and threw up five times, then collapsed. Kabuto opened the cage door, dragging the unconscious tiger closer to him.

Anko looked away, but she still heard the sickening crack that told her what Kabuto had done.

When she looked back, Kabuto was holding the deceased tiger’s heart, apparently oblivious to both the blood and the smell. He pushed the tiger’s corpse out of the way with one foot, back into the cage, and walked out of the room. With his free hand, he waved Anko to follow again. She did so without a backwards glance, fighting the wave of nausea that was growing within her.

Kabuto led the way to a small, clean room. He placed the heart on one of the many tables and picked up a scalpel from the side of the table. Anko watched with disgusted interest as Kabuto expertly separated the aorta from the rest of the heart. Once he had done this, he pushed the other parts of the heart aside, and kept the aorta in the center.

He walked to another table that held a variety of containers filled with different substances. Kabuto chose a bowl-like container with a greenish semi-liquid and brought it to the table with the aorta. He set the aorta into the container, careful to keep his fingers out of contact with the liquid. Once the aorta had been set in, a faint popping sound could be heard coming from the bowl.

“What is that stuff?” Anko asked, her eyes wide.

Kabuto smiled. “A combination of cocaine, ricin, and acrolein, with a few other chemical substances.”

Anko shivered. “And what are you doing with it?”

“Making an injection for our current test subject.”

WHAT?!” Anko nearly screamed.

“Hey, hey. Calm down. You aren’t the test subject.”

“WHY would you DO something like this?! You’re making WHATEVER the test subject is addicted to something that WILL kill them! Isn’t the point to keep them alive?! So why is there…why is there deadly chemicals in that?!” Anko shouted.

Kabuto sighed. “I’ll be administering healing chakra to the test subject while I’m giving it the injection. I’ve been working on this for years. I know what I’m doing.” Before Anko could reply, Kabuto turned around to the table. The bowl was steaming slightly and producing an acrid smell. Kabuto picked up a syringe and filled it three-fourths of the way with the now murky brown liquid. Holding the syringe carefully with still-bloodied hands, Kabuto made his way out of the room. He didn’t signal Anko to follow.

She did anyways.

They entered another room, one that was kept locked. Kabuto entered somewhat warily, and then unlocked a cell within the room. It held a sleeping human, a young boy, chained to the wall.

“You’re going to…” Anko whispered. “That’s just a kid! No more than four!”

Kabuto nodded distractedly. “His body will accept the injection better than an adult. I need you to be alert when I inject him.”


“From my previous research, they’ve all fallen into unconsciousness when I injected them. But it’s preferable to be on the safe side.”

Anko nodded. “Okay,” she said hoarsely.

Kabuto activated his healing chakra; his hands quickly enveloped in a haze of green, and injected the liquid into the boy’s left shoulder.

End of chapter one.

Beta'd by DancerOfShadows, by my friend's younger brother's (BlackwaterCerberus) suggestion. It makes me laugh when I think that someone younger than me has more maturity than me (that's not an insult!!). Hehe.
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