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The House of Chaos by Yumi

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: I don't own "Naruto" or "Yu Yu Hakusho". Never have and never will.

A/N: Thanks to my ONLY reviewer to the last one, AkiraHatesYou, and hope that whoever else has read these will give me some sort of review as well. . . I don't care if you think I'm the worst writer in the world and should be shot on sight. . . I JUST WANT A REVIEW!!!

*sniffles* I didn't think I would miss them so much!!

The House of Chaos

One: Long Beach

Naruto was the last one to show up, having had one too many bowls of ramen. Yumi shook her head and turned to Hiei, who was lying in a tree.

“Is now a good time to explain why YOU of all people need protection?” she asked, kicking the tree hard enough where he fell out. Hiei still landed somewhat gracefully on the ground.

“You’re actually going to be taking me home.” he said. “There’s a tangle.”

“Tangle?” she asked. He winced and rubbed his temples again.

“The Jagan is going out of control.” he said. “There’s a tangle inside the Jagan.”

“Then. . . you’re leaving for a while.” Yumi said. The fire demon nodded.

“Kurama-kun will kill me if he finds out I’ve been using it too much for Mukuro. I’ll be late if I don’t get back in time.” Yumi caught on.

“So we’re carrying your limp body back so you can figure out this tangle?” He nodded. “Oh, that’s simple.”

“Not really.” he said. “Mukuro nearly killed me when I left.” Yumi nearly died.

“She’s after you.” Hiei looked away, angry and incredibly guilty. “YOU BASTARD!! I can’t believe you left her like that!!! Damnit, you’re lucky she hasn’t come after you already!!!”

“You think I don’t know that, baka?!” he said. “Just, take care of my body. If you need me, poke the Jagan or something.” Yumi rolled her eyes

“You’re reliable for any deaths that may occur.” He nodded and then fell forward onto Yumi, seemingly dead. She sighed. Everyone else was entirely confused. “Shikamaru, take my pack, will you? I’m carrying him.”

“What happened?” the Chunin asked, taking her pack.

“I’ll explain on the way.” Yumi said, hauling Hiei onto her back. They followed her closely for about a mile before asking again. “Okay, first off, Hiei is a fire demon.” she said, looking back at Hiei. He looked so harmless when he was asleep. “Demons are ranked by letter, like rogue ninja are. So, S class demons would be the strongest.” They were confused. “Hiei is an S class demon working for another S class demon, Mukuro. She was one of the three Lords of the Demon World. Anyway, Hiei uses his Jagan, the evil eye, for various reasons while he goes to work for Mukuro. Since his Jagan isn’t natural, it kind of has a mind of its own. Right now, he’s facing the Jagan internally.”

“The Jagan isn’t natural?” Neji asked. Yumi nodded.

“A few hundred years back, he went to a famous surgeon to ask for the Jagan to be implanted. There were various reasons for it a the time. Someone born with the Jagan is one with the eye. However, since Hiei’s isn’t, it causes him trouble. The Jagan seeks power beyond what Hiei’s body can provide. According to Hiei, recently he’s had a harder time controlling it. This ‘tangle’ he mentioned must be some sort of screw up in his control.”

“So, this is kind of like Ino’s favorite technique.” Chouji said. “His body goes limp while he inhabits another body.”

“Kind of, but he’s not in another body. He’s in his own mind.” Yumi shook her head. “No, that’s not right either. His soul is confronting the soul of the Jagan. It’s hard to explain.”

“So, we’re going to physically take him to California.” Ino stated. “Why does he need all of us?”

“Remember I mentioned Mukuro?” Yumi asked. “She’ll be after him. I don’t know what happened, but she’s royally pissed off at him. There isn’t a force in the world who could stop that bitch when she’s on a rampage.”

“You don’t seem to like her much.” Kiba said.

“We hate each other.” Yumi said simply. “Treats me like I’m a stupid baby.”

“Aren’t you still a child in their world, though?” Neji asked. “They live to be hundreds of years old. How does 16 compare?”

“It’s true I’m still a child in their eyes, but there’s a difference in how children are treated in Makai. Children are small adults to them. From age 10, they are expected to pull their weight in society. Most are still under their parents’ rule, but they aren’t babied anymore.” she said, feeling Hiei’s hand suddenly dig into her side. He was having a hard time with this. The physical reactions he was having there were caused by the Jagan, trying to take dominance.

“How do you know him, Yumi-neechan?” Naruto asked. “I mean, I know you know a lot of demons, but him in particular?” Yumi smirked.

“He got caught stealing an artifact from Reikai, and he became part of the Reikai Tantei. One of his missions, which would last for several years, was to look after my sister and I. His partner, Youko Kurama, was also assigned to this. Hiei trains me and teaches me about Makai, and Kurama does the same this for my sister. They’ll do this until we turn 18.”

“Why do they need to take care of you?” Sakura asked.

“I’m special.” Yumi joked. “But because I’m supposed to marry a demon, I have to gain strength and know about their society.”

“MARRY A DEMON?!?!?” more than half of the group said. Yumi laughed.

“Yes, I’m mixing the species.” she said, sighing. “But that’s a whole nother story in itself.”

It took nearly three weeks to get out of the Shinobi territory and into California. Mukuro hadn’t been there, but she had sent several hundred demons to fight them over the course of their journey to the shoreline. Once there, they had to pay for a ticket to cross the ocean by ship, since Yumi doubted they would pass security through an airport. Hiei still hadn’t woken up by the time they landed in Long Beach harbor, which worried Yumi. That tangle must have been BIG if it was taking this long. After picking up their bags from the security in the harbor, they were met by a smiling face.

“Hey guys.” Kakashi said, seeing the group coming off the dock. “Long time no see.”

“Kakashi-sensei??” Naruto asked. “What are you doing here?”

“Waiting for you all.” he said. “You’re late by almost a week.” Yumi intervened.

“The airport would probably wouldn’t let kunai, shuriken, and heavy weights through, Kakashi.” she said. He shrugged.

“I mailed dulled kunai and shuriken to your house and asked your parents to keep them for me.” Yumi glared.

“You try going through those countries having demons up your ass without any weapons, and we’ll see how well your plan works!!” she said. Kakashi laughed nervously.

“You’re sure in a bad mood.”

“Whatever.” Yumi said, feeling Hiei stirring on her back. “Welcome back, sleepy head.” Hiei glared at her and buried his face in her head. “So?”

“Where are we and what day is it?”

“Well it’s been three weeks since we left, and you’re in Long Beach.” Lee said, worried about what had just happened.

“So?” Yumi asked again.

“I’m tired.”

“Bet you are.” she said. “But I’m not carrying you anymore.”

“You will until we get to Kurama’s.”

“Hey, you’re helping me house everyone, so I wouldn’t be making demands like that. Besides, how am I going to explain to Kurama why you’re pooped?”

“You know I hate traveling.” Yumi rolled her eyes.

“Baka youkai.”



A/N: WOW!! Can you believe it? I DON'T HAVE ANY NOTES FOR YOU!!!!! lol ^___^ anyway. . . please review if you read this. . . I really do miss them terribly. . . TT__TT
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