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The Roommate by Yumi

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: I don't own anyone here but me. . . no one. Don't think i do. . . I don't have enough money to be sued!!

A/N: This happens JUST before Sasuke leaves. . . but he'll disappear later on in the story. . . ^__^

Okay. . . this is very ME-centric. . . I wrote this stuff as more or less of a practice to get a feel for the characters and whatnot. . .

Itachi talks too much I've realized. . .

And it ended up being more of a ramble than an actual story line. . .

So, I'm just posting it up becase I felt like it.

I'd still live reviews, though!! ^________________^

- Yu-chan

The Roommate

One: A Strange Reunion...

Yumi had gradually made friends with several girls in the village, which she hadn’t quite expected to do while she was there. She was there only as a favor for Kakashi, and that was all. However, the companionship wasn’t so bad. After all, having people you were familiar with made being somewhere a whole lot better than being alone.

“That’s so not fair!” Ino said, looking at the mysterious man in a cloak and hat. “Why can’t he just show himself?”

“Maybe he doesn’t want to be known.” Yumi said. “He looks like a traveler. He and his buddy are probably just passing through.”

“But still!” she said, eyeing both men. “I can see that the other guy isn’t a looker.” Tenten laughed.

“I guess you’re right.” the girl said, looking in their direction. “We should convince them to show their faces.” Yumi took a sip of her tea.

“That’s being pushy, don’t you think?” she asked. “I mean, I wouldn’t want to have random people coming up to me and telling me to show my face.”

“WHO CARES?!?” the girls asked.

“If he’s hot, I’m all for pushy!!” Ino said, blushing a little.

“Fine. If you want to do that, be my guest.” Yumi said, smirking at the situation.

“Why don’t YOU go and ask it?” the blonde said, getting an evil glint in her eyes. “Or can’t you persuade a guy?” Yumi glared and put her tea down.

“Not that I couldn’t, but I think it’s stupid.” All the girls looked at one another.

“Biri biri-chan!!” they said. Yumi rolled her eyes and stood up.

“Fine, wierdos.” she said, stuffing her hands in her pockets and walking over to the two men. All the other girls giggled as she approached them. Yumi sighed and excused herself. “Sorry to bother you, but–”

“I’m not interested in a date.” the man said flatly. Yumi laughed.

“I’m not interested either. I’m on a dare.” she said. “Can you just wave at those girls over there or something? I’ll go away.” He looked over to the girls who were staring intently.

“A dare?” he asked.

“They want me to see your face.” she said, shrugging. “I don’t see the point, and I find it kind of rude if you wanted to keep your identity a secret. I thought it was better I didn’t ask.”

“If that’s all,” he said, tilting his hat up. Yumi’s heart skipped a beat when she saw Sharingan eyes staring back. “Is that enough?” The half demon blushed.

“Yeah. Thanks for your wasted time.” she said, nearly stumbling over her words. The girl walked back over to the girls, who were heckling her for an answer. She said he barely showed her his face, but that he was pretty good looking. The girls squealed and began their gossip. Yumi just stayed silent, looking at the man with the Sharingan. He was from the Uchiha clan, but only Sasuke was a survivor of the massacre. That only meant that it was Sasuke’s brother, Itachi, unless there were others who were of a branch family. Somehow, Yumi doubted both conclusions. There was no reason for Itachi to be back in Konoha, was there??

“Yo! Yumi!” Ino said. “Geez, was he that good looking?” Yumi blinked.


“You’ve been staring at them since you got back.” Yumi blushed and looked in the other direction.

“No, he just had funny eyes.” None of them understood what she meant, but that was all right. Yumi didn’t say it to be understood, only to make sure they didn’t bother her about it again.

“Naa, I’ll see you tomorrow Hinata!” Yumi said, waving goodbye to the shyest and last member of her friends. It was almost sundown by the time they had left the tea house, and all of them had spent a lot of money on tea and sweets. By then, the strangers had left, and they all doubted they would ever see them again. Yumi was kind of glad. She didn’t need to have those eyes taunt her anymore. Stuffing her hands in her pockets, she began walking toward her one-room, one bathroom apartment.

About half way home, the half demon felt another presence following her. It was strangely familiar, but not distinct. She knew it wasn’t a human, for the person was hiding their presence, but it wasn’t a demon either. A demon would have been more thorough when hiding. Then, about three blocks later, the person was gone. Yumi stopped, looking around for any sign of life, but nothing was there. She sighed.

“You’re cracking up, baka.” she mumbled to herself.

“Cracking up?” a voice inquired from ahead of her. She looked up and found the same man who was in the tea house. “You hearing voices?” Yumi glared.

“I thought someone was following me. I guess I’m just being jumpy.”

“In your own village?” he said, slowly walking toward her, the bells ringing on his hat.

“I might have a reason to be jumpy in my own village.” she retorted, feeling in her pockets for her weapons. There would be enough in case he decided to make a move. The bells annoyed her. With every, slow, deliberate step, the bells rang louder. “So, who are you?”

“It’s not courteous to ask someone’s name when you haven’t given your own.” he said, stopping about an arms’ length away from her. “Yu-chan.”

“I’d rather not guess, but. . . is that you under that poor excuse for a disguise?” she asked, glaring.

Itachi took off his hat, the bells ringing violently, and his eyes changed. Yumi could see clearly his face, and the pattern that his Sharingan made. There was a blast of chakra that hit her, which she only barely deflected. Suddenly, the world around her became endless: no horizon, no sky, no ground, no color. She fell. She she stopped, there was a cage around her. Her arms and legs were heavy and, when she looked at them, they were bound with chains. Itachi appeared before her, on the other side of the bars, and he opened the cage door. He stepped in and held a long sword to her throat.

“Welcome to the Tsukiyomi.” he said. “I control everything about this world.”

“It’s an illusion.” Yumi said, closing her eyes to try to dispel the illusion.

“This is no illusion.” he said. “This is all very real.” With that, he cut open her clothing. Yumi tried to cover her naked body up, but her arms were too heavy for her to move. “Everything you see is what you will feel.” A hand slipped to her cheek, under her hair. “Is it cold? It’s getting dark outside.”

“Fuck you.” she said, biting his hand. He simply stared at it.

“It seems that simple humiliation won’t work on you. You’ve become stronger after your rape experience.” he said. Yumi’s eyes widened.

“How do you know about that?! That happened AFTER I left!”

“I know everything in this world.” he said. “Your fiancÚ, was it? No wonder you haven’t had a real relationship.”

“Shut up!” she screamed, angry. “Don’t spout of that shit like you know me!” Itachi’s face didn’t falter. It remained emotionless, lifeless. His hand moved downward, violating any personal space he may have given her.

Itachi remained standing in front of Yumi’s body, watching how she would react to the Mangekyou Sharingan. She stood there, fearing what she was seeing and feeling. It was like she was frozen in time. Nothing he did in that world affected her body in this world. The half demon was going to experience some of the worst tortures he could come up with knowing her past, yet nothing would make her scream. Her mind screamed for privacy, yet her body said nothing. Itachi was about to give up until he saw a set of twin tears fall from her eyes. They hardened and fell to the ground. The Uchiha took interest in them, picking them up and examining them.

“You cried a stone.” he said in her head. “A perfectly round stone.”

“Hiruseki.” she said. “Do you feel my violation?” she asked. Itachi took a second look at the stone, feeling something from them: hatred, embarrassment, fear, guilt, saddened, regret.

“I feel it.” he said, pulling her out of the illusionary world he put her in. When life came back into her eyes, she collapsed to the ground clutching to her own body, shivering and afraid. Itachi took her chin and raised it to meet his eyes.

“Has the Laughing Ninja forgotten how to laugh?”

“She never laughed when she was the one to bear the beatings.” she said. “Nor something so. . . *cruel* as what you just did.” Itachi smiled, only slightly, in triumph.

“That isn’t half as cruel as what I’ll do to you if you try to stop me from my mission.”

“How can I stop you when I don’t even know what it is?” she asked barely in a whisper.

“You’ll know soon enough.” he said, punching her in the stomach. Yumi coughed up a little blood then fought not to pass out. “I’ll take you home and set you there. I can’t leave evidence I was here so soon.” he said just as the curtains closed on Yumi’s sight.




Biri biri: if you've watched the dub, you know that they trasnlated it as something like "scaredy cat" . . . I kinda like it ^__^

Naa: . . . it's kinda funny that Japanese people have sound effects for some of the strangest things and in some of the strangest places. . . my dad says this a lot before he says good-bye to my grandparents

baka: idiot. . . heaven help you if you don't know this one by now @______@
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