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Brain Dump by Yumi

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Chapter notes: just read it. . . questions can be submitted and answered in a review. . . T___T this is giving my a helluva hard time. . .
This character has been labored on for about 4 years. . . she’s been through a lot of crap, and her history is kinda screwed up. . . I’ll do the best I can to just summarize it all

Name: Sophia Yumi Yamamoto (close friends call her Yumi, or Yu-chan)

Age: 16 (Currently. . .)

Sex: Female

Weight: 120 lbs or there abouts

Height: 5 ft (that’s roughly 145 cm)

Sign: Taurus

Hair: When human, dark brown. . . when demon, jet black

Eyes: when human, brown. . . when demon, violet purple

Skin: when human, lightly tanned. . . demon, very pale

*note: there are two separate forms to Yumi, though she can mix the two forms if she wishes. For example, she can look like she does in her human form, but retain her ears and tail. (or the other way, she could be in her demon form and normal ears and no tail. . .)

Blood Type: O

Orientation: “try-sexual” (lol. . . but in all seriousness: confused. . . thoroughly)

Race: half human (Japanese), half youkai (mix of cat, water, ice, and fire demon)

Rank: lower A class (S class is one step up. . .)

Traits: happy-bubbly and EXTREMELY random. Stubborn to a fault, loyal to her friends and family, a leader, strong willed. . . yet can crawl into the “wallflower” or "dead serious" mode in a heart beat. (would "bipolar" be a good way to describe the shift?) Polite to those who are to her: an ass to those who give her grief.

Preferred weaponry: Bow and katana (she produces arrows from her reiki and youki)

Specialty: close range, physical attacks; using water to conduct electricity from an outside source

Weakness: long range attacks; emotions (which are usually used against her)


- “Melting”: the reforming of her atomic structure so that she is able to melt into a puddle of water and escape from her enemy. This can only be done on hard surfaces without other liquids around. If she were to soak into something (ie. a towel) some of herself would be stuck in the object. If she were to combine with another liquid, she might fuse with the liquid, producing a very monstrous Yumi. . . not fun

- “yumi” (meaning Bow and Arrow...weird, I know. look it up in a Japanese dictionary.): Creation of a bow and several different types of arrows using her reiki and youki as physical weapons. Types of arrows: fire, water, electricity (when possible), various types of plant (learned how to grow demonic plants from Kurama), and poison. She usually uses a real bow and use creates the arrows. It takes up a lot of ki to create the bow and keep it up constantly during using it.

- Telepathy: as a result of training with the Evil Eye, Yumi learned how to open up communication lines through her mind. She can’t move things with her mind!! (that’s somethin’ else...)

Yumi’s strengths don’t necessarily lie in the number of techniques she uses, rather how she uses them.

Note: She can’t use ice techniques! though she has the blood in her, it’s impossible for her to cool her ki to the point where it freezes!

ps. When Yumi cries from some form of emotional torment (sadness, joy, etc.), her tears turn into small, round, white, rare crystals (for those of you who watch YYH, you know). These Hiruseki capture the emotion she was in when she cried them. The wearer/ holder of these jems are able to feel what she felt at the time. She cannot cry these stones out of pain, FYI.

I have the past history next. . . this might help a bit ^__^
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