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Track Down These Murderers by Yumi

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Naruto characters mentioned. . . or Pirates. . . nor Opera Ghosts. . . Nor Eien Ryuu! He belongs to AkiraHatesYou!!

Ryuu: You're insane.

Yumi: It's my specialty!! ^___^

Ryuu: T____T

Yumi: Anyway, PLEASE read and review!! Reviews make me happy!! ^_________^

A/N: HAH! My third challenge!! I haven’t finished the other one yet, but it’s okay! My mind is a blaze with ideas!! (which I know will run out soon, so I gotta use it quickly!!!)

Anyway, my sister posted the “Ninjas play the organ?” challenge, and we talked about it a bit. . . and now I think I’m going to give it a try. . . and I’m going to appear as well ^___^ . . . I just haven’t interacted with them yet, and I have a relationship with a few of the characters already. . . yay!

Extra warnings: TWT (timeline? what timeline?), and possibly spoilers. . . I don’t know quite yet ^__^;;;
One: The Mission

It started out like any other day: get up, grab breakfast, get your mission, and go. . . well, the first three were normal anyway. The mission entailed some waiting and a LOT of traveling. . .

“Who??” they all asked.

“Yamamoto Yumi!!” Tsunade shouted. “You’re going with her!!!”

“Who the hell’s that?” Naruto asked. “She’s not some academy genius, is she?”

“She’s not even from Konoha, baka.” the Hokage muttered. “Anyway, she’ll be going with you on this journey. She knows a lot more about these criminals than we do.”

“Why not just ask her, then?” Kakashi asked. “You know I would have.”

“She’s in the Demon World, apparently. We couldn’t get any closer to her than a letter saying that she was needed back in the Human World.”

“Hold up!!” Sakura interrupted. “DEMON World?!?”

“Yes, she works with several demons and for the Chief Administrator of the Spirit World.” Kakashi said as if he had known forever.

“How do you know?” Sasuke asked. “You know her?”

“My little sister, kinda.” he said. “She came to Konoha at age five to learn how to fight, and I she was on my team for a time. You actually all may have heard of her.”

“How?” they asked in unison.

“The Ninja with No Village.” he said, lazily. “Or the Laughing Ninja.”

“WHAT?!?” Sakura and Sasuke shouted, not believing what they were hearing. Naruto was completely clueless.


“Dumdum!!” Sakura said, hitting Naruto over the head. “The Laughing Ninja was a prodigy who fought at Jounin level as a small child! Supposedly, she was such a genius that fighting was a game to her. She laughed at her victims.”

“The Ninja with No Village is different, however.” Sasuke said, wondering how this ‘Yumi’ girl could be both. “Well, HER, gender was unknown, and the face was the same. All anyone knew was that this person was strong, but was not from any specific village. He or she just wore a blank headband. The ninja was a silent assassin, working for the highest bidder, or whoever could actually FIND her.”

“Neither are true, I can assure you.” Kakashi said. “She’s not much older than you are, and just about as crazy.” The Jounin turned back to the Hokage. “When will she be here?” That’s when the door knocked.

“Sorry, am I interrupting?” a voice said. They all turned to see a brown haired girl with lightly tanned skin and big, brown eyes. Though plain, she had a very memorable face. Her face lit up when she saw the Jounin. “KAKASHI-NIISAN!!!!!!!” she yelled, glomping him. They all looked at her like she was crazy. The Jounin swung her around, just as happy to see the girl.

“Yu-chan!! It’s good to see you!!!” he said, putting her on her feet.

“I KNOW! It’s been what. . . eleven years? No, twelve!” The girl smiled wide and excused here burst of excitement. Tsunade waved it off.

“No problem. Anyway, THAT is Yamamoto Yumi. You’ll be working together.” The team looked back at her, half in fear, half in shock that a girl with such a GIGANTIC reputation was so. . .

“YOU’RE SO SHORT!!” Naruto said, his mouth open wide. “You’re shorter than me!!!” Yumi’s eyes flashed violet.

“Don’t make fun of my shortness. . . I’ll kick your ass into next week!!” Naruto ducked behind Sakura.

“Scary. . . @____@;;;”

“Anyway, so what’s this all about??” Yumi turned back to the Godaime. “I was just told to come.”

“I’ll explain everything over dango, Yu-chan.” Kakashi said. “Or udon if you prefer.”

“YAY!!” she said, smiling. “Oh, wait, I gotta talk to the Godaime in private. . . you know.” Yumi said, touching at a subject that only Kakashi knew about. He nodded.

“Well, you know where Ichiraku’s is, so we’ll just meet you there.”

“Ja-ne!” she said, waving good-bye to everyone as they exited. Tsunade coughed as they closed the door.

“So, what is it that you need to discuss?”

“Something you might want to know in case of emergency.” the girl said. “The Sandaime and Yondaime knew about it, and now you need to.” Yumi’s appearance suddenly changed into a pale, black haired, violet eyed, cat demon. “I’m half demon, half human.” Tsunade’s heart skipped a beat, seeing the very abnormal girl in front of her.

“Well. . . that’s. . .”

“There will be other, full blooded demons after me.” she said. “If ANYONE wants to see me, please make sure that they are fully checked. Even if it’s a family member of mine, or a villager here, please make sure they are checked. I don’t want to demolish the village. . . though I doubt any demon would be stupid enough to pull that kind of stunt.”

“I see.” Tsunade said, folding her hands. “Are you going to tell them?”

“Not if I can help it. The more people who know, the more traces I leave behind once I’m gone, and the more people who are likely to be killed.” The Hokage nodded.

“Very well. I’ll check anyone who comes up to me and wishes to see you.” Yumi bowed and let her youkai aspect fade to her normal human one.

“Thank you.”

“OMFG!!” Yumi shouted, seeing her giant bowl of Kitsune Udon in the empty seat next to Kakashi. “I LUV YOU!!!” she said, sitting down and slurping up her food. Kakashi laughed.

“You’re still in love with udon.”

“Nothing beats Ichiraku Udon!” she said, smiling happily. “Goddamn I’ve missed it!!” The old man laughed.

“I see you’re back, Yumi-chan.”

“Hai!” the girl said. “You’ve been well?”

“Of course! And you?”

“Busy, but fine! How’s Ayame-neesan?”

“Sick today, but she’s been doing fine as well.”

“You know Ayame-neechan?” Naruto asked, wondering how this outsider could possibly know them.

“Yeah, I came here to train when I was five, and left two years later. Of course, living with Kakashi...”

“Don’t even start, Yu-chan.” he said, glaring a little.

“What? You never cooked!!”

“Neither did you!”

“I was FIVE, Kakashi!! What’s your excuse?”

“I was thirteen!”

“Yeah, and JUST a Chuunin!”

“With a little help, yeah.” Yumi sighed and twirled her noodles with her hashi.

“Damn nostalgia. Anyway, we came here a lot, since KAKASHI couldn’t cook to save his life.”

“I can cook!”

“Yeah, instant ramen.”

“Don’t make me use this eye.” he said, pointing to his Sharingan.

“You’d use it on poor widdle me?” Yumi asked, giving him puppy eyes. “I didn’t know you were so mean.”

“The words ‘poor’ and ‘widdle’ hardly describe you.” he said, flicking a vegetable at her. She flung it right back at him.

“I suppose. . . well, HERE anyway. SO!” she said, sitting up, very excited. “What’s the mission?”

“These three.” he said, pulling out three photos. “We’re supposed to catch these three criminals and bring them back alive.”

“Ew.” Yumi said, “It’s Itachi.”

“You. . . knew my brother?” Sasuke asked. Yumi nodded.

“A little. I was never formally given an position or anything, but we worked in Anbu together.”

“You’re Anbu?!”

“Not anymore, and thank kami for that!!” she said. “I hate those stupid masks.” The Genin looked at one another, still not quite sure what to make of the bubbly girl. “Aw, Erik looks so cute!”

“I wouldn’t say that he’s ‘cute’, Yumi.” Kakashi said.

“Yeah, but he’s a lot better looking than those actors who have portrayed him. . How in the world is he still alive??”

“No clue.”

“Weird.” she said. “GAH!! Evil octopus monster!!!”

“That’s Davy Jones.”

“I know.” she said, shifting the picture to the back. “Yuck. I’ll just look at the Evil One. It’s better than squid-breath or burn-like marks.”

“Don’t call him that.” Kakashi said.

“He is!!” she said. “I knew that WAAAAAAY before anya you all did!!!”

“Yeah, so what’s the scoop with Erik and Jones?” Naruto said, completely ignoring her comment on Itachi.

“Well, about two hundred years ago, this French guy named Erik was born with this horrible birth defect on the right side of his face. However, he was an absolute genius when it came to the arts, especially music. Loved opera. Anyway, he ‘haunted’ this Opera House in France because he had lived in the sewers beneath it all his life. He became known as The Opera Ghost or The Phantom of the Opera. Anyway, the main story on him was that he fell in love with a singer, and then he killed a whole bunch of people in order to make her his.”

“Yuck! I would NEVER love a guy who killed people like that!!” Sakura said, shivering.

“Yeah, I know. Anyway, he ended up loosing her to some rich guy who was her childhood friend, and he’s stayed quiet ever since. I guess he’s begun his killing spree again. It’s odd that after all these years that someone would want his head.”

“I know. So, Davy Jones?” Kakashi asked.

“According to legend. . .”

“Stories?? That’s all these things are???” Naruto asked.

“Well, it’s not like I have any hard facts on these people. No one does, really. I could probably ask for permission to go through Reikai’s files, but I doubt it would do much good. They’re fictional characters as far as everyone else is concerned.”


“The Spirit World. I work for Enma-sama’s son.”

“I did mention that, Naruto.” Kakashi said. “Anyway, Yu-chan, go on.”

“Yeah, so Davy Jones was a great sailor: as good or better as they come. However, he found himself in love with a woman whom he could never have. . . some weird name too. Can’t remember. Anyway, the pain of his heart was too much for him to live with, so he cut his heart out and put it away in a chest to bury it. It’s said that he became part of the sea, and the sea in turn became part of Davy Jones. He sails the seas, picking up sailors in wrecks to bargain with them.”

“What kind of bargain?” Sasuke asked.

“He can suspend their death in return for 100 years of servitude.” Yumi said. “If the men do not agree to those terms, he kills them and lets them rot in the ocean. That’s where the saying ‘Davy Jones’ Locker’ comes from.”

“Cheery subject.” another voice said. Everyone turned to find a boy with dark brown, wavy hair walking by with his hands shoved in his pockets. “You’re new.” he said, turning to Yumi. The girl’s face became very serious and professional. . . very unlike the bubbly person they had seen before.

“Yeah. My name’s Yamamoto Yumi.”

“Eien Ryuu.” he said. “You. . . smell different.” Yumi blushed.

“You ARE different.” she said, still very stone faced. She then spouted off something in another language, in which no one understood.

“What?” Ryuu asked. She sighed.

“Never mind. It doesn’t matter.”

“Yu-chan,” Kakashi said. “Don’t talk in other languages.”

“I thought he’d understand!” she said, defending herself. “Just drop it.” Ryuu looked at her, wondering what the hell had gotten in to her.

“You’re like me, huh?” he asked. Yumi turned around to her udon.

“You shouldn’t say things like that, Ryuu. It’ll get you into a lot more trouble than it’s worth.” The dragon’s eyebrow twitched.

“Don’t talk to me like you know everything!!”

“I know a lot more than you think I do!” she said, her eyes flashing violet again. He blinked. Did he just see her eyes change color? She could obviously see the uncharacteristic confusion on his face. “We share a secret. Don’t blow it for me.”

“Whatever.” he said. “What were you guys talking about?”

“Mission.” Sakura said, completely lost at what the two were talking about. “We’re supposed to recruit your team as well.”

“Gai-sensei isn’t here.”

“He will be.” Kakashi said. “Here are the criminals we have to catch.” Ryuu took a look at the pictures.

“Ew.” he said, looking at Davy Jones. “Since when have people become sea creatures?”

“Yumi was just telling us about that.” Sasuke said, looking at the still brooding girl. “Would you like to continue?”

“There isn’t much more to say.” she said. “He supposedly is immortal, and can only go on land once every ten years. I don’t know much more. Like I said before, I COULD go check Reikai files, but I’m not sure if it’ll help.”

“Don’t worry about it, Yu-chan.” Kakashi said. “We just need to round them up.”

“Erik will be easy, but Jones has hundreds of other pirates working for him. They’ll put up a huge fight.”

“So what?” Ryuu asked. “It’s not like we’re weak.”

“I know.” Yumi said. “But it’s not going to be easy, even with ten of us. The odds will be likely four or five to one. . . then there’s the Kraken.”

“The Kraken?” Naruto asked.

“Baka, you don’t know anything, do you?” Sakura said, sighing. “The Kraken is a mythical Greek sea monster. It’s featured in one of their myths.”

“It’s all just a bunch of fairy tales!!” Naruto shouted. “How can be arrest people who are just made up?”

“They aren’t just made up.” Ryuu said. “I’ve seen this man somewhere.” He pointed to Erik.

“Or one of his many imitations.” Yumi said. “In several countries there have been books, movies, and shows that feature him.”

“I see.” the dragon said, handing Kakashi back the photos. “When do we leave?”

“As soon as Gai gets back.” the Jounin said. “Ryuu, could you show Yumi-chan around? There’s been a lot of changes since she was here.” Yumi shot a glare at Kakashi. He gave her a look that told her she’d better go. She sighed, sliding off the stool that was just a little too high for her.

“Fine.” Ryuu said, leaving without the girl.

“What was THAT all about?” Sakura asked. “Yumi was. . . weird.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Kakashi said. “She’ll be back to her insane self in a bit.”

“HEY!” Yumi said, running to catch up with Ryuu. “Sheesh, wait up!”

“Who ARE you?” he asked, glaring. “You’re weird.”

“I’M weird? What do you call yourself?!” she asked. “But to answer your question earlier, yeah, I’m a half demon like you are.”

“Your parents?”

“In the USA.”


“United States of America.” she explained. “It’s a pretty big country waaaaaaaaay far away from here.”

“What are you, then?” he asked. “You certainly don’t smell like me.”

“Cat. . . and water and ice. . . and there’s a possibility of some fire youkai in me as well.” she said. “You’re probably smelling the cat part. And you?”

“Dragon.” Yumi giggled.

“I should have guessed, seeing your name is Ryuu.”

“So, what are you doing here?”

“I came to Konoha to take control of my powers.” she said, walking with him to where ever it was he was leading them. “They were a little out of control when I first found out I was a demon. I’d wake up some mornings with cat ears and a tail. Anyway, my parents thought it was best that I came here to train, where there were people like me with ‘unusual’ abilities.”

“There’s no one else here like us, though.”

“I know, but no one back home uses Chakra or knows what it is.” she said. “And sending me to the Makai was not an option. I’m sure you know why.”

“Actually, no, I don’t.” he said, flatly. Yumi’s eyebrows furrowed.

“You mean you’ve NEVER encountered a Purist demon before??”

“What’s a Purist?”

“They’re demons who can’t tolerate others who are of mixed blood. They go out of their way to hunt down impurities like us and kill us. . . or drain us of our power to use as their own.”


“I’ll say. . . they can’t even stand full blooded demons who are mixed races.” she said. “We’re Forbidden Children.”

“I guess I’ve been lucky.”

“Yeah,” she said, sighing. “Or you’re just powerful enough for them all to stay away.”

“Maybe that’s it.” he said, looking away. “Hi, Lee.” The boy with a green suit, who was training by himself, looked up and saw the two half demons walking past.

“Hello Ryuu! Who’s that?” he asked, continuing his assault on the tree trunk.


“Hello, Yumi! It’s nice to meet you! My name’s Rock Lee!” he said, smiling. Yumi gave him a friendly smile back.

“Same here.”

“He’s my team mate, so we’ll be on the mission together.” Ryuu said, walking over to examine Lee’s training. Yumi blushed a little. Lee was the spitting image of Gai, who she had known for a long time. . . TWO Gai’s??? She didn’t think she could handle it.

“You don’t. . . believe in the power of youth, do you?” she asked, hesitantly.

“COMPLETELY!!” Lee said, stopping for now. “Now, for five hundred push ups!!!”

“Lee, give it a rest.” Ryuu said. “Greet her properly.” Lee got up from his lying position and put out his hand to shake Yumi’s. Yumi shook it, though encouraged him to continue with his training.

“So, why did you ask about the power of youth?” Lee asked. Yumi’s blush deepened.

“Er. . . well. . . it’s a funny thing. . .”

“YAMAMOTO YUMI!!!!!” a voice bellowed. The girl was suddenly pounced on by a taller man. About five minutes of a dust cloud later. . . and Yumi stood victorious over Gai-sensei, a hand behind his back and Yumi’s foot burying his head in the ground. “Damnit.”

“Shit, Gai! Don’t scare me like that!!” she said, helping him up. “Eyebrows.”

“HEY! I thought we agreed that you’d stop calling me that!” he said, rubbing his cheek. “Your punch has gotten better.”

“It’s been twelve years. You’d think I would have gotten a little better.” she said, sighing and putting up a hand to heal his wounds. “Yeah, to answer your question, Lee, I’ve known Gai for a LONG time. . . Uh. . . Ryuu?” she asked, seeing a fuming dragon about to attack.

“Ryuu!” Gai said. “Don’t!! She’s healing me!!!” It didn’t matter to the boy. He suddenly threw punches at the girl, who blocked every one of them. “RYUU!!!”

“Hidoiken!!” Ryuu shouted, his fists glowing and flying faster at Yumi. She was barely keeping up with the first round, but now it was just impossible. Instead of dodging them, she melted into a puddle on the ground, reforming behind him to grab hold of his arms. “Let GO!!”

“Baka dragon.” she said, ramming her knee into his back and making him fall. She sat on the ground, holding her left shoulder, which was bleeding terribly. It seemed she hadn’t melted quite in time for her to miss that single blow. “I wasn’t going to KILL your sensei!!”

“Yu-san, I’d better tell you the whole story before you lash out at him.” Gai said, examining her shoulder.

“I’m fine.” she insisted. “Just. . . give me a minute. Go check on Ryuu. I don’t know exactly what I hit.” The man nodded and went to help his son, who was already being taken care of by Lee.

“What WAS that?” Ryuu asked, remembering her melting. “Some type of kekkei genkai?”

“Hell no!” she said, laughing under her breath. “That was something anyone with youkai blood can learn.”

“Youkai? You mean. . . you’re like Ryuu?” Lee asked.

“More different than you know.” she said, standing and clutching her wound. “But. . . alike in that respect, yes. Damn,” she cursed, watching her blood gush over her hand. “You pack one helluva punch!”

“And you a kick.” he said, needing help from Lee to stand. “Where did you learn your skills?”

“The former Reikai Tantei.” she said, smiling none the less. “Jaganshi Hiei was my care taker.”

“Jaganshi? Sheesh, you survived the Evil Eye?” he asked, impressed slightly.

“And learned a few tricks myself.” she said, equally inspired by his small performance. “Gai taught you, huh?”


“Sheesh, Gai! You’ve got two carbon copies of yourself!!” she said, laughing.

“Ha ha, very funny.” he said, walking over to carry her. “I’m not letting you walk.”

“Stop babying me. I’m perfectly capable to walk.” she said. “It was my arm that was hit, not my leg.”

“Still, the blood loss.” She shook her head.

“I guess I’m not getting away with this, am I?”

“You bet’cha.” he said, carrying her in his back. “Ryuu, we’d better get your back looked at too.”

“Sure thing.”



Authors notes. . .

Yumi: Wow! That was fun!

Ryuu: Fun my ass! Your shoulder’s bleeding!!

Yumi: I know! But writing it down was fun!!

Ryuu: Idiot.

Yumi: Hey! That’s not nice!!

Ryuu: Never said I was.

Yumi: *thinking* True. . . so! You’re Gai’s son!!

Ryuu: T__T. . .

Yumi: I honestly never thought I’d see the day when Gai got married and had kids!!

Ryuu: Don’t make me hurt you again.

Yumi: I’m just kidding!! He never thought I’d get married, either!

Gai: I know! And here she is: betrothed!!

Ryuu: What the. . .

Yumi: How the in seven hells do you know that?!?

Gai: Kakashi told me.

Yumi: KAKASHI?!?

Gai: Yeah, he was really drunk at the time. . .

Yumi: Remind me to rip his hair out, ‘kay?

Gai and Ryuu: O__o??

Yumi: Anyway, we’ll get going on our mission to gather our three murderous criminals as soon as my shoulder heals and Ryuu can walk on his own again. . .

Ryuu: I’m gonna kick your ass next time. . .

Yumi: *sticks tongue out at Ryuu*


Ja-ne: bye!

hashi: chop sticks

baka: idiot

youkai: demon

Makai: Demon World

Ningenkai: Human World

Reikai: Spirit World

kitsune udon: udon is like ramen, only with larger noodles. this specific one, "kitsune udon", has fried tofu in the shape of triangles. They supposedly look like fox ears, thus "kitsune"

Enma-sama: he's the King of Reikai. His son, Koenma, is the Chief Administrator and my employer. . . sorta
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