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Ocean Eyes by marionette

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Chapter notes: Diclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

Please review, no reviews no update. 'Kay? 'Kay. I love you guys.
Sasuke let a tiny smile pull at his lips, feeling the cool salty spray of the ocean on his face.

It was a beautiful day, clear and calm, and he leaned against a wall, looking out over the endless rolls of blue ahead of them.

He would have never guessed that something so big would have happened on such a day.

He continued to gaze out dreamily over the side of his ship but something caught his eye, drifting upon the endless blue.

It was something yellow resting on what looked like a large piece of driftwood, floating off in the distance.

He strained his eyes, leaning over against the side of the ship.

A person?

Obsidian eyes widened in realization and he stepped back, looking out frantically over crew.

“Oi! Man over board!” He called, watching as the men looked up with startled expressions.

“What? Are you talking crazy?”

It was Ino who spoke up, walking quickly to his side and peering out at the thing in the distance.

Slowly sky blue eyes widened.

“Oi! He was right! There’s a boy out there!”

At this conformation the rest of the crew crowded forward to the side of the boat, searching the rolling blue waves with wide eyes.

“He doesn’t look like one of us, does he look familiar to you?”

It was Kiba’s voice that called over the crowd.

Sasuke shook his head slowly, eyes still set on the blonde drifting slowly closer.

“No, I don’t think so…”

The crew all let out a sigh of relief.

“Then why should we stop? That shouldn’t matter, he’s probably dead anyways”

Sasuke looked away finally, glaring harshly at his crewmember.

“Are you going to go help him or not?”

The crowd shuffled nervously, avoiding their captain’s angry gaze.

He made a face.

“You’re the worst crew ever formed you know that?” He said in a low voice before diving unexpectedly over the edge of the boat.

He swam quickly through the endless blue, the boy in the distance slowly drifting closer towards him.

He was draped over a large piece of burned wood, his long slender body stretched out in a noticeably uncomfortable position.

Sasuke swam forward, pulling the unconscious blonde over his shoulder and beginning the swim back to the ship.

He growled in annoyance.

This boy was heavy.

By the time he made it safely back to his ship there was a ladder hanging down from the side of the boat and he climbed it slowly, shifting the boy carefully to his side.

He pulled the boy onto the deck, glaring up at the sheepish faces of his crew.


The dark haired boy dragged the blonde into his room, ignoring the offers to assist and pushing away the helping hands.

Stupid pirates.

He pulled the limp wet body onto his bed, looking over the unconscious boy warily.

He noticed a long gash starting at just above his hip, disappearing below the rim of his pants.

He grimaced.

He knew he couldn’t ignore it.

He cautiously kneeled beside the sleeping boy, slowly reaching a hand to the buckle of his pants with wary eyes.

He was just beginning to pull down the side of his pants to look over the long wound but flew backwards, a fist colliding hard against his cheek.

He hit the wall with a sickening thud and cursed, rubbing his now surely bruised cheek.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!?”

He looked up, seeing the blonde, now fully awake, sitting up in his bed, malice glinting in startling blue eyes.

He grimaced at him.

“I was looking at your cut dobe, what did you think I was doing?” He growled, his patience fading quickly.

The blonde flushed, looking away.

It was silent for a moment.

“Where am I?”

“You are my ship dobe, you could be a little more polite to the person that just saved your life”

The boy’s eyes narrowed but he said nothing more.

“Look, I really need to treat that wound” He said warily, standing slowly.

At that the blonde curled away, a suspicious gleam in those beautiful sapphire eyes.

“I’ll do it”

Sasuke rolled his eyes, throwing a roll of bandages at the boy.

“Fine, after you do that you can get some clothes from my dresser. After you change come out on deck and find me, we’ll figure out the rest at that point”

The blonde made a face at him, ushering him out the door.

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