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Shinobi Of This World And The Next by Scar Tissue

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: I do not own...Naruto. Or any of the other characters. So sad, so sad...because Itachi is just so yummy...::zones out::

And, because I can, I'd like to introduce, the inspirations of this story...or some of them anyway. ::waves hand to the three people standing behind me:: Courtney, Jonah, and Emily. Yes. They are real people. ::points accusing finger at my readers:: you can't steal them because I don't own them either! Except Court, I own her. She's my sex kitten...just kidding. But yes, I do not own Naruto. Don't steal my friends. xD
Prologue: The Blank Page
“Natasha!” a voice called out. A slender and tall girl glanced back over her shoulder, she flipped her short blue violet hair out of her medium brown eyes and tucked the one streak of blonde, which was on the left side, behind her ear. “Natasha are you eating in the lunch room?” a boy asked, jogging up to her after being yelled at for running. He was a little taller than her and pale compared to her tan complexion, and he had short blonde hair and light brown eyes. Natasha gave him a thoughtful look and looked back at the boy she stood with, who was still putting things back in his locker.

“I don’t know Kris, what’s the deal Jeremy? Are you eating in the band room?” Natasha asked. Jeremy gave a slight shrug, finally closing his locker and raised his brow. Jeremy had dark brown eyes, and dark-brown-almost-black-hair. His skin was only a little lighter that Natasha’s.

“Whatever…” he muttered. “Wasn’t planning on it.” Natasha nodded slightly and looked back at Kris, who stared at her with sad eyes. Quickly Kris smiled before Natasha would say anything.

“Then I guess we’re eating in the cafeteria.” Natasha informed. Kris linked her arm and began to drag her off, she slithered her arm out of his grasp and stepped behind Jeremy, hiding behind him.

“What?” Kris whined. Natasha stuck her tongue out at him and glared.

“Rapist.” She hissed. Kris continued to whine as they walked to the cafeteria, Natasha and Jeremy lagging a few steps behind. Natasha only teased Kris more, as he whimpered, Jeremy held back a smile as he looked at the two with amusement in his eyes.

Natasha slipped into a seat across from Jeremy when they got into the cafeteria, and she snatched up a folder, belonging to a tall pale light blue-eyed girl who sat next to Jeremy. Natasha opened the folder and flipped through the pictures.

“Interesting…very interesting.” Natasha said softly, then she glared into the folder, as if highly offended.

“What?” the girl said, her eyes widening and she set her pencil down.

“What is this, Courtney?” Natasha shouted. She took out a piece of paper and held it in front of Courtney’s face. “You should be ashamed of yourself. Drawing such indecency!” Courtney stared at the blank paper in front of her face and took it from Natasha’s hand, she tucked the little bit of hair that wasn’t pulled back into her ponytail behind her ear. The two locks of hair that hung on each side of her face were dyed black, as well as the tips of her hair.

“Well I’m sorry!” Courtney said, a bit of annoyance in her voice. “I just thought I’d give it a try.” Kris appeared behind Courtney and looked at the paper.

“Natasha, Courtney…it’s blank…” he said in an unsure voice. Courtney laughed.

“We know you dumbass!” Courtney said after a moment. Natasha sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Of course!” Natasha said. “It was a joke…” Kris stood there awkwardly.

“Oh…I knew that.” Kris stepped off to the side, sitting down in the empty seat between Jeremy and another short light skinned boy with messy brown hair and blue eyes. The boy pushes his glasses up his nose and pulled a manga out of his bag.

“Volume ten of Naruto, like you asked Kris.” He said with a slight smile. Kris took the book and squealed like a little girl.

“Thank you my emo boy lover!” he said in a high pitched voice. Natasha sighed and shook her head.

“Weirdo—” she stopped when she felt someone thrust into her back. “Emily, I’m eating! Can’t you WAIT?” she shouted, turning around to face the short, pale and freckled girl standing behind her. Emily moved her black hair behind her shoulders and pushed her side swept streaked red bangs out of her eyes.

“But Natasha.” She whined. “I want your hot body!” Natasha let out a dramatic sigh.

“I’m tired of our lesbian sex.” Natasha turned away from Emily and reached across the table, tapping Jeremy’s wrist to get his attention. He looked up at her a faint blush crept across his cheeks. “I need a hot guy to bang me every now and then.” The lunch crew burst into hysterical laughing, excluding Jeremy and Jonah who only laughed quietly. Just another lunch crew moment of Natasha’s and Emily’s sexual innuendos, and over excitement. Its how it always was, they were the perverted, not the violent types. But that was all about to change.

“Hey Courtney…gimme your leaf village band…” Natasha said after the laughter died down. Courtney nodded and untied the ninja band from around her neck, she had bought it along with a ninja band with the symbol for the sand village at Hot Topic. The sand headband was currently tied around Courtney’s thigh. Natasha tied it over her face on a slant, much like how Kakashi wears his. “Look. I’m blind in one eye!” Natasha said in a low voice. Courtney laughed slightly at her. Jonah tapped the metal plate on the identical headband he wore across his forehead.

“You should get one Natasha.” Jonah said. Natasha nodded and untied the headband, straightening it out over her head, similar to how Sakura wore hers.

“I know.” Natasha sighed. “But I’m flat broke.” Kris whined.

“I want one too…”

“Kris.” Natasha snapped. “Just because you’re my ‘bitch’ as you claim, doesn’t mean you need to sound like an upset puppy!” Kris whimpered one more time, then noticing Natasha’s angry look he stopped.


“Whatever…” Natasha rolled her eyes and put her elbows on the table, cradling her face in her hands.

“Uh…Toast.” Jeremy muttered. Natasha looked up at Jeremy.

“Yes?” Natasha said, snapping to full attention. Kris sunk down in his seat and went back to reading.

“There is a music rehearsal after school.” Jeremy said, setting down his PB&J sandwich. “You should stay, the rest of color guard is staying too…we might get a few updates and…”

“Will Mike give me a late bus pass?” Natasha asked. Jeremy nodded.


“Ok then, I’ll stay—”

“Hey Jonah…” Kris said loudly, Natasha turned to look at Kris. Jonah looked up from his own magazine and peered at Kris through his glasses.


“This panel here…” Kris said, pointing down at the page. Natasha glanced down at frowned. Jonah followed his finger to the panel, everyone looked at the comic. “It’s blank.”

“What?” Jonah said, shocked. “But I just read it, it wasn’t blank before!” Natasha stood and walked over to Kris, standing behind him.

“That’s weird…hey-hey, Jonah draw something in the panel!” Natasha said with a laugh. “Something stupid and totally out of context, like Gaara screaming ‘this cookie tastes like sand!’” Natasha laughed. Jonah chuckled a bit too but shook his head.

“No I’m going to take it back and—” Natasha ignored him and took a pencil from Courtney’s collection and pressed it to the panel.

“C-o-o…huh?” Natasha gasped. The panel glowed faintly, and wind blew up from the small empty square. Kris leaned back into Natasha, who stepped to the side allowing Kris to fall back out of his chair.

“What the fuck…” Kris mumbled, glancing up at Natasha. Her hair was flying about her face and her eyes opened wide.

“Guys…” she said in a shaky voice. “I can’t move—” there was a thundering sound as the wind picked up more, and a light shot up from the square, blinding the small group of friends that sat around it.

Me: That ending is so weird…the wind blew around them! It just seems so unoriginal to me. Like ewness.
Emily: Haha. I like it.
Me: You like everything I write.
Emily: Tash…ok I may be a horrible writer, but I know good stories when I see them…and a good author. Ok?
Me: Ok, ok…but you’re stories aren’t bad. You just need to work in a little more emotion…and maybe finish one! ::clasps my hands together:: well now, moving on…I’m going to flat out tell you, my lovely readers, that I have already written chapters one through eight. I will only post them if I get reviews. For the prologue, I want two reviews…no flaming please. Constructive criticism only. Anyway…two reviews, asking me to continue. I will post chapter one after that.
Emily: I LOVE NATASHA ... and everyone who gives her bad mean comments ... I’LL BEAT THEM!!!
Me: …ok…well…::whispers:: don’t worry I won’t let her beat you…::shifty eyes and speaks in a clearer voice:: I’d also like to hear your personal opinions on the characters. ::waves:: Oh and by the way…I am Toast…my friends call me that. Long story, won’t explain unless someone asks.
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