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Queen of the wind by Thestonefang New!

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Ishi sat in the window ledge looking out towards the village. "Temari, I know I've seen her before, but where?" He thought to himself as he noticed Gaara looking up at him. He jumped down and landed infront of him. "Hey Gaara." Ishi said looking at him. "Temari asked me to come fetch you." He snickered. Ishi looked at Gaara puzzled. "It would seem big sis want her Ishi dear. " Kankuro said from behind a tree. "And what if I refuse?" Ishi asked. "It would just be easier if you didn't." Gaara sighed. Ishi thought about his situation and shrugged. "Lets go see what your sister wants." He said as the three of them started to walk.

As they arrive at the house of the sand siblings Ishi looked up to see Temari putting her top on. He blushed and looked away. "Why the hell are you blushing for?" Kankuro growled. "No reason." He said as Gaara open the door. They walked in as Temari walked down the stairs and looked at Ishi. "Well hello there tall, dark and handsome." Temari giggled walking up to Ishi. Gaara nudge Kankuro and the two of them left. Ishi sat down and Temari sat by him blushing . "So um what do you think of my house." She said looking down. "It quite nice." He said smiling.

Temari grabbed Ishi hand and and leads him upstairs. "Temari what are you planing ?" Ishi asked. "To a place where we can talk alone." She said as she open her door and lead him in. She makes him sit on his bed as she sits by him. "So Ishi dear, if you want you can come to me for anything." She said blushing. Ishi looked at her and smiled. "Thank you I really appreciate that." He said . She pushed him down and sat on his chest. "Um Temari what are you doing." Ishi asked blushing. Temari bite his neck and started to softly pull on it. "Like I said when we first met I don't plan on sharing you so I'm marking you as mine." She giggled leaving a Hickey on his neck. After she did this she got up and lead him to the door. "I'll see you tomorrow Ishi dear." She said winking. "What a weird girl." Ishi said rubbing his neck.
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