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Flower shop beauty by Thestonefang

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Chapter notes: You will see the seeds of other relationships start here
Ishi woke up and slowly rolled out of his bed . "What time is it?" He though looking at his phone and made himself breakfast. "I wonder what she would have done if I did kiss her." He said to himself as he finished eatting. He walks to the door and as he opens it he sees Ino standing outside it about to knock on it. "Oh Ishi-kun hi." She said blushing. "Oh hello Ino." He said looking away. They stood there in silence till Ino leaned up and kissed his cheek. "Snap out of it silly." She giggled as she grabbed his hand and started to walk off. "Um where are we going?" He asked. "You'll see." She smiled.

As they walked Ishi saw that they walking to meet up with their friends. "You guys are finally here." Choji said smiling. "Why is everyone here?" He asked. "We're all friends here aren't we?" Sasuke sighed. Ishi shrugged him off and looked down seeing he was still holding Ino hand. "So when did this start?" Neji said pointing at there hands. "Oh, I was um." Ino said blushing letting go. Ishi blushed. "Come on let's eat." Shino said as he pulled out a huge basket.

They sat and ate. Ishi noticed how close a few people were sitting closely. "Lee your making a mess!" Tenten said handing him a napkin. "Sorry." He whimpered. "Sasuke here have a drink." Sakura said. "Thanks I guess." He said taking it. "Temari you need something?" Shikamaru sighed. "Yes just another piece." She giggled. "Hinata here you look cold." Naruto said handed her his jacket. "Thank you Naruto." Hinata said blushing . "It seems there alot of couples forming. " Gaara said rolling his eyes. Ino rested her head on ishi shoulder as he smiled.
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