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Konohagakure:The world is not in here by Halleluyah no yuki

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: Sorry if all my stories are short at first but I swear it gets better. Arigato gozaimas!
Chapter notes: CHAPTER ONE;ENTER....TODAYS NARUTO THEME SONG IS''Flow-go naruto"
Chapter 1:Enter

"Ma'am'am."she called out,walking briskly behind the older woman ."ma'am if you would just listen i-"

"I'm sorry miss Rika".She said cutting her off.

"i'd love to help you but we just aren't hiring anyone right now."The woman explained,not turning around. She was tall and slim, a picturesque example of a mean, Unserious secretary, she was in her early 30's wearing a corporate suit jacket paired with a beige church dress with a plunging neckline. The girl following her was of a smaller stature, obviously much younger,she had shoulder length strawberry blonde hair that hung around her neck all spiky and was wearing a pair of rolled up jeans and a Jean fly jacket buttoned over a pladd top with a pair of headphones hung around her neck."i understand that,but if you would just take a look at my designs, I'm sure could... ". The older blonde stopped and turned to face her,an unruly look on her face. "listen young lady,i understand the situation you're in,i can also see that you're a young talented artist,however i simply cannot help you,we don't need dreamers like yourself, we need practical people, and unfortunately, you're not one one of them...I'm sorry".she apologized briefly before walking away,though in reality she doubted Rika was sorry. She looked down opening the file in her hands, she stared at the scribbled caricatures, lifting them as she tore it in half before tossing them in the trash. She dipped her her hands in her pockets as she walked out of the establishment."who needs em anyways! ".

"Lets go out open my mind,lets go sweet dream other side,ima tokiharatsu,kago no soto he.."

"Oi,oi,quit it with that stupid singing,".she heard a voice say angrily y.

"Hai hai!..umm,how about..Mr raindrop,falling away from m-".

"No no,not that either,where do you think this is Gintama!?".she stopped,putting her hands together,she bowed playfully to no one in particular, a cheeky grin on her face."please forgive me seven kun"she apologized.

"Tch!, whatever,just let me go back to sleep".
He said drowsily.she nodded,then stood up straight, before skipping merrily down the sidewalk,her curly blonde hair,flowing around her . she looked up to see people giving her odd looks,she frowned,then looked down, reaching a hand into her pockets she pulled out an earpiece ,mentally chastising herself as she plugged them in both ears .'cant believe i forgot this thing again'.

"Charliette,you're officially an idiot".he said once more before going back to sleep. She smiled sullenly,walking down the lonely sidewalk.. ."forgive me.. Seven kun".

One. Hour. Later..

"Tadaimaa(I'm home)". She said as she kicked off her sandals and stepped into the living room.."okaeri(welcome back) charliette chan".She turned round to face the person behind her"but you're a bit late ya know,its past 7".she said pointing at the broken clock hanging from the walls. She giggled ."sorry rika san,i got held up".She replied honestly. Rika shrugged sinking back into the couch in a continued fit of depression.
Chapter end notes: There's the first short!chapter,sorry but its about all im allowed to post thanks for reading! Desu!
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