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The small hands of a small human by Halleluyah no yuki

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: this is my second fic,thought it up today if you can believe it!its just a oneshot I thought up,hope. You like it
Chapter notes: READY...READ,,,,REVIEW!...or just mooch off my hard work..whatever works for ya !
death,it is the one thing man cannot escape,the one thing men fear,it can take away everything in just a second,it destroys lives..and loves,it is the one true enemy of man . she pulled her knees tighter against her chest,a thin,tattered piece of clothing her only protection against the chilling sea air . she rested her head on her knees,a few rats scurried across her dirty cell.''HOOOONK!''.a sea horn blared making her jump for the hundreth time,the sheer loudnedss of it sending painful wavves into her head'.why did she have to get a cell next to the horn'.she thought angrilly.there was no need to think because she knew the answer,the captain was pissed at her when she refused to answer him and had her thrown in least the other vermin couldnt get in here.she sat up,looking out her narrow window,she hated the sea,ever since she was captured by the same pirates who killed her parents,her family,her village.they murdered everyone else and left her wondering why they spared wudve been a much better sensation than the ones shed come to know,a much better end than the one she hoped for.''HOOOOONK!''.she slapped a hand over her ear trying to block out the pain.'it hurts'.she thought.'please..make it stop..lira!'.when she was first captured,there were a lotta children her age,but now,there were about four or five left,the rest had been sold off, and she would have been sold too if it weren't for lira,she was a few years older than her and protected her from the monsters who captured em . she even gave herself to the captain so the crew wouldn't gang rape me..lot of good that deal . I still see her sometimes,she sneaks me some food and water and still tries to look up for me . I don't t talk to her though,i don't talk to anybody not since..she sighed ,shivering slightly . she couldn't ldnt imagine which was worse,sailing endlessly on a ship filled with disgusting thieves and pedophiles or being sold off as a slave or a plaything to some merchant,not that she wasn't used to it,but shed much rather stay aboard with these vile snakes,at least shed seen the worst they were capable of .after all..the devil you know...she paused,hearing the floorboards creak looking up,she saw a huge dark-skinned man staring down at her,his name was moki,and she didn't like him.''HEY there blossom,we've got a special delivery today''.she turned away ignoring him,they'd always come to make fun of her,not that it bothered her,shed just rather not hear it,she had other things to thing about,her mouth was dry,her throat was sore,she couldn't remember when last shed eaten ana she was dizzy. "Not even a little curious what i'm talking about,or is your voice box a little too dry for ya?".he asked with a menancing grin.she looked away,turning her gaze to the slick covered floor.he threw his head back laughing."hahahaha,well if you must know,the delivering we are making!".she froze.'oh no!'.she held her head in her hands.'this cannot br happening'.
"The boss got sick of you after you went mute".he continued,leaning on the bars."what is the point of torturing someone who wont scream,so he decided to sell your pretty little head off to some clan lord or something,you're not worth much but at least we'll get rid of the extra baggage".she leaned into herself more pulling her knees to her chest.he chuckled darkly."cheer up princess,i heard he was going to make you work the plank but Miharu tslked him out of it,talk about friends in high places".he said walking away.she turned to his direction,hearing the door slam shut.she looked down once more.'i think the plank would've been better'.she thought sadly
"Miharu-san...why did you...". ************************************************************** She walked down the platform,each strp she took resounding in her head.she raised a hand over her face to block out the sun's rays,rays she hadnt seen in such a long was too bright and felt like her skin was on fire.she immediately shrunk back into the boat,colliding with the man behind her who promptly kicked her off the platform,unto the docks.she landed face first on the wooden surface leaving a noticeable indentation on it.she pushed herself off,wiping the blood off her cheek,she turned to stare up at the men laughing at her.a little to the left she saw a young woman a little bit older than she was.she had bright red hair in contrast with her dull vermillion.her light brown eyes stared back sadly at her dull blue ones.she brought a hand to her eyes,wiping up a few stray tears before tosing what looked liked a purple blanket.she caught it in her arms then looked back up in suprise,a questionable look on her face."the sun is out,i wouldnt want you to die of a stroke".she said coldly.the young girl looked down at the material,a blank look on her face"arigato,nee-san".she said solemnly,a small smile on her face,as she alllowed herself to be lead into the carriage.Miharu held back her tear,watching the wagon slowly dissapear from her line of sight.the sea horn blared as the ship began to pull out of the docks."take care...kagura" ****************************"Name?".he asked once again,no response."what is your name!?!".he asked sternly losing his patience . she simply stared out at the window,not answering . by now he was shaking furiously,he'd been in here wasting his time for over an hour but she still hadn't said a thing he kicked her hard,slamming her into the wall . he picked up a whip then began to beat her mercilessly with it." do it".he said breathing heavily . he placed hid instrument on the table then walked over to her."there,now i believe you can be more co-operative".he said evilly . she simply stared out the window,her light red hair,covering her face . her eyes,blue..and distant."pretty birds.."she said softly."tch !,dammit this is a fucking waste of time".he cursed."i don't care how much you cost,you're completely useless!".she slowly turned to face him,as he fumbled with his belt,he slowly approached her,letting his pants fall to his knees,an evil grin on his face."lets at least have some fun before you die".he said grabbing hold of her rags as he attempted to rip them off her . she looked at him,a sudden change in her eyes that made him shudder."i wont let you..".she threatened,the blue of her eyes glowing intensely .he froze,hearing something snap,then watching his arm hit the wall with a lifeless thud,blood flowing out of the newly dismembered limb.he fell to the ground screaming,blood spewing out of his severed arm . she blankly stared at him,writhing in pain,then at the door . she grabbed the keys and walked out of the room,giving him one last look before shutting the door. She'd rather not die in this hell hole,shed rather not die at all,bit if she could help it . she reached into her dress,pulling out the purple blanket . she held it close to her as she walked down the empty halls.'miharu san..I'm coming to save you!'.********************************************************-*she felt something warm touch her face,she slowly opened her eyes to a dull light . she was in a place she didn't recognize,it was a room with wooden floors and boards . she turned her head,only to be blinded to by sunlight . she winced,raising a hand to block it out."oh sorry".he said,jumping off the bed to close the blinds . she put her arm down, finally able to get a good look at who was next to her . it was the same boy from before,he was sitting next to her,a bowl of warm water in his arms . was he cleaning her wounds . she looked down at her body,she was covered in pillows and blankets and felt strangely warm . she felt slightly better,had he been with her all this time?.she wondered."so whats your name?".he asked,startling her . she looked up at him,unsure of how to answer,people didn't always treat her well once they found out who she was and she wasn't sure she trusted him yet."my names Uzumaki naruto and one day I'm gonna be the best hokage that ever lived!". She stared out at the window,the rays of sunlight picking through the blinds."what about you?".he asked again . he s cerulean blue eyes staring into her dull icy ones . she looked up at him as if meaning to say something,then looked back down."do you not have one?".he asked bending his head to meet her gaze."k..ka..kag..gura".she said,surprising them both.he smiled widely. "Kagura was it,you sure have a pretty where are you from,do you have any family, whats your last name ".he inquired . she looked up at him sadly, a tear rolling down her cheek . she didn't know why she was crying,guess it was probably cause she never actually faced it before,at least back then she had miharu but now, now...she was alone!.
"Would you like to be my sister,?".he asked nervously . she looked up at him in surprise."um its not like I'm desperate or anything i just..".he looked down sadly."i know what it feels like to be alone and...i wouldn't want you to have to go through that.".he explained. She looked up at him,he had on an awkward smile and was scratching nervously behind his head . she looked away,was she really going to do this,no..he must be playing with her,there's no way he really
"Oh and i found this in the forest,it was too pretty to belong to either one of those brutes so i thought it might be yours".he said handing her a purple cloth . she nearly jumped for joy,holding it tight to her chest. Before quickly hugging Naruto in turn."arigato naruto nii-san".she said softly taking him by surprise . she pulled back to look at him . he didn't expect her to answer so soon not to mention hug him,but he was even more taken aback by her beautiful smile."yosh !,its decided then,from now on you're uzumaki kagura".
"Haaai!".she chimed . they both looked at each other,giggling happily before bursting out into full blown laughter."arigato..kagura nee san"......y-yoroshi kun.... Naruto... Nii san"
Chapter end notes: READ...REVIEW your comments,what you think like,hated,etc..LOVEXPEACE//I know!.. It's short!.. I can't help it, apparently I can't type more than 3-400 words for the first few chapters.. I suck,i know, I'm sorry.... Please review
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