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Akihiro by Rayne suzuki

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: hey guys this is my first ever story on here , i hope that you guys like it chapter 2 will come soon i'm working on it.
Chapter notes: this is the first part of this chapter, first story please give me helpful feedback and helpful suggestions please and thank you enjoy the story;)
Chapter 1: The Cursed one part one a nine year old boys eyes were looking at the fruit stand that was just a few feet in front of him. He loathed for thee food that was just sitting there he was starving. The only time he got food was scraps that people left out for him because they didn’t want it or it was getting bad.

“Hey you”!

Akihiro looked up to see a tall man looming over him, looking very angry

“what do you think you’re doing hanging around my stand, “you’re driving off all my customers.

“I just want a little food”.

“Food food”! You’re lucky the captain hasn’t banished you from this village for what you’ve done or better yet hasn’t killed you and here you are looking for pity. “Get out of here before I get the captains men you Runt”!

Akihiro run as far as he could from the stand and on to the streets of the village. He hated it here he was being accused for something he hasn’t even done, he’d leave if he could but the captain of the village wouldn’t let him.

Akihiro stopped in his tracks out of the corner of his eye he saw two woman looking at him with disgust in their eyes he could hear them talking about him.

“You see that kid over there”.

“Ya I know who he is that’s the cursed one.”

Angry built up inside of Akihiro he wasn’t cursed and that wasn’t his name his name was Akihiro Suzuki.

“I’m not cursed and I haven’t done anything wrong!”

The two woman’s eyes widened in shock and fear as Akihiro shouted at them afraid that he would electrocute them.

Akihiro suddenly felt and heard the crackling noise of lightning around him, he looked at his arms lighting was sparking on him it happened when he got angry or was going to use it to fight somebody. He looked back up at the two young woman that he had shouted at their eyes held even more fear than when he shouted at him.



Akihiro felt a stinging in his eyes he knew he was about to cry all he wanted was for someone to care about him. Akihiro turned and ran as fast as his legs would carry him away from the village, towards the house that he and his parents use to live in.

Akihiro reached an abounded house that had cracked windows, floors creak over all it didn’t look like someone had ever even lived in it but people had Akihiro and his parents had lived there, but now it was just Akihiro.

Akihiro stepped in to the house and looked around he could still see his parent’s body’s lying on the floor.

He walked down the hall and went in to his room, he laid down on his bed and stared at the ceiling.

“Why did this happen to me."

The room soon became filled with a glowing orange color, Akihiro looked out his window the sun was setting and the snow was falling ever so gently.

Akihiro’s eyes became heavy with tiredness he wanted to continue looking at the beautiful sun as if somehow it could provide happiness for him. But having not slept for a while he could feel his eyes beginning to close.

Realizing he wouldn’t be able to fight the tiredness forever he closed his eyes and let his dreams take him away from this cruel world.
Chapter end notes: Hey guys hoped you like this first part of chapter one any suggestions will be help full thanks see ya later.;)
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