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Unbroken by Yami Sango

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Table of Contents

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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Title: Whispers
Rating: G
Pairing: Child!Naruto/Reader
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: None.

This was the first one-shot for this little series I actually had in mind.


Name?” Naruto scrambles onto the couch next to you as you set your book down to acknowledge the child.

“Hm?” You give him a tender smile as you reach out to ruffle his hair.

He laughs as he swats at your hand before his face becomes downcast, a small frown mars his usual cheerful face. “Why don’t the other kids like me? I always hear them whispering… calling me names, saying I’ll never be a shinobi...”

Pursing your lips, you pull Naruto onto your lap. “Listen to me Naruto,” you brush some hair from his eyes, mentally remembering for future reference it was almost time his haircut before continuing, “You’re different from the other children.”

Wrapping your arms around his small form you pull him into a hug, “You’re special. They don’t understand you, But don’t let that get you down. One day they’ll see how amazing you truly are, you just need to be patient and continue to kind and never give up on your dreams. Your parents would be so proud of you, I’m proud of you.”

Naruto beams once more as he turns around in your grip to face you, “I’m going to be Hokage one day! Dattebayo!”

You grin, if only Minato could see Naruto, hear his proclamation. “That’s a wonderful dream Naruto.”

“When I’m Hokage, everyone will accept me!” He reaches forward, wrapping his small arms around your neck, “When I’m Hokage, I won’t let anyone say anything bad about you ever again.” He squeezes his eyes shut as his voice cracked, “I promise.”

You stiffen, you were unaware that Naruto has been hearing whispering of the adults in the village. They thought you were crazy for taking in such a child, they say that you threw your life away for nothing. You ignored what was being said about yourself, that didn't matter, all that was important to you was the happiness of the child you were holding. You heart was breaking seeing him so upset.

You turn your head, brushing a kiss against the crown of his head. “You’re going to make a fine Hokage, Naruto.”

You hoped the hardships Naruto will face growing up as the vessel of the kyuubi wouldn’t taint his heart of gold.


Ughhh, I'm kinda meh with how this turned out. >:/
~Yami Sango
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