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Besos para Vida by Redzinnia39

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: The story takes place post manga, but since I haven't finished that just bare with me on any discrepancies.

Round things in Boxes are so Overrated

It had been exactly one week since he had placed his order and the Jonin felt... Giddy. That's right, a grown man could reach out to that particularly childish emotion when he was about to receive the greatest gift of all. Kakashi held the door open with his back, to then practically skip behind the two robust looking fellows expertly wheeling the tall rectangular case. He stopped himself once he realized that Gai would have probably been proud of him for getting so in touch with his "youthful spirit." Even giddy, Kakashi had standards.

"Where'd you want this boss?" The stronger of the two man sighed lifting a solid green piece of cloth from his back jean pocket, to stop the little beads rolling down the side of his forehead. The older gentleman dabbed upwards to his receding hairline before pocketing the item again. It was a particularly hot day in Konoha, as the last days of summer ravaged through the spacious town mercilessly. The sun blazing through the cloudless skies and on to their back had made the package feel three times its normal weight. The thinner, less experienced looking partner had felt it too, and took the small break to stretch a little.

They had stopped right by the door to his bedroom and Kakashi forgot to feel embarrassed that the screen had been broken during one of his little drunken accidents. "Uh... That's fine," the sheepish Jonin smiled nervously. There were some things he wanted to do before installing his newest purchase. Mostly unwrap and ogle it.... Maybe worship it a bit too while he was at it. "I'll take care of that last part myself."

It would look great in his bedroom.

It would look fantastic in his living room.

Such a beauty could even be appreciated in the cramped space of his kitchen!

They interchanged a fatigued look and shrugged. As long as he wasn't using that as an excuse to skimp on the delivery tip, the two men were fine with it. He was a ninja anyway and could probably do a better job at mounting that thing than they ever could. While the larger of the two pulled the wheeled cart from under the box, his partner held it steady. Kakashi watched with grave anticipation as the box was dismounted onto the wooden floor, making sure that they handled his newest prized possession with great care. He let out a relived sigh as they concluded their work and reached for his wallet giving each a hearty reward. They were responsible for bringing him such a wonderful gift, how could he not pay them properly?

As they walked out, each examined the validity of the denomination giving their client a content smile. "Nice doing business with ya boss!"

The ashen haired Jonin nodded absently shutting the door as soon as the last step was taken. Gradually his body turned to the lovely present he had bought himself for his birthday last week.

A brand new television!

Holding on to each precious ounce of self control, Kakashi traced the skid marks of the delivery cart back the precious cargo, practically giggling with every step. The delivery was just in time too. It was as if the universe had wanted to wish him a very happy birthday by releasing the Icha Icha Violence movie on TV. And there he was, about to watch the most dramatic, heart retching, and captivating piece of art. In HD!

Kakashi circled the box, taking in the promotional pictures of islands, flowers and kids playing all around it. He could already see Akira chasing after Rimi in a sunny white sand beach down in one of the islands making up Water Country. And it would look so realistic that the Jonin was prepared to wear sunscreen and bathing trunks just for the occasion.

With one energized swoop he ripped the top off and stared at the glory within. Its beauty filled up the entire box with its smooth contours and colorful display. It was so new, so magnificent....And staring right back at him...

His TV smiled nervously and stood up, the box now reaching just above her waist. "Sorry," she apologized adjusting her skirt before lifting her leg over the cardboard, "about that." Even with all the care in the world, the red headed girl stumbled awkwardly out of the box. With one final trip she liberated herself from her prison and adjusted the loose white top which seemed to have shifted inappropriately during her trip.

It took a lot to leave the man speechless, and he could proudly boast that in his 32 years of life, he could count in one hand the amount of times a person had managed to conquer such a feat. One time. And it was this one.

Bravo strange girl. Bravo "uh..."

Dammit, dammit, dammit! She bit down on her thumb, nervously chewing on her recently manicured nail. That's what she got for going to investigate at the warehouse. It had the potential to have gone so great, there was definitely a lot of information on Alice spread throughout the workers... But then there was Tokuma.

Vida couldn't resist Tokuma. Vida knew this. Vida engaged in unspeakable actions with Tokuma in one of the empty storage rooms. Vida ended up stuck in a box to hide when the manager came around. Vida foresaw this and gave into her lust non the less. Vida was an idiot of monumental proportions!

And now there she was, having just withstood the most uncomfortable trip in the world, with no more information on Alice than what she started with, and smack in the middle of so guys house. Good going you horny idiot!

"You're.... Not-"

"A TV," she cut him off. "I know and I'm sorry. You should go to store and just ask for a replacement." Her slim hands reached to her back where she removed a sun hat that had seemingly been attached.

His mouth was open behind the dark cotton mask, as wide as his one visible eye. The Jonin hadn't even sensed her in his excitement and the low chakra flow might have been why. She was a civilian. Kakashi wasn't sure whether he wanted to cry at the fact that he would miss the premiere he had been waiting for, or be outraged that it was because some girl had taken the rightful place of his purchase!

It took him a moment to shake the surprise off, but he managed to string a coherent sentence together. "How the hell am I supposed to explain to the store owner that instead of a TV I got a freaking strange girl in the box?" Speaking of which, "What the hell are you doing in a box to begin with!?"

Ignoring his second question, said "strange" girl found a moment to reply. "When they do inventory, they'll realize that they have an extra TV and so you should just claim it." She had begun to dust her sun hat off, quietly muttering about how wrinkled it had gotten during her journey.

Well that solved that but that still didn't answer what she was doing in a fucking TV box. "But why were you in my box in the first place?" He stressed. His precious, precious box!

"I'm looking for a friend," she finally answered keeping her eyes on everything but him. For a woman who felt nervous enough to puke, she sure was proud of how steady she could speak.

"In a box..."

"Yeah," the girl concurred, "and she's not there so umm, good luck with your tv."

A wide eyed Kakashi watched as the petite girl turned towards his door, and confidently strolled to the exit. Hesitating a moment she turned back and bowed releasing one final apology. "Sorry again."


Vida walked out of the apartment, placing the large yellow sun hat atop her head before sprinting out of the building and down the road to her own home. The sun was relentless down the dirt roads and her wasting energy running away from someone who wasn't even chasing her was just about the second stupidest thing she had done that day. She could feel her cheeks redden enough to put her own fiery hair to shame. Well that had been embarrassing...

The streets widened into the Main Street and she finally felt brave enough to lift her olive gaze from the floor. It was strange seeing the normally crowded road as nothing more than a former shadow of itself, with each store owner looking as if they were going to melt over their empty stand. She removed the hat, and from her pocket pulled a plastic ponytail holder. This heat was really having a toll on everyone, as even the news anchor from the local channel decided to host their taping at the local ice cream shop.

Vida sighed, cringing as a hot gust encouraged more beads of perspiration to form around her forehead.

Carefully she looped her long crimson tresses, immediately feeling a bit cooler. "Obviously I'm the worst detective in the world," she whispered entering the familiar path to her residential street. Her subconscious agreed wearily.

The street narrowed again as the taller structures of her street came into view. Finally, her full lips molded into a smile and for a second the Konoha native managed to enjoy the refreshing shades that amply embellished the road. Kids freed from their educational duties littered the streets and found themselves loitering on the stoops outside the buildings where the shades were at their strongest. Their characteristically loud chatter filled the avenue ricocheting through some open windows, that on a normal day would have a mother or two chastising the noisy (and sometimes obscene) groups.

A particular lonely stoop, caught the civilian's attention and her pace softened as her long fingers reached inside the messenger bag strapped across her chest.

"Afternoon Chiyoko-sama," she smiled pulling out a small black plastic bag. The older woman returned the toothy smile accepting the gift and scooping over the dusty seat to allow her guest some space. Vida sighed loudly giving her sore legs a bit of rest and plopped down next to the elderly street dweller. "Sorry about last Tuesday, Anzu called me in to work last minute."

The elder Chiyoko hadn't been bothered. At the end of the day she had gotten her Manju and that was all that mattered. Expertly her delicate finger unwrapped the treat and took a moment to smell the steamed white outer shell. It wasn't as fresh as other days, but Luna still made the best Manju in the world. Silently Vida joined her peeling off the wrapping around the snack and Chiyoko-sama finally found a moment to speak. "Playing hide and seek with someone long gone eh?"

Vida nodded. It was supposed to have been a small wedding, however once the limited amount of guest were released from such a tense and angst filled ceremony, the news bounced through every square inch of the town until it was all even the nuns at the church spoke about. It wasn't every day that a bride left her groom stranded at the altar.

"You make it sound so morbid, Chiyoko-sama," she snorted.

The Konoha legend smiled swallowing a piece of her snack. "Do I now..."

She chewed on the soft treat, the green tea finally making an appearance to her taste buds. It was rather refreshing and she bit down again taking a larger portion. "Mmhmm."

The delayed response tickled Chiyoko and she gifted her companion with a warm sympathetic smile. "You'll find her," her wispy voice assured the fiery haired denizen.

"That's good to hear Chiyoko-sama," the girl breathed finally swallowing the large portion she had taken on, "I need all the help I can get."

The elderly woman softly chewed on her snack and nodded. "Yes," she agreed.

They sat quietly under the cool shade, Vida feeling her energy rise with each bite of her snack. Old lady Chiyoko took her sweet time finishing her first treat, and quickly moved on to her second. Vida had decided to leave the box that was left over for her to take until their next meeting. It was the only thing the elderly woman seemed to eat and being that she only saw her once a week, Vida liked to give her as much as she could.

"So how's it going for you Chiyoko-sama?"

"Hmm... I have the most interesting story to tell."

She always did.

They talked about nothing in particular as they did every Tuesday while eating Manju snacks. It was sweltering hot and as Chiyoko-san delved into a mundane story about betrayal and consequences, Vida only kept a loose ear on the conversation.

She wanted to go home and take a freezing long shower. Then she was going to put on a sun dress with her best sun hat and read a book while taking in the last bit of sun on her balcony. Maybe she would make some iced tea.

Then tomorrow after work she would tell Lily about the crazy box incident that had landed her in the living room of her teenage years crush. That would be a story to tell.

She wondered if Chiyoko-sama would want to hear it too...


Shizune got out of the bed with the gracefulness of a cat wrapped in bed sheet after being shaken wildly. Her body felt sore, making the morning stretch a delicious must before properly starting her morning. She yawned, lazily reaching for the ceiling to get the most out of her back stretch.

"I need a new bed..." She decided hearing the loud pop from her heavy shoulders.

The brunette couldn't honestly remember what she had done to cause so much tightness around her body, but at least it gave her an excuse to change things up around the room.

Still under a heavy dose of lethargy, the medic trudged through the hallway. Genma had really outdone himself with cleaning, not a speck of dust on the floor, and even the pillows had been nicely arranged. Huh and by order of size too...

His handy work had been thorough and she smiled already thinking of ways to thank the Jonin. Maybe she would make a quick trip to that little boutique where they sold those cute toys and lacy undergarments.

Hmm are they even open today?

"Tuesday September 13th." It didn't sound fluid rolling off her tongue. "Huh?" Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday had already been crossed off the calendar with the neatest red X's Genma had ever done. "That can't be right."

Shizune could feel her heart speed up for a brief second. Maybe her lover was playing a joke. It was Saturday not Tuesday.

She took the controller from the coffee table and tuned in to the news.

"It's a hot Tuesday morning but don't worry folks, as you can see on the weekly forecast the rest of the week should cool off with some cloudy days that will eventually turn into much needed rain on this infernal summer that..."

She felt her knees weaken... How could that be? "It's Saturday. Yesterday was Friday, today is Saturday..."

Her shaky hands reached once more for the controller and her fingers were almost too weak to press for the next channel.

"It's a brutally hot Tuesday morning folks..."


"Just three more days until Friday's fireworks display courtesy of..."


"For those still under the effect of the Tuesday's, we'll be showing funny videos all..."


"The weekend went by so quick..."


"Tuesday already?"


"Well Estella, the one good thing about this Tuesday..."

There must have been some sort of mistake. It was Saturday dammit, Saturday! She had spent Friday picking up her dress from the dry cleaners for Alice's wedding. Then she went shopping for some accessories.

Shizune stood up.

I went to the salon, Mai did my hair because Kaori was sick.

Her legs moved towards the direction of the room.

After that I came home, dropped off my things and met up with Hatsu who made me dinner while we discussed our mission.

Her fingers grasped the brass handle of her closet. She turned the smooth metal.

Then I came home and spoke to Genma.

The white door creaked open, revealing a rather organized closet. She would have been rather excited that her husbands work had extended so far, but at the moment her mind was on a vital matter.

He went to celebrate Kakashi's birthday. I had a headache and went to bed...

She sighed, her eyes taking in each individual hanger. There was no ways she could have slept for 3 days straight. Something clicked, and the Kunoichi began to search frantically through the closet.

Where is it?!

She had picked up that dress, it had to be there!

The sound of the front door being shut startled Shizune still. "Genma?" She called out underestimating the fear in her own voice. She was about to cry. So fucking close to it, her chest had tightened. "Genma?"

"Morning sunshine."

"What day is it today?"

He bit down on his senbon, frowning just a bit. Had he forgotten a special day? Their anniversary had already passed. Her birthday? That wasn't until November. "Tuesday the 13th." His response was cautious.

"No..." She shook her head, frighteningly staring at the white carpet. It couldn't be. "I slept for 3 days?"

"Of course not," her lover chuckled a mixture of relief and... Well mostly relief. He didn't like angry Shizune when he forgot special days. That's when angry Shizune was the worst.

"But yesterday was Friday. How is today Tuesday?"

Genma's confusion deepened. "Yesterday was Monday remember? We went to visit Gin to see how he was doing."

"Gin? What happened to Gin?"

Genma scratched the back of his chocolate locks. His wife was acting strange. "Alice left hims at the altar... Remember? You were there Saturday? You spilled some wine on your dress and we took it to the cleaners after we got home..."

She shook her head frantically. So she hadn't slept for three days, she had done everything normally. But why didn't she remember absolutely any of it?

"Shizune what's wrong?" He stepped into the closet, wrapping his arms around her shaking frame.

"I don't remember any of it," she sobbed. "Not Saturday, not Sunday, not Monday."

"Really?" He kissed the top her head, tightening the hold he had on her. Shizune wasn't one for pranks...

"I thought today was Saturday Genma, I swore today was Saturday."

"It's ok," he soothed. "Maybe it's..." He had nothing. She had acted so normal through these past few days. Well maybe she had been a bit of a neat freak, but who was he to complain? Still if she, the professional medic, was freaking out then there was not much room for him outside of comforting her. "What could have cause it?"

Her tears smeared all over her reddened cheeks as she shook her head against his shirt. There was a myriad of causes of memory loss, none of which she could use to explain her own. There had been no head trauma, she hadn't been taking any medications, and last she checked she hadn't been suffering from any ailments that affected the brain in a major way. Sure, a little depression here and there, but... Shizune's groan was partially muffled against the protective chest that held her steady.

This was the last thing she needed.

"How about we go to the hospital. I'm sure that Aki-sama can find an answer. It's her specialty after all."

Genma gave his wife a moment to collect herself. It had been a trying few months for the duo, and adding any more to their anxiety filled lives was bound to be dangerous. Maybe this was just a side effect.

He kissed her one last time before she lifted her head. With his thumb, he wiped a fresh stream of tears. "It'll be ok," he smiled sheepishly. "Everything will be ok."

Chapter end notes: Thank you for reading!
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