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Story notes: So this has been jogging in my head for a while and I decided to write it, I don't know if it'll be a thing or not but who knows, things tend to change. Title may change.
Chapter notes: So this story, if it'll even be one, has been in my head for some time now and it didn't see the light of day until now since I haven't been active for so long. But I hope you enjoy the chapter for what it is.
"Mom can I get it!?" A child begged her mother as she frantically pointed and jumped excitedly for a toy.

The mother on the other hand, looked tired and a bit disappointed, "I'm sorry sweetie." She says as she got on one knee and looked at her daughter, "I can't right now, I have to buy food, maybe next week."

The girl looked at her mother with saddened eyes, "Awww...but I really wanted it." Before the two could leave the store a mysterious man walked up to the counter.

"I'd like to buy the toy." He said. The man behind the counter nodded and brought the toy up and took the money the man handed over.

The man turned around and knelt over to the same higher as that of the girl to the surprise of the mother and daughter. The man pulled over his hood and pulled his scarf down revealing a warm smile.

"Here ya go!" He said happily as he handed the girl the toy.

The girl blinked in awe at the man, "R-really?" She asked as she hesitantly reached for the toy.

"Of course!" The man said with a hardy laugh. "Its all yours."

The girl smiled a smile that shined brighter than the setting Sun of in the distance as she took the toy in hand.

The mother stepped in, "Oh no you didn't have to do that sir!" She said apologetically.

I stood up and smiled at the mother, "Oh it's nothing ma'am but please accept it."

She shook her head, "I...I can't." She said, "I have no way to repay you."

I shook my head, "It's okay ma'am, I don't need repayment."

The mother smiled, "Th-thank you." She looked down at her daughter who was smiling and clutching tightly to the toy, "What do you say to the nice man, Nina?"

The girl looked up at me, "Thank you mister!" She chimed.

The mother looked back at me, "Thank you so much, if anything I'd still like to repay you somehow?"

I shook my head, "It's okay ma'am, it's nothing really." I said and scratched the back of my head. I was getting slightly embarrassed by the fact she wanted to repay me. Not only that but she was quite the looker. A bright red tint came to my cheeks, "Your daughter seems happy so...that's enough repayment for me."

The woman stepped forward, reached out and gave me a tight hug, "I can't thank you enough." She says as she stepped back.

I watched and waved after the mother and daughter as the soon disappeared into the crowd of people.

I sighed, pulled my hood up and my scarf to conceal my face. "Alright, back to what I was doing." I thought and shoved passed the crowd.

"Hey kid!"


"You in position?"

"Yea, start."

Now let me get you up to date. I live in what you'd call the slums...Well not really live since I don't even now when the last time I went to sleep was but who cares since you know, you're fighting against a king and his people, fuck me and my feelings, right?

Now you're wondering why we're going against this guy, this king, am I right? Or am I right? Well anyways, this guy is an extreme fucken...something I don't know the word for it but we lowly poor people always get the worst and what not so if there is a word for it tell me and I'll gladly fucken say it.

Today he was gonna make some speech thing against us, by us I mean my friend Bozeman and I.

It's literally just us two against the fucken world. What are the odds I know, but who will fight for the people when they're too scared to go against their tyrannical king and his army. The answer to that are two dumb assess way over in their heads...surprisingly we haven't been caught yet.

I stopped in the middle of the crowd that was standing beneath the giant podium in which the king stood.

"What are you waiting for Boze?" I waited patiently for an answer but got non. "Where is this man?" I thought.

I felt a hand land on my shoulder. Fearing the worst I grabbed the hand pulling it forward and pulling a gun out, pressing it against the person's gut.

"Woah, Woah, Woah!" The man said as he pulled his arm back, "Kid it's me, Bozeman."

I quickly slid the gun back into my coat, "What the fuck you old Shit!?" I said glaring him down, "Don't do that!"

The man chuckled, "Sorry." He said, "You sure you ready for this kid?" Bozeman asked, "You lived here your whole life."

"23 years of hell and absolute bullshit." I answer.

Bozeman nodded his head, "alright, after this you have to follow me, no matter what, Don't stop running and do what I do."

I nodded, "Right behind you."

The king began his speech of nonsense and bullshit. Surrounding him were a battalion of soldiers. This was a suicide mission more or less so I had my full faith on Bozeman getting us out.

"You wearing what I told you to?" He asked.


The king...King Gestalt was is name...Today was the day he died...The day Bozeman and I die...The day the people become free. What are the chances that two men with nothing to men without a home or anything to go back to...two men who are just mere faces in a crowd of thousands, either way we won't be remembered.

We both threw our hoods over our heads and brought our scarf to our faces, letting only our eyes be seen.

Bozeman pulled out a button from his sleeve, "Ready?" He asked.

"Do it." I said with a nod. The king paused mid speech which caught all of us, "What no-"

"After them!"He yelled as he pointed right at us.

Bozeman and I both flinched at the echo of his voice, "Shit!" Bozeman cursed as he frantically pressed the button. People began to move away and make room for the soldiers who were after us.

I began to step away, "c'mon man!"

Bozeman gritted his teeth, "Fuck!" He smashed his fist against the button and an explosion went off in the back bringing the king to his knee.

Bozeman turned around and ran past me, I looked back and saw the soldiers getting closer and closer, I turned and followed behind.

"What happened to the other bombs!?" I yelled as we sprinted down the market place dashing and dodging the people as we ran from the soldiers who were shooting at us from behind.

"I don't fucken know but it's fucked now, we have to go!"

"Where though!?"

A psychotic grind came across Bozemans face, "A new world!"

I raided an eyebrow, "What?" I looked forward and saw an edge coming closer. Throughout my whole life living here I never came this close to the edge. I began to panic, "Bozeman the edge is getting closer!"

"Keep running!" He demanded. He reached the edge before I did and jumped, "Jump!" He yelled.

Without thinking I launched myself forward, flailing my arms around as i crossed the edge. I looked down and saw that we were falling, "Bozeman you crazy son of a bitch!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

"Don't worry!" He yelled as he laughed maniacally, "This is where it gets funny, whoo hoo!"

The bottom of Bozemans boots lit up with fire slowly him down slightly. "How do you do that!?"

"There's a button on the side of the boots!"

I reached down and quickly searched for the buttons. Within a few seconds I found the both and activated them. Fire like that from a rocket shot out from under my boots slowing me down bit by bit.

"This only has much power so make it count!" Bozeman informed.

As time seemed to slow down as we descended more and more. The sunset shining beyond the mountains in the far distance, the trees beneath us getting closer and closer. I turned around and faced a wall on the kingdom I once lived in...A few things came to my head.

Why we lived on a thing with legs and why we lived above land...23 years and I'm finding this out now. I wonder how long Bozeman knew.

I looked back and smashed into oncoming trees. "Shit!" I cursed as I smashed and broke through branches, trying to regain some balance but failed and smashed into the ground on my back.

Bozeman landed a few feet away from me and looked back to the one place we called home. I stood up and faced the giant being. A creature, standing on what I'd possibly presumed were four feet, stood towering before us, with a kingdom planted on it's back.

I looked around us in as far as the eyes can see stretched around and before us. This was our new home.

Our new beginning.
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