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Misery Loves Company by HiddenQueen

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: Here is my second Naruto fic! Hope you all like it!
Chapter notes: Here's the first chapter of my second fic & I hope you like it!
It was dark in the village and rain poured off the buildings like it was a waterfall. Everyone was in their own homes without power. This storm was a one of the bad ones. Trees whipped back and forth hitting sides of houses, thunder roared in the sky and lightning made it seem like it was daylight.

There they laid, wrapped in blankets on his apartment floor listening to the rain, not saying a word. It was relaxing to them both since this is what they usually did after sleeping together. Neither of them were tired, but neither of them had the energy to speak.

If she did speak it would probably be about how he’s always gone. When she does see him, they talk for about an hour, get something to eat and then go to bed together. It was the only time she stayed at his place. Being there without him made her lonely and made her miss him even more. So she just laid there, thinking about how he would be gone by morning with a note saying he loved her and would be back soon.

She was distant, he could feel it in more ways than one. Usually they had passionate love making, but tonight it just seemed different. He knew why because she had expressed it in more ways than one. He knew she never slept afterwards but he acted like she did because saying goodbye to her in the morning made it harder for him to leave each time.

As the storm progressed, he finally sighed rolling over on his side and leaning on his arm, “Serena…” He said softly waiting for her to say something back. He nudged her slightly but still, nothing, “I know you aren’t sleeping…”

A sigh escaped her mouth as she pulled the blanket tighter to her, “I’m trying too.” She mumbled back adjusting herself.

“You’re lying. Don’t be such a pain.” He knew her like the back of his hand. He should since they had been dating since they were 15, “Talk to me.”

Getting a bit agitated she faced him in the same position he was in. Her long brown hair followed her and she was looking at him with her blue eyes, “And say what Shikamaru?” Her faced was sad he could see it in her expression.

“Anything, usually you chew my ear off for the night that I’m home. But tonight it’s been different.” He would do about anything to just to hear her talk to him. It’s what kept him going on his missions. Her voice, her face, her smile, and the cute laugh she did when he said something stupid.

She shrugged the best she could, “I guess I’m just not going to waste my breath tonight. It’s tiring constantly trying to get you to stay when everytime I know you aren’t going to. I’m second when it comes to this village and I’ve accepted it.”

He knew she was lying, she just didn’t want to start an argument. Usually when she said these types of things he got angry and it resulted in a fight between the two of them. Since he was always gone, it never got resolved, just carried over to when he came back and they fought again.

She returned to her previous position, wrapped in the blanket and her back to him. She didn’t want to have a fight. She wanted one, smooth, peaceful night between them but he was the one who wanted to keep talking.

He took a deep breath realizing that she was really hurting this time. Maybe it was because of the weather, the rain always did bring down her mood. He sunk back down so his head was on his pillow and he pulled her tightly against him, wrapping his arm around her.

“I love you, more than anything.” He waited for her to respond but he got nothing. He didn’t expect her to say anything but it would have been nice to hear it back from her before he left. Sighing he tried to get comfortable and fall asleep.


The next morning was sunny and shined brightly through the dark curtains Shikamaru had covering his windows. Serena rolled on her back and rubbed her eyes before looking next to her. An empty spot. Like always. She sat up and grabbed her clothes that had been thrown beside their makeshift bed. Once she dressed, she folded up the blankets and put them in the closet in his room.

His room was spotless. Bed was always made, nothing was messed up. It only stayed like that because he was never home. She sighed again exiting his room and going into the kitchen. There was a note on her bag that read ‘I know last night was tough, but don’t think that you’re second just because I have a job. If I didn’t think we could work it out we probably would have ended things a long time ago, don’t you think? I love you and I’ll be back soon, I promise’.

“You always promise to be back soon and then you’re gone for weeks at a time.” She said to herself folding up the small piece of paper and putting it in her pocket.

As she locked up his house she noticed someone in the corner of her eye having a difficult time ordering food down by Ramen Ichiraku. She looked closely to see it was her blonde headed friend Naruto, “Uh maybe I should get this one…no no wait…maybe this…uh”

He always made her laugh when it came to food because he was always so indecisive, “Um, what are you doing? Isn’t it a bit early for ramen Naruto?” She asked peering over his shoulder. He sighed.

“Serena, you’re a girl, what do you girls want when they’re pregnant?” He asked as she looked shocked at his statement.

“I don’t know Naruto I’m not pregnant.”

“Oh damnit,” He said to himself as the cook waited for his answer, “Okay give me three big ramen bowls to go please. That’ll have to do.”

Serena raised her eyebrow at him as he spun around to face her, “Naruto is Hinata pregnant?” He nodded and a smile formed across her face, “That’s great, congratulations!”

“Thanks,” He smiled, “It’s pretty early on but I want her to have everything she wants.” Despite popular belief Naruto wasn’t always a goof. He did have some responsible traits in him, especially now that everyone was older and he was married. The cook handed him his bags and he got up, “Well I’ll see you around Serena, when Shikamaru gets back we should all have dinner!”

“Yeah, that would be great!” She forced a smile as he left. It would be great if he was home for more than a day.

As she continued walking, another voice rang into her ears, “Serena!” The girl called from behind her, “Wait up!” It was Sakura, her pink haired, green eyed friend. Both her and Sakura worked under Lady Tsunade as part of the medical team.

“Oh hey, I figured you’d be at work already.”

“No Sasuke was leaving this morning so I wanted to say goodbye. Did Shikamaru leave too?” She asked. Her friend had been confiding in her a lot lately and it made Sakura sad that Shikamaru was gone so much. Sasuke was just as busy but he knew how to balance work and his family.

Serena sighed, “Yeah. It’s always the same thing. He comes home, we talk for maybe an hour or two, he takes me out to eat as an apology for being gone so long and then we have sex and go to sleep. It’s always work work work. Where’s the time for me?” She asked venting, “I sound selfish.”

“No you don’t. You guys have been together for five years, there’s obviously a reason why you’ve stayed. Right?”

“I thought it was because I loved him. You stay with someone because you love them, don’t you?” She asked as Sakura shook her head, “But I feel like it isn’t enough. He says he loves me but I don’t feel like he does anymore. I’m just someone to come home to now. Before I ran into Naruto and he said he and Hinata are expecting, which is great I’m so happy for them but I’m also really jealous. You and Sasuke are married, they’re married. Shikamaru has made no mention of any of that. I’m starting to think he doesn’t want those things.”

Sakura took it all in and then smiled, “You know him, he never reveals his plans to anyone. None of us knew he was going to ask you out remember? Maybe he’s just keeping things to himself for now. Until things calm down. Try not to worry too much okay?

“Yeah maybe you’re right,” She said as she put a smile on her face, “Thanks.”
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