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Dark Tranquillity by DARKTRANQUILLITY

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: Soo this story came across my head and was completely random. I don't know if it'll continue but who knows.
Chapter notes: Soo I haven't been on in a while but hopefully I'm able to get back on here a lot more. This is a slow chapter but tell me your thoughts anyways.
I hugged my pillow tightly as I spun around on my bed a slight whimper escaped as I got comfortable again. The door to my room swung open and the sound of feet swam through my ears. I heard my window blinds swing open and a ray of sunlight hit my eyes.

I pulled my blanket over my head and spun around. "Hey wake up." the voice demanded. I ignored it. "I said, Wake. Up." the crushing weight of aan elbow slammed down into my back causig me to lose my breath and wake up violently.

"Jesus f-fucken christ kid." I said as I got out of bed. It's too damn early." I lazily lifted my hand up and scratched my eyes.

"Too early?" she repeated, "School is about to start, now hurry up and get changed." she demanded.

I goraned and slowly made my way to the bathroom. I flipped the cabinet open, grabbed my toothbrush, squeezed toothpaste onto it and began brushing my teeth. I closed the cabinet and looked into the mirror.

"" I said to myself as I brushed my teeth. Cowlicks over came my hair and I knew brushing it wouldn't tame it. I quickly started the shower, unclothed and jumped in.

The warm water drenched my hair. I pulled the toothbrush out of my mouth and spat out. I lifted my head up and opened my mouth, rinsing it out.

I stopped the shower, stepped out and dried myself out. I made my way back to my room and quickly got dressed. I stepped out, closing the door behind me as I did and made my way to the kitchen.

"Breakfast is ready if you're hungry." the familiar voice from earlier said. I groaned for an answer. she sighed and picnhed the bridge of her nose, "God you're hopeless..." she said.

"Where's Sasha?" I asked as I thought about if I should eat or skip breakfast.

"She went to work already." she answered.

The person standing in front of me was my younger sister. Jacklynn. Sasha's our older sister. "what about mom?" I asked.

"She's in her room, Mike is giving her company." Jacklynn answered. Mike was our younger brother, the youngest of us. "Hey I'm going to head out, like now." she said, "See you later." she said as she left for school. I gave her a lazy wave of a goodbye.

"I should head out soon." I thought to myself. I sighed and quickly made my way to my mothers room. I slowly opened the door and poked my head in, "Mom I'm heading out." I said.

My mom, who was, at the moment, still in bed, tiredly nodded her head, "Bye son, have a good day."

I nodded, "Yeah. Bye Mikey." I said as I turned to my little brother. The boy smiled and waved. I closed the door, headed to the front door, picked my bag up, slid into my shoes and left my house.

I pulled out my phone and plugged my headphones in. I skipped through the songs on my phone and stopped on The Sound of Silence. I slid my phone back into my pocket and slowly made my way to school. I was in no rush really and even if I did get to class late, what's the worst they can do? Give me detention.

I looked around and saw other students making their way to school too. Some were just plainly walking and talking to their friends while others were hurrying their way to school.

"C'mon we're going to be late!" some girls voice from behind called out.

I raised an eyebrow and as I was about to turn around when someone bumped into me. I caught myself and looked forward. There were two girls who were running to school, one turned around and looked back at me as she ran, "Sorry!" she called out with a smile.

I waved my hand dissmissively, "It's cool!" I called back. I sighed and continued on, passing a group of students. I entered through the school gate and went to my locker. I put in the comb and looked was completely empty.

I had no idea why I went to my locker, I don't use it, maybe it's just to waste time but I don't know. I closed the locker and made my way to my homeroom.

I sat down in the back of the room, closest to the window so I can daydream about the outside and possibly the stuff I could do but wouldn't do because I'm lazy. I plopped my bag onto my desk and planted my head on it, taking my normal routine nap.

Class seemed to start but it didn't bother me. The teacher began her normal lecture like always, the students listened while I took a nap.

"Frankie wake up." the teacher suddenly demanded. I ignored him. "Are you even listening?! I said wake up!"

She slammed a book onto the corner of my desk causing me to violently jerk my head up. "h-hey teach!" I chuckled nervously. Even though I usually sleep the whole day, I try not to get on her bad side.

"That's Mrs. Yamazaki." she growled.


I sighed as I wiped the chalkboard clean. It was lunch and as punishment, she's making me clean up. I finally finished up and managed to spare some time to eat.

I bought myself some soda and left. I found myself, laying on the roof looking up at the sky. "Wonder if mom's doing okay?" I thought.

My mother has always been on the worst shape, always sick and too weak to do stuff. She wasn't always like that just slwoly took its toll. My older sister, Sasha, took charge in my mothers place and looked after us. My dad...he's probably off somewhere.

There isn't much I can do other than go to school and hope to graduate. I heard a door open,followed by some footsteps. I lifted my head up and saw a girl approach me.

"Hey I need you help." she says.

"Class Rep...what is it now?" I asked as I lay there.

She sighed, "Just come with me." she said before turning around and heading for the door.

I groaned and stood up, drank the rest of my soda and followed behind. We entered the classroom and there were a stack of books. I groaned, "I know where this is goin'." I said

She turned around with a smile, "Pleeaase?" she begged.

I sighed, "Alright."


We were wlking down the hallway, a giant stack of books in my arms. "So why did you get me to help you?" I asked.

"Because they were all busy." she answered plainly. "And plus you were doing nothing."

"I too was doing something."

"Oh what were you doing?" she asked, "Sleeping?"

"Don't mock me." I snapped.

"Fine." she said with a chuckle, "I'll owe you." We entered the library. I wast standing in a book isle, holding the books as she put them away. She was standing a ladder stool, putting the last book away. "There all done." she chimed.

She was about to step down but lost her footing. A slight scream leaving her mouth, I stepped behind her and raised my hands up to catch her. I caught her...but not in the best of ways.

I looked up and she looked down at me, her face turning a slight red. "Booty." I chimed as I squeezed her ass. She landed butt first on my hands but I manged to keep her up.

She recovered herself and climbed down, "Pervert." she said as she punched my shoulder.

"Hey come on now, Hitomi ." I said, "I saved dat ass of yours."

She glared at me, "Just stop."

"You have a nice ass." I said, giving her a smile.

She pinched the bridge of her nose, "Please stop."

I began to laugh, "Alright okay."

"We should get to class." she said as she walked past me.

"Right behind you."


School ended. I was walking home after helping Hitomi with a few things. The sun was setting making the sky an orange red. My phone started to buzz in my pocket, I reached down and pulled it out. Jacklynn was calling me.

I picked up the phone, "Yeah?"

"Where are you?" she asked.

"Walking home, why?" I answered.

"Sasha was worried is all, get home safe."

"Alright." I said as I hung up. I slid my phone into my pocket and continued down the street. I stopped at a convienent store and bought a soda. I stepped out, popped it open and drank some, a sigh of relief escaping my lips. I continued my way back home. I stoped at an intersection and waited for the sign so I can walk.

A bouncy ball bounced into the middle of the street, a little girl following behind. From the corner of my eyes I saw a car speeding down the street. My eyes grew, "Fuck!" I cursed. I sprinted to the girl, diving with my hands outstretched.

I pushed the girl back but felt the cold metal of the car crash into my side, breaking my right arm and ribs in the process. My body effortlessly spun over the car, the wold around me a blurry haze until I hit the ground. I felt weak all of a sudden and fell asleep.


My eyes flashed open. I was standing at the intersection with my soda in hand. I looked around and I seemed alright. A deep sigh escaped me, "Just my imagination." I said to myself.

My complete right side was sore though, as thougb I was actually hit. I noticed a group of people circling around something. A man walked up from behind me, "what happened?" I asked, hoping he had answers since I was daydreaming. The man didn't answer and kept on walking.

I walked up to the group of people. "Excuse me." I said as I squeezed past them. I reached the front of the group and what my eyes saw couldn't comprehend it.

"W-what the fuck?" I said my voice breaking. In the midst of the pool of blood was me. My body barely even recognizable. "What the fuck!?" I was dreaming.

I had to be dreaming. This couldn't be real.

"Hey you can see me right?" I asked to the woman standing next to me. The woman didn't even answer, she didn't even turn to face me. "Oh g-god." my voice broke even more. "N-no." I ran up to my body. The right side of my body was completely ravaged, my neck wasn't even twisting right.

"H-how?" I asked myself. An image of the girl flashed through my head."I-it wasn't my imagination."

This was too much for my head to comprehend. I became light headed and passed out.


I woke up on a bed under an unfamiliar ceiling. "Where am I?" I thought.

I sat up from the bed and looked around the unrecognizable room.

Where was I?

Where do I go?
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