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Raised by Animatronics by notafunnyname

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Hello. This is my first fic and the only chapter of said fic where I will post the disclaimer. This is a Naruto/FNAF fanfic that is actually part of a plot, at least, to my knowledge. Also, I will be using the toy animatronics for this, not the withered ones or Springtrap. With that said, on with the story.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.
Naruto Uzumaki was tired. He had just finished running from an angered baker who wanted the bread Naruto had stolen. Now, you may wonder why Naruto needs to steal bread in the first place. What you may not know, is that Naruto is the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko, a giant chakra beast known as a Biju, which attacked Naruto's home village of Konoha on the day of his birth. The Yondaime Hokage sealed the chakra beast into Naruto, inadvertently causing the civilians of the village to believe Naruto was the Biju. This lead to Naruto being mistreated in all areas of the village, from the rich area to the red light district. Naruto had been forced to lie and steal his way through life. He had been kicked out of the orphanage at the age of five, and for the three years afterwards, lived on the streets.

"Why am I treated this way!" Naruto sobbed, curling into a ball and trying not to cry. He slowly stood back up after suppressing his tears, then began slowly making his way through the back alleys of the village, taking care to avoid certain areas of the village that he knew were frequented by the Konoha Police Force. As he continued through the alleyways, his attention drifted toward the bread that he had managed to liberate from the bakery. He forced his mind back toward keeping hidden, however, his lapse in concentration caused him to trip on a stray piece of timber, causing him to fall forwards into a wall. At least, that's what he thought was a wall.

Several Hours Later:

"Argh, better redouble my concentration in the future, that could have alerted anyone nearby. Is my head bleeding? It better heal soon, I can't afford to steal anything for another couple of days."

Naruto took a quick look around the area he was in, noting that it seemed to be some sort of entrance hall. He noticed some severely faded drawings on the walls, depicting four different animals. A rabbit, chicken, bear and fox. Continuing through the decrepit hallways, he noticed several pictures of robotic versions of the animal drawings he saw before. The pictures were also faded to the point of almost disintegration, however, he could make out some words written out on the picture, or poster now that he looked more closely. The names were Bonnie, Chica, Freddy and Foxy, which he assumed where the names of the animals he saw before.

As he continued through the halls of what he now assumed to be a restaurant of some sort, he found one of the robotic-animal things. He assumed it was called Chica, as it looked a lot like a girl, even seeming to have more of a woman-like appearance than of a chicken. He looked around it, noticing that some of its parts were falling off, one of the arms missing completely. He couldn't find the beak either, which made the mouth look rather intimidating. Naruto decided to stay in the pizza place for the night, leaning up against the chicken-robot-woman-thing and drifting off.

Inside the seal:

Kyuubi opened its eyes, noticing the large bars directly informs of itself, before stretching a little. It took a quick glance around to regain its bearings. It suddenly recalled the reason for the bars that were nearly touching it. SMASH! The cage rattled as the Kyuubi slammed its tails into the bars, attempting to break through. Several minutes later, when a full powered Bijudama failed to break through the bars, the Kyuubi sat down.

"Damnit, again those pitiful humans seal me into one of their own. I wonder if this one is as pampered as the others?" The Kyuubi began to watch its host's memories flash by, memorising the face of each person it saw hurting its host, realising along the way that its host was an orphan. With each memory, the Kyuubi grew angrier and angrier. "STOP! I've... I've seen enough. This is unacceptable! I can't allow the host of me, ME, to be trampled upon just like any other human! Let's see, I'll just hijack the eyes for a moment, take a look around. Wait a second... Is that one of the... It is! An animatronic! One of them still exists! Just a little bit of chakra, come on... WORK!" Kyuubi commanded from its cage. As it did this, it forced its chakra through its host's system and into the animatronic.

Outside the seal:

Naruto awoke to a burning feeling passing through his body, then leaving through his hand and into a metallic object beneath his hand. Said metallic object shuddered, before slowly sitting up. It looked around for a moment, the looked down to Naruto. "SCREEEEEEEE!" Was heard by Naruto before a female sounding cough echoed through the halls. "Sorry, my voice box is a little rusty young one. May I have your name?" Naruto looked back up to see the robot-chicken-lady looking down at him. With glowing eyes and a pitch black hole where the beak would normally be.

"Eep... Please don't eat me!" Naruto screamed, before the chicken-lady reached forward with her still functioning hand and bopping him lightly on the head. "No, you say your name now, that was just rude. Honestly, what do parents teach their children anymore? Look, I'll show you how to respond to that, now ask the question." The now stern chicken-lady demanded.

Naruto looked on shocked, before deciding that appeasing the robot that could eat his face off was probably a good idea. "Erm... May I have your name?"

"Very good! My name is Chica, what is yours, little one?" The now named Chica asked back. "My name is Naruto... I think... It could be fox-brat though. Do you know which it is, Chica?"

Chica was shocked. Sure, she wasn't exactly unaccustomed to the odd abided child that passed through the pizzeria on a friend's birthday or something, but this child was unsure of his name, believing that it could possibly be an insult. How badly abused is this child? "Where are your parents, Naruto?" Chica asked, wanting to scare the Fazbear out of the monsters that would dare do something like this to a child. Looking again, the child seemed rather malnourished and had deep rings around his eyes, showing a lack of sleep. One of his arms was slightly bent out of place, a sign of a break that healed wrong.

Naruto frowned for a moment. "I don't have parents. They were killed by Kyuubi, at least that's what old man Hokage told me." Again, Chica was shocked. This child was an orphan, had what sounded like a village official looking after him, but he was treated this badly?

"Okay Naruto, I'm going to go get some things, I'll be right back, OK?" Naruto nodded and Chica walked around some of the debris and entered the Animatronic Repair Room. She looked around and found her replacement body parts, and began to reassemble herself, leaving out the beak as she didn't like it, then returned to Naruto.

"Okay, Naruto, do I look better now?" Naruto looked her over. She had replaced all of her rusted endoskeleton with new parts, and was now wearing a cloth bib, which read 'Let's Party!' on the front. Naruto nodded and gave a weak thumbs up. "Good, because I've decided that you're staying with me from now on.

Chapter end notes: There ya go, first chapter! Please give me some nice reviews. I like reviews. They taste like pizza... 'til next time!
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