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Between Heaven and Earth by Blueorchid31

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Warning: I do not write well in English , maybe not even in Italian , but I hope to improve with time . If there were errors please mark them to me . Trust in your help


# 1 I’m Not Scared

I have fought many battles in my life and for better or for worse, I’ve won them all.
I have dealt with enemies and friends, driven by different reasons: power, revenge, ideals.
I always trembled with rage, never with fear. Except once … I was with their backs to the wall.
His bloody fingers pointing their face and eyes, wide with terror.
Did not mean to hurt me … you’ve never had.
Only now, I realize that the fear I was feeling at that moment it was not for my eyes, but for the knowledge that I’d lost forever … nii-san.

(103 words)

# 2 I love You too (Sasusaku)

Dive in your chest, trapping you in the most horrible illusion that I would never be able to create for you. I do not deserve your tears and seeking a way to stop them: each one of them burning on the wounds of my soul, bringing light in the darkness that I decided to be.
I want you to be able to hate me, even though I know I need your love.
The dilemma pushes me to experience what it means to be enveloped by the warmth of your heart, in the obscurity in which I have relegated you, I touch lightly your lips just enough to not get lost in them.
This kiss in the dark, when you wake up, you will not remember.

(109 Words)

Chapter end notes: First drabble We start from the past, since the death of Itachi. Sasuke realizes that at that moment he really felt what fear was. He initially thought it was because Itachi wanted his eyes, instead, the cause of the tremor was the knowledge that in one way or another, however, would be lost him forever. It ‘s the first time that I attempt in a collection of drabble. I hope you enjoyed this first part.



Writer’s Corner

Second drabble

Tribute to chapter 693 My personal interpretation of the extreme action of Sasuke towards Sakura, after she confessed her love again. Sasuke falters as the first time - the famous bench - but he must cut all ties, including the one with Sakura.

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