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The Diclonius Are Back by Lie Ren

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Chapter notes: Hi there guys! This is going to be a hard one to write, however I think this one will be good. For fans of Elfen Lied, there isn't much canon here. At all. In this, Kyuubi awakens the power of a Diclonius in Naruto. There will not be any characters from Elfen Lied. This is purely Naruto. I'm going to have this set just after he starts the academy.

For anyone who doesn't want epic spoilers, look away now.
Naruto will not have a pairing. This is purely Naruto going and killing for his own purpose. He may or may not soften up after a while but he will be a cold hearted bastard and that's that. He will be receiving twenty five vectors. The reasoning being that the Kyuubi's power will have influence on him. Not mentally, just in the case of vectors and chakra. The largest amount of vectors being fifty, which I consider Juubi level, and the Kyuubi being essentially half of the Juubi. He will have a reach of eleven metres. This is because of his already powerful Uzumaki blood as well as the Kyuubi's influence. He will not be able to use his vectors until the academy, at which point the Kyuubi will exchange the vectors and knowledge of how to use them for freedom. FYI, there is a reason that Kyuubi knows this, and I will only give one hint. Kyuubi and a character from Elfen Lied share a certain trait. Followers of the anime or dedicated researchers will know this.

You can look again.

Anyway, for anyone who doesn't watch Elfen Lied, go watch it, it is actually quite good, though not for those who are faint of heart.

Finally, onto the story.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or Elfen Lied. Although if I did, there would be so much more blood in Naruto... Hehe...
Heroes. Some are born, others are made. This is the story of how one who was born to be a hero, turned away from Fate's planned out course, due to the ignorance of humanity, and the arrogance of demonkind. This is the story of Naruto Uzumaki, one of the few remnants of the Uzumaki clan and, most importantly, the last Diclonius.


Ah, Konoha, the most powerful of all of the hidden villages and, in my humble opinion, the one with the most breathtaking sunset of all. However, that is not what we are here for. Tonight is the night of the Kyuubi festival. A festival dedicated to the Yondaime Hokage and his defeat of the Kyuubi. This night is also the birthday of one Naruti Uzumaki, six year old orphan and current target of a large mob.

"Get back here demon!" Shouted Mebuki Haruno, the leading lady of the Haruno merchant company and current leader of the Fox Hunt Mob, as it was referred to. "The Yondaime weakened you enough, now we will finish you!"

To this, young Naruto ran harder, taking a turn into a dark alley in an attempt to shake off the mob. He had recently joined the academy and had memorised the layout of the village. This came in handy for escaping stronger ninja or giant mobs that want to pin you by your hands to the tallest tree in the Forest of Death and see how long it took for the animals to eat you. Not before they ha their own shot at him of course.

"Damn it demon, get your nine-tailed-ass back here!"

At this, Naruto froze and missed a step, falling to the ground. The chase had taken them outside of the main village and towards the training grounds. The villagers caught up to Naruto just outside training ground forty three. The villagers had an evil glint in their eye as they turned towards the next training ground, forty four, also called the Forest of Death.

Naruto realised their intentions and decided to play dead, or at least unconscious, and avoid a beating at least. One of the many villagers just happened to be a reject shinobi, and realised Naruto was faking.

"Get up you worthless demon! You will take your damn beating and be thankful that the creatures in the forest are big enough to kill you in one bite!" Exclaimed the reject, kicking Naruto hard in the gut. This had the obvious effect of causing pain, which in turn caused Naruto to gasp slightly. He refused to give these bastards the pleasure of hearing him scream, it just encouraged them.

The many villagers gathered around an started hitting Naruto with whatever they had on them. One even had the bright idea of using a poison designed to stop the blood from clotting, meaning that the wounds would continue to bleed and not close over. The scars wouldn't be there due to Kyuubi healing him, but Naruto knew that he would continue to bleed until the poison was burned out of his system by the beast's malicious chakra.

Many hours later, Naruto passed out and one of the villagers volunteered to place him into the forest, claiming that no cost was too large to finally defeat the Kyuubi, and that if his life must be the price, so be it. The crowd grew somber and crowded around the man that the saw as a hero almost as valiant as the Yondaime. They proceeded to give him good luck, and said they would pray for his safe return. One other shinobi reject offered to escort him.

As this happened in the realm of the living, Naruto was stirring inside his own mind, although he didn't know that. "I didn't know that Konoha's sewer system was open! I would probably have used this as a hideout ages ago!" He muttered to himself, although Naruto muttering is just about the same Asante other person talking slightly louder than usual.

"Hey, there's a light down there! If I can reach it, I might get out." He said in his normal loud speech. He then began walking down the long corridor, water splashing as his footsteps echoed off the sewer walls. As he walked, he took in the appearance of the walls. There were several different pipes, three to be exact. One was a light blue colour, similar to his eyes. The next, a deep red, almost the colour of blood. The last however, it was different. It was constantly swimming in and out of his vision, and seemed to have deep, hand shaped marks denting into the pipe. Naruto shuddered to think what caused those marks, as the hands alone would be bigger than his head.

Eventually, Naruto entered a large chamber with many branching tunnels, twenty five of them, not counting the one he just left. Directly ahead of him was a large cage, bigger than anything he had seen, with golden bars and a single piece of paper holding it together. This paper had the kanji for seal on it, and seemed to be slightly curled at the corners.

Naruto approached the cage, wondering what could be so huge tht it could need a cage this large. His thoughts were answered quickly as an enormous eye flashed open, scaring Naruto and making him backpedal quickly, which was a good idea, as a large claw flew out of the cage and stopped just before hitting his head.

This pissed Naruto off. "What's the big idea, ya giant bastard?" He shouted at the entity, which was just outside of the light. The being laughed. Loudly. The sewer began shaking as the creature laughed its ass off for the first time in centuries. When its laughter died down, it spoke in a deep, grating and terrifying voice.

"You amuse me, young one, tell me, what is your name?" It asked politely, almost mockingly. Naruto frowned. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki, who're you?" He fired back, going so far as to add a mocking bow to his introduction.

The being chuckled again. "I, human, am a being beyond mortal comprehension. I am treated as a natural disaster, only a being of greater power being able to stop me. My true name brings civilisations to their knees, and my title brings great fear to even the boldest of hearts. I am the conquerer of this puny planet, the eater of stars, the creator of destruction! I am Kurama! The Kyuubi no Yoko!" It exclaimed as it surged forward into the light, grinning wildly and striking a fearsome pose.

Naruto stared at the great beast before him, before face faulting. Somewhere, a toad sage felt as if he was being copied.

"OK then great and powerful Kyuubi-sama," Naruto replied sarcastically," what are you doing alive and in the Konoha sewer system?"

Kyuubi burst into laughter. "Oh I like you kit! This is your mind, if you look in the water, you can see your memories." To which Naruto stared into the water and was surprised by an image of the Hokage passing by. He looked behind him but saw no one, then looked to the Kyuubi and managed to say, "You're sealed in me, aren't you?"

Kyuubi nodded seriously, surprised that he realised so fast, but decided that he must have a higher intelligence than previously thought. Kyuubi then decided that he could benefit here. "Kit," he said, "I want to make a deal with you."

Naruto thought for a moment and replied with, "What's the deal?"

At that point, Kyuubi began to explain. He told Naruto of how he was the last of a powerful race of beings, known as Diclonius. He told of how the Diclonius were able to control invisible "weapons" that were a part of them, called vectors. How they were hinted down by humans and almost turned extinct. How normally he wouldn't be able to awaken his Diclonius abilities because he was a male, but if Kyuubi intervened, would be allowed to use the powers a Diclonius used. All Kyuubi wanted in return, was freedom, or at least as free as he could get from the seal.

Naruto though it over, and found the deal to be agreeable. "Okay, Kurama-san, I'll take your deal. My Diclonius abilities and the knowledge of how to use them, in exchange for however free I can make you from the seal."

Kurama almost squealed, but he kept his composure a and nodded. Okay, kit. This is going to hurt."

Naruto looked up at Kurama with cold eyes, however, Kurama could feel that the look wasn't directed towards him. "I know Kyuubi-san. Let's do this."

Naruto's world exploded in pain.
Chapter end notes: So there ya go! Any problems, review, any ideas you want to see, review, anything at all, review. If you flame, meh. I don't care. I can take a little bit of taunting from people who think I'm not any good. It just means I get more reviews. I don't care what they are. Anyway, this is my newest and I really like this idea. It's just that no one replies to my challenges on

Well, that's a rap, let's all go eat imaginary cookies!
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