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Stardust Summoner by Lie Ren

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Me: Hi guys! New fic. I know I haven't finished the FNAF one but I need to get this on paper.
Haku: You know, if Zabuza found out that I was with Naruto I would be screwed right? And not in the way I want to give it to Naruto.
Me: I knew those yaoi fics were real!
Haku: Why did I even bring up this topic? It isn't even related to this fic!
Me: Hell if I know...
Haku: I'll do the disclaimer then? Ren doesn't own Naruto or Yugioh. Or me. Nope. I'm definitely not going out with him...
Me: To the story!
We start our story with a young boy. A young twelve year old boy wearing a 'kill me' orange jumpsuit and green goggles, with bright blonde hair and deep, sky blue eyes. This boy is Naruto Uzumaki, and his fate is about to take a turn for the better.

"Why didn't Iruka sensei let me pass? I did good in the other stuff!" Naruto cried as he ran home. He had just failed the graduation exam to become a ninja in Konoha, his village. He would have to wait another year before he could join the ninja forces. He arrived home and started talking to himself.

"At least Kiba and Shikamaru will be in my class this year," was what he reassured himself with. "They're my friends. They'll help me pass this year, right?" Naruto started to doubt himself. "Oh, who the fuck am I kidding? I can never do the bunshin! Even if I use the tiniest amount if chakra, it overloads! What. Do. I. Do!" With each word, he punched the floor next to his bed.

Suddenly, the floor caved in under his fist, and the wood splintered away from his hand. "What's this?" He asked himself as he saw a large scroll under the floor boards.

He lifted the rest of the boards and picked up the scroll. He almost immediately dropped it, as it weighed what felt like a ton.

"What is this thing! It's stupidly heavy!" He shouted. He picked it up again, struggling to lift the seemingly increasing weight of the scroll. He put it down on his bed and unravelled it. It stretched along the bed and out of the door.

"Hold on, it says something at the top!" He exclaimed, before pinning the scroll down under his table and walking up to the top of the scroll to read wht it said. "Stardust Summoning Scroll? What's a stardust? Is it like the stuff off of the rocks that fall out of the sky sometimes?" Naruto pondered the answers to his own questions and eventually noticed a small instruction manual in the scroll's container.

"OK! So I bite my thumb and write my name with the blood! Simple! Oh, and then a hand print in blood as well? OK. Then use these handseals and push as much chakra into the jutsu as I can? Easy!" Naruto skimmed through the manual and read out loud, thinking it was simple. He went to the bottom of the scroll and saw that the only other summoner was a guy called Yusei.

"Wonder what happened to him?" Naruto wondered. "Oh well! Time to sign!" He followed the instructions on the manual and then decided to try the jutsu at his training ground tomorrow. He rolled up the scroll and went to sleep, dreaming of what his new summons might be.
Chapter end notes: Me: Yay! New fic!
Haku: You are feeling very sleepy...
Me: What? *yawn* What are you talking about?
Haku: You want to do everything I say...
Me: I want to do everything you say...
Haku: You will pair me with Naru-chan...
Me: I will pair you with Naru-chan... Well, you heard it guys! It's a yaoi fic! If anyone wants to write the lemon, review me!
Haku: You weren't even hypnotised were you?
Me: Nope! I was gonna do it anyway!
Haku: Don't flame please! They're the only things that can melt my ice mirrors!
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