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Prologue: And That's How It Happen.

It was one of those days where nothing was really wrong but nothing was really right; and Minami couldn't decide wither or not she needed her sweater because she couldn't tell the temperature of the day by just looking through her window. And she didn't really feel like checking the temperature by gong outside, because that was a waste of time and she didn't really feel like going outside just to go back inside and then back out again. So she put on her sweater and left her house and half way to her destination she realized, she really didn't need her sweater; because it was hot and when it was hot she didn't need a sweater to keep herself warm. So on the way to the academy she began to pull off her sweater; and as she was pulling off her sweater she ended up tripping over a sleeping Nara who would have been marked truant had it not been for the girl who tripped over him and woke him up in time to head to the academy.

"Why were you sleeping on the ground anyways?" She asked because she couldn't quite figure it out, and Minami really hated not knowing.

"Because I was tired." Shikamaru replied, and after that neither one spoke because Minami felt stupid and Shikamaru didn't really like talking to people anyways.

When they reached their destination the two sat down side by side, because Minami enjoyed the lazy boys company, and those were the only two seats open. When Iruka-sensei entered the classroom, Minami was reminded that today was graduation day; and all the students were going to have to take the final test to decide wither or not you graduated. Minami sighed and glanced at her desk partner who seemed to have fallen asleep. She rolled her eyes, and glanced back to the front of the class waiting for her name to be called. It didn't take long for her last name was Aoki and they called the students by alphabetical. Aburame, Akimichi, and finally Aoki. When she entered the room she was still debating wither or not she was prepared. Even if she didn't pass it wouldn't be much of a problem to her because she herself didn't really want to be a shinobi in the first place. But then again if she didn't pass her father would surely be pissed and she would be grounded until the next graduation test, which would mean she would have to retake the academy, and that wasn't something she was looking forward too. Create some shadow clones? Easy. She could easily pass, but she could easily fail. Well even if she didn't want to be a shinobi, learning new jutsus might prove to be entertaining and if she did die, at least it would be honorable. But then again, she wasn't sure if she really even wanted to be honorable.

"Minami? Are you alright?"

"Ah- yes." And with a small 'poof' and burst of smoke, three Minami clones stood to her left, indicating she was now a real shinobi. Whoop-de-doo.

As the day came to a close, she left the academy feeling, well nothing really. She probably should have felt proud or maybe grateful that she passed, but it wasn't like she wanted to pass in the first place.

"Minami." She glanced up and smiled weakly at her father. A tall man standing proud with one of those 'I-am-hell-a-better-than-you' auras awaited the small twelve year old.

"Father." She shifted her weight onto her left foot and glanced up at him, her honey colored eyes barely visible through her curtain of ebony bangs.

"You passed." It was a statement, not a question; he already knew, he could tell by the newly appointed headband, which was tied loosely around her neck. "Wear it upon your forehead Minami, I will be seen with someone who improperly wears their shinobi headband." Slowly, Minami pulled off her headband and retied it on her forehead not bothering to push away her thick bangs, which hid the hateful eyes directed towards the man in front of her. He 'hm-ed' in a light approval and turned around, heading back towards the Aoki compound, she didn't need a 'congratulations' for she was more than capable of graduating so why bother congratulating her if she was going to pass anyways.

'Asshole, asshole, asshole, asshole, fuck you, you stupid fucking fuck hole.' And that was the relationship between Jun and Minami Aoki
Chapter end notes: Authors Note: Review and let me know if it's a keeper or not.
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