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High school in the ninja world by Thestonefang

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: This is a Hinata plus a oc love story but with a few twist in it.
Chapter notes: Ishi Kuzuri means Stone Wolverine
"Lady Hinata wake up." Neji said standing over her bed. She sat up and looked at him. "What is it?" She asked stretching. "We have school remember. " He grunted throwing her, her clothes. As he was about to walk out she stopped him and said "Neji will you wait for me down stairs?" He nodded and walked away. " Anything can happen today." Hinata giggled. A image of a someone from her past went thru her mind. Turning red she said" I-I haven't seen that in a while. " She finished getting dressed and ran down stairs to Neji who was talking to her father. "Oh good morning f - father." She said bowing. " My daughter you should be leaving I will not stand failure. " He said pointing to the door. They left and Neji could tell she had something on her mind that wasn't what her father said. "My lady did you see his face again?" Neji asked with a concern look. Blushing she said "I-I have only seen him twice and the second time you were there, I was hoping he might be here." Neji looked up at the sky and said calmly " You never know what the day could bring." "Hey you two!" Yelled someone they turned to see Ino and everyone else. " H-Hi Ino." She softly said. The boys and girls broke off into groups. Neji went to his group that includes Gaara, Kankrow, Choji, Lee, Sasuke, and Shino, while Hinata went to her group that includes TenTen, Temari, Shikamura, Ino, Kiba, Sakura and Naruto.

" Hey Hinata. " Naruto said hugging her. Turning red Hinata hid behind Kiba. " Damm it Naruto you know she doesn't like that!" growled Kiba. Sakura hit Naruto and said" Well now that we have had our share of Naruto did you hear the news?" Hinata looked at her confused. " Well what I've heard there is a new student coming today...I bet this will be troublesome. " sighed Shikamura. " I wonder if it a boy or a girl." Said TenTen. Shino over heard what they we're saying. "So a new student huh?" He said to his group. Kankrow said " Sound like fun what do you think Gaara? " "I do not tend to start random fights unlike Lee who already chomping at the bit to see this person. " Gaara sighed. " I wonder if it a boy or a girl though?" Choji wonder. " I guess we will find out soon." Sasuke said as he walk towards the school not seeing Hinata as he walked into her making her fall. Before anyone could react there was a blur and she was standing up."T-Thank you Lee. " She said. " But Hinata that wasn't me." He said. They all looked to see help her but there was no one else. " Let's just go to school." Said Kiba as they left.

In home room Kakashi is waiting for all his students to sit. " Now as most of you have heard we have a new student." He said. "Where is the new person? " Asked Naruto. " Standing outside come in and meet everyone. " Kakashi said. The door opened and a boy with long black hair walk in he wore a black tank top under a black flat vest, with black cargo pants, and black arm guards and with his right hand wrapped in black tape up to his knuckles. He walked to the center of the room as everyone's eyes followed him. Hinata and Neji looked at each other. " Hello my name is Ishi Kuzuri I hope to become good friends with you all." He said smiling. " I-I know your face." Hinata said as he looked over and saw her. " Ishi sit in that open sit in between Ino and Sakura who will raise their hands." He said as the two girls rose their hands. Class went on then they left for lunch. " I have to find her." Ishi though. Just then he felt someone grab his shoulder he turned to see Naruto. " Hi I'm Naruto Uzumaki come sit with us." He said as he lead Ishi. They sat and more people came. " Let me introduce the group." Naruto said smiling. "That is tenten, the girl with the fan is Temari,the lazy guy is Shikamura Nara however he is super smart, the blonde is Ino Yamanaka, the one with the dog is Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru, that Sakura Haruno with the pink hair. " Naruto said pointing them out just then Hinata walked up. " Oh and this is." He was cut off by Ishi saying " Hinata Hyuuga it been a long time." She blushed and nodded.

" You know each other?" Asked everyone confused." I help her out a few times before. " He said. " Y-You remember me?" Hinata asked. He nodded as Ino hugged him saying " If you ever need something tell me." She giggled. " Why is that group over there staring at me?" Ishi said pointing at Sasuke's group. They walked over and looked at him. They told him their names one by one "Choji Akimichi, Shino Aburame, Gaara and Kankrow of the desert, Rock Lee, Neji Hyuuga. " they said Sasuke just stared at him and Ishi stood up and got close to him. " My name is Sasuke Uchiha the best at this school you should learn your place." He grunted. " You sure can run your mouth pretty boy. I bet your just a scared little kid inside." Ishi snickered. Sasuke got in his face and said " I dare you to say that again." Ishi pushed him away and turn to leave. " Where do you think your going?! " Sasuke yelled. " I'm going to finish lunch with my new friends." He said sitting down. " He is still as hot headed as last time." Thought Neji. "H-He has gotten a lot stronger. " Thought Hinata looking at him. Ishi sat down and smile. " Say ah Ishi-kun." Said Ino trying to feed him, they all laugh as he blushed letting her. " I think this will be a great school year." Whispered Hinata.
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