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Secrets: Bubbling Up by AkatsukiLemonLover23

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: OC character from previous Aches series (Aches has been taken down and is pending rewrite).
Chapter notes: Welcome all. If you read my Aches series, I'm rewriting that one- but you will already have a gist of Momo. She's not the same in this one so don't confuse her. To you newcomers, she's quite the piece of work. This is basically the same as the series, character wise... for now.. only Kurenai isn't training any team.
And he whispered the sweet nothings into her ear, mere words muffled by his grunts as he thrust into her. Tears streamed down her face, caught by the cloth tied around her head, the cloth keeping the gag in place. It muffled her whimpers and sobs as he came into her, with a rough slam. His hands pushed her hips away from him and he let her fall to the bed again. His now growing limp shaft still leaked cum which he wiped on her blanket and stood. Her ass was red and bruising from his previous torments to it, his hands were his favorite things to use, as she found out quickly. The first thing he'd ripped off had been her pants. He was an ass man.

He tugged up his pants, shoving his flaccid cock into his pants then zipping them up again. “Clean yourself up.”

With that, she heard footsteps then the front door closing behind him. She fell to weak sobs before just passing out from the exhaustive pain she felt. The only thing to wake her was the light pouring through the windows in the morning. She struggled for several minutes to get free from the taut razor sharp wire to get free without further injury, but to be honest, she felt like letting the wire slice through her chest and arms, maybe it would cause her to bleed out. She stood, weakly, and stumbled to the bathroom. The sound of the water rushing into the tub as she filled it was a distraction from the thoughts, her weak body slipping into the water slowly. She whimpered, easing to a comfortable position due to her throbbing still ass.

Clean yourself up, he'd said. Why bother? Why not show everyone what she let happen. Who she allowed into her home, again. Why she was so quiet, so dull, so withdrawn for the past year. No. No one asked, no one deserved an answer. Let them forget her.

The water reached high enough and she turned it off with her foot. She pressed her hands together and did the seals, “Shadow Clone Jutsu..” she mumbled, and beside her appeared a quite... desaturated clone. “Clean up my room.” she said to it, and it nodded and went to do so. The noises of that kept her mind off of other things. When she slowly pulled herself to clean up, the doorbell rang. She looked up. A single flicker of fear coursed through her, which urged her to let the water drain and bundle in her thick plush bath robe before answering the door.

The ninja in jonin garb looked a little surprised by her appearance, “Starting the day late?” he asked, trying to let himself in.

She stopped him, looking up at him. “I'll be in when I'm ready.”

He squinted, “... Fine.” he said and looked around before darting off.

She closed the door and leaned against it before letting out a deep sigh. It was heavy and slow, as if she were trying to let out the pain she didn't want to deal with. But it wasn't that easy. She went to the bedroom again and pulled on clothes, then went to the bathroom and brushed her hair out before inspecting herself. A bruise on her cheekbone, higher up near her eye and hairline.

It stood out no more than the rest of her-- pale sickly skin that didn't tan unless she was subjected to burns so severe. Her hair was a deep lapiz lazuli with blood red streaks. Her eyes were a piercing silver and teeth just as sharp. It stood out in the crowd, certainly, but it made up for her short stature. That didn't reach above most Jonin's shoulders. That, along with a viciously sharp tongue, was evened out by her temper and lack of mercy or affection.

She looked away from her reflection and headed out as she slid gloves over her crystal hands-- the completely hiding most of her body. It was enough for one day. The first stop she made, as she always did, was to the drink shop for a nice hot tea, spiked with sake, to the owners innocence. After, she checked for any mail at the post center and from there she went to the Hokage's offices. She'd been on leave after a particularly rough mission investigating some dangerous things over in the Village hidden in the Sand.

“Good of you to finally show up,” the old hokage yawned, leaning back in his seat. The fellow ninja that help assign the missions looked up to her then to the hokage before returning to their work.

She shook her head, and gave a bow. “I'm ready for a mission, Hokage.”

He nodded, “I've got something extremely important for you, Momo.” He passed the scroll over, marked with a red sticker and an X on it. An exclusive mission only for the elite of the elite.

She looked to it and shrugged before turning away.

“And one more thing, Momo. You're going to be working with the up and coming Genin.” He leaned back and smiled watching her shoulders tense.

“Fine.” she said stiffly.

She left after that, hurriedly, so he wouldn't pin anything else on her. Momo met with the other Jonin downstairs, Hatake gazing lazily at the list on the wall with another Jonin, Kurenai. The list detailed how the up and coming chuunin were separated into categories.

“Well, well. You saved me a year of trouble.” Kurenai shrugged and left. “Good luck.”

Hatake coughed and straightened, keeping his distance from Momo. She inspected the list and squinted. “The demon brat..” she growled out, literally bristling. Crystal's laced up her shoulders, ice and sharp. “He's up to no good..”

Hatake smirked. “Look at the team I was saddled with.”

Her eyes fell to it, despite her not wanting to care, and she raised an eyebrow. Hatake had to deal with a dog and the failure of the Hyuuga clan. Still, she didn't say anything about it, backing up. “I'm going to kill him.” she said, and disappeared. The sooner she left and returned from her misson, the sooner she could fail the three and ship them right back to the ninja academy.

It took her all to not just slam the scroll into the trash and tear apart her apartment. The clone had since disappated, and the apartment was back to.. 'normal' again. She looked to the dozens of headbands hanging from her wall, none her own, and some from every village. There was one, there, in the center that was her own. A Sound headband.

Momo packed her bag, with anger, and left that very day, unrolling the scroll and reading as she darted from tree to tree. A month in the waste of the Village hidden in the Snow, combating frost bite all for the sake of gaining intel. But she wouldn't freeze- a heart of ice never froze. The Hokage chose the person for this mission well.


Kakashi sat with Asuma and let out a deep sigh. “I can't just sit by and wait for her to kill him.” he said in a dull voice.

Asuma looked over, “Nice to see you too.” he looked to the ramen set before him and waited for Ichiraku to go to the back before speaking again. “the Hokage aided in making the lists, same as usual, with Iruka. I know something's going to happen..”

Kakashi shook his head. “She shouldn't be anywhere near other ninja, let alone children. After what she did to Hayate?”

The mere thought of it made both of them pause and shudder. Nothing obvious, just a light shiver down their backs. Kakashi waved for Ichiraku, and ordered just a beef ramen.

“Well... We now just have to wait.” Asuma said, slowly breaking his chopsticks apart, and murmuring an itadakimasu, in thanks to Ichiraku for the meal.

“Wait for what?” Kakashi looked to him sharply, you could just feel the heated tension emanating from him. “Wait for her to snap again and hurt one of them? Kill the jinchuuriki and set the demon on the village?”

Asuma just shook his head and slurped up a noodle dangling down his chin. “Kakashi, you're biased due to what happened between you and here when she.. left the village. You can't hold the past against her. If we were to do that then you would be just as guilty of things as her.”

Kakashi slammed his fist on the counter. “She abandoned her team to die.” His voice was nearly a shout, but it was a cold tone and sounded far crueler. Unforgiving.

“You abandoned her to die just as quickly.”

Kakashi dropped some money on the table and left abruptly. Ichiraku, who'd stayed quiet up until that point, looked to the bowl he had just been about to serve. Truly, if ever there was a man to know all the secrets of the village, it would be him. But he was so loyal to Konoha, he would sooner die a Jonin death rather than share any of them with anyone.

“It's a shame, he wasted perfectly good ramen,” he smiled warmly, and set it down before Asuma. “Two for one, how does that sound?”

The nin smiled, “Perfect.” He slurped up some more noodles, enjoying the taste, even though the mood had turned bitter.


Iruka let out a heavy breath. He had been released from the hospital only a week and already was worn out. Constant bugging from the genin, namely one blonde brat, on when they'd begin training with their Jonin Sensei. The month wouldn't go by fast enough. He had heard the rumors, but when he saw the list he couldn't believe it.

He stood and made his way home, paperwork and such with him as usual-- already time to prepare for the next class of up and coming nin. The brat wasn't in his class again, which despite his loud protests whenever he was drunk, he would miss the kid. An orphan, just like him. Someone that needed someone to set him straight and guide him. Now he was in the hands of a complete psychopath that no one knew if they could trust her or not. Along with one of the two remaining Uchiha heirs..

It was going to be interesting.
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