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Kakusareta Kage: Reawakened by Vera_Hale

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: Yo, if you're reading this it means you're reading my story! Yay! Ten Brownie Points to you!!! XP Well, my story will follow the same plot as the Naruto story with the exception of new twists and turns and a more modern setting. Now, I have never set foot in Japan. Everything is based on good 'ol imagination. So if anything deviates from the Japanese culture don't condemn me for it. Other than that, I hope you like it, love it and review it. (^__^)
Chapter notes: [O__O]... My first chapter to my first FanFic.
BooYah baBy!!! Finally!!!
Lolsss, I'm not gonna keep you waiting with senseless babble so here it is...
DISCLAIMER: I do own or hold any ri--, Ag!! You already know what I'm gonna say so I'll save you the trouble of reading it for the 110th time. P.S. I have edited this chapter.
Osaka, Osaka Prefecture.
I cowered in a dark corner, pressing my tired body against the icy concrete of an old, dilapidated building. I bit down on to my bottom lip that quivered with tears. But it seemed the battle was won as they flowed freely, creating clear pathways through the grime that dominated most of my face. How did I get here? How do I get back home? What the hell was after me? Numerous confused questions swarmed my mind like annoying bees I couldn't swat away and I froze as I heard something sadistic.
"My little Flower girl, come out, come out wherever you are." The being intoned like a little kid playing hide and seek. Only, instead of sounding sweet and innocent it sounded sick and demented. My heart pounded loudly in my ears and I slapped a sooty hand over my mouth as a hysterical sob took a hold of me. Tears relentlessly streaking down my face. Oh good Lord I'm going to die. I just knew it.
I strained to hear it's footsteps but my raging pulse forbade me from it. Please. Please let it not find me. Please.
"Found you, my little sakura." it whispered close to my ear, it's pungent breathe grazing the flesh on my neck. I froze once again as fear and panic washed over me anew. Course, cold fingers snaked their way up my top, caressing each curve of my abdomen like a lover. I forced down a gag at the mere thought of it touching me so intimately.
"Please... No. No. No." I pleaded softly through my hiccups. My face was slick with salty tears and I felt something hot and wet move up my face, licking. Tasting the fears in my tears. What sick sort of person would entice a dread so great and then take glee in it. I dared to take a quick looksee. To see what kind of person, human or other, would be so evil.
What I saw will haunt me indefinitely. I have never seen anything more vile and repulsive that Heaven nor Hell would except it. It eyes were as black as space. And true to it's nature it was empty and never ending. Those onyx coloured eyes gleamed with the silent promise of something malicious. And it was licking my cheek.
"Kukuku," It cackled at me, "You're a brave one. Oh, well all the more fun for me."
The being backed away ever so slightly and gave me a perverted once over, a thick, inky muscle wetting it's lips. I didn't even want to begin to comprehend what might be playing through it's twisted mind right now. Images of rape and death spiralled before my eyes and I began to shake with terrible foresight.
Without any warning the being pinned me to the cold floor, grinding it's grey, muscled body on top of me. It had moved so fast I barely had time to react. In that moment I let panic take over and I thrashed out with all my might.
"No! No... No...!"
It seemed to like seeing me writhe under it's weight like a worm trying break free from hawks beak. It latched on to my lips like a leech and I felt as razor sharp teeth pierce my skin, getting a taste of my metallic blood. Then without so much as a second thought the being ripped my lips free off my face. Warm crimson cascaded to the floor and white hot pain erupted in my face. I shrieked. The sound inhumane, even to my own ears.

I shot up from my bed as strong hands grip my shoulders. I continued screaming, fighting whoever was in front of me. Scratching and hitting.
"Yoko-chan! Yoko-chan calm down, dammit!"
That voice...
I stopped and stared past the watery haze to find brown, concerned eyes looking back.
"O-Oji-san...?" I whimpered and throw myself into his arms. I cried into his neck and clung to him for dear life. His musky scent calming me down somewhat.
"Shh... It was just a dream." he whispersed, rubbing my back in fluid, gentle strokes but I couldn't stop shaking.
A dream? But, it felt so real. I swore I could still feel it's filthy hands touching me. It's ugly face was seared into my memory. Almost, as if, it were real. I took a handful of my Oji-san's sweater and squeezed. Happy I have him.
"Chiyoko... Any tighter and I might suffocate." he wheezed and I instantly let go.
His salt and pepper hair looked disheveled, making him look older, and his sienna eyes were rimmed with worry. I watched him as he analysed me and his brows furrowed together as his gaze reached my abdomen. I looked down too.
What I saw shook me to the core; soaked in my cotton pajama top were three fat scarlet lines. That thing had touched me there!
I jumped up from my bed, startling my uncle, and flipped the light switch. I stood in front of my full length mirror, slowly raising my top as a lump formed in my throat. I stared in horror at the three jagged cuts in my abdomen, starting from my ribcage ending on my hip. I began to tremble as tears fall once more and my heart fought for release.
It was real. That thing was real. And it did this to me. What if it came after me again? I didn't even want to think about it. Oh good Lord.
"Now, don--"
I cut my uncle's words short as I let out a howl of terror like the Devil himself had come for me.
Chapter end notes: Fin! Hope you liked it and review. If there are any errors please point them out. ThankzZzz (**,)
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