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The Ten Tails by lovinganimetoomuch27

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Table of Contents

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The first thing i felt was the hard floor under me. It was wet and warm where i lay. My body ached, but I knew it would from past experience. I opened my eyes and stared. I saw blood covering my hands, and ground. I searched for others and all I found were the four dead bodies of the men that attacked me. I screamed. I yelled for no certain amount of time, I've done it again. I've killed people, and their blood is on my hands. How could they be dead and I left unharmed?

You killed them. the voice said. He was mocking my weakness, my weakness of giving in. Fear of people. They were always after me, always trying to kill me, but I wanted to live. But I can’t live if I’m looking over my shoulder every minute.

Kill them. All of them, then you will be able to live. He said. His voice always trying to make me turn into the monster people fear. Can others hear him, is that why people call me a monster.

“Stop! Get out of my head! Get out, now!” I yell. I feel his laughter roll inside my head, i know he can’t get out, and he knew it too. His laughter hurt my head, made me feel tiny. I didn't see myself in my head, all I saw were two glaring eyes looking at me.

Kill everyone who stands in your way. I shake my head. No, i won’t give you that power. “You can’t control me.” I yell back. I had a war raging in my head. My head was pounding, as I feel a warm liquid run down my chin as it dripped to the floor. I stare at my shaking hands in front of me, my whole body was shaking, my vision blurred. No not again. “Please not again.” I pleaded.

“Snap out of it!” I heard someone yell. My attention is focused on a figure in front of me. My vision failed me, for all I could see was the out line of his body. Three more flanking him. Were they back for me again? I don’t want to kill anyone. I felt tears run down my face. All of them should just run, no one should be able to get near me. All I do is kill.

Kill. His presence shuddered in me.

“We are not here to hurt you. I know what you’re going through!” The same voice said. He came closer, but with the little strength I had, backed away.

“Go, who ever comes near me like this, ends up dead. Can’t you see those bodies over there, they came for me, and died. So get away from me! I have no control of this!” I yelled back. I feared i will lose conscience. My pale complexion began to glow, I felt my body burn. I was going under. I pushed with all my strength to keep him inside. “I don’t want to kill.” I yelled in my head.

“I can help you.” He says softly. His voice calms me, as I feel my body come back into my control. His presence returning to the back of my mind. The burning subsiding, but the pounding of my head stayed. I saw him clearly now. His hair was bright yellow, while his eyes were calming blue. He stayed a few feet away from me, close enough to show he wasn't intending to attack, but far enough from any danger. I was danger. The figure behind him came closer. The girl of the group cautiously in the middle back. Her short pink hair blew in the wind, as he eyes stayed focused on me. Beside her was a boy that seemed to be the same age as the pink haired girl and yellow haired boy. His skin was ghostly pale. His eyes black, some of his hair coming into their view.
The taller member of the group was right behind the yellow haired boy. Ready with a kunai in hand. They were going to attack. The man looked my age. Silver hair, as his onyx eye stared me down, the other hidden away from me. I backed away, not wanting to fight again. they clearly intended to, he had a kunai ready, while the others had a stance that was ready to pounce. They all wore headbands with a symbol that looked like a swirly leaf, I felt little relief. They weren't from the Moon.

“Relax guys, you’re not making this any easier on her. She’ll come around, but that’s only is she doesn't feel in danger.” The boy in the orange said. He looked at me “Right?” I stood there stiff, not knowing what to do.

“My name is Naruto. What’s your’s” He said as he slowly pulled his left thumb up.

“My name is Kiyoko.” I quietly said.
Chapter end notes: I love reviews, keeps my motivation going. let me know what you think.
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